New Player Returning - Thoughts on a Few Things?

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  1. Nocturnus Member

    Hello everyone :)

    I played EverQuest II for like... 8 years it felt like, and decided that I needed to take a break to experience other games for a bit. Now? I'm getting the itch to give the game a go again :)

    With that, i'm hoping to get myself set up for success and fun! Hoping that you guys can help me with that!

    Currently, i'm situated on Antonia Bayle. I'm a roleplayer, though roleplay has become ... not a solid requirement anymore. It's a "Nice to have", not a "must have". What I really felt like I missed the last time I made a brief "come back" was that community experience: being able to form up a group to do some of the game's dungeons instead of having to do them with a mercenary, for example.

    I've been thinking of starting fresh, and rolling a healer. Inquisitor, most likely, as i've always loved the class. That puts me in a place to start somewhere new if I need to to get that nice grouping experience.

    And would I be interested in raiding? Sure.

    I've also had my eye on Fallen Gate, though i'm not sure how much that community is there to stay vs how much are just popping on to "reap the rewards" of the HQ's.

    So... I guess to summarize, here's a couple of questions:

    ~If I want to group, what's the best place to be? Is AB still the server for that?
    ~Is Fallen Gate a server that has an established community, or are most people "touch and go" due to the way the server is set up?

    ... and I guess anything else that someone could think to throw my way based on what I said above.

    I appreciate your time and response to this message :)

  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

    AB has a decent population with a small but still there rp group. You might want to check out Vagabond Knights, as it's fairly active from what I've seen and they likely do content together, including raids. Join /rplfg as well to talk to other rpers.

    Don't go to FG this late in the game, imho. The xp has been nerfed worse than it was at the beginning of the server, and getting to level 60 will cost you hundreds of dollars in xp pots. There are a few groups still running at lower levels, but not many.

    ETA: Zenji from Neustart (great dude) in another indicated you should be able, with a group, to get to level 40 in roughly 25 hours on FG, then a level every 90 mins, as long as you grind and only grind without stopping for names. If that is your jam, more power to you. There are guilds that may assist if you seek them out.
  3. Xpect New Member

    I have been on the FG server since it started. It has been fun until recently when they nerfed the exp pretty badly. Very solid community...many like myself..don't play on the live servers much anymore. (Once I got my epic 2.0 on my Troub I swore off the ascension grind during my quest for the third one..and forget about time through the epic grind and you will see what I mean. I love my ranger but not willing to put myself through that again to get his epic.)

    If you didn't get a chance to do the HQs back in the day, it is fun on FG to "relive" the moment. (Killing Darathar for my prismatic was pretty cool also.) They have done a good job of balancing the gear and the mobs so far (particularly compared to the now defunct Stormhold server) and there are alot of people and groups out and about. But do take to heart the comment above about "pay to play". With the reduction in the xp, you are almost forced to buy LOTS of pots to grind it out even in full groups..forget soloing at .1 or .2 per cent per mob and 2 per cent per quest...balance that against some pretty decent live server gear you can get from doing the HQs on Fallen Gate.

    Hope this helps!
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