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  1. DelcinRomus New Member

    I'm a new player, well last time I played was on release of vanilla. I'm currently a free player on Hall of Fate. I want to take advantage of the New TLP server when it releases, what can I do to prep now for that server. I know that the progressions servers require a subscription.
  2. The_Grim_Ogre New Member

    I'd go ahead and sub if you haven't already, and then do some 1-10 practice runs on Kaladim server, to get a feel for the classes again, and see which route you want to use for leveling.

    I downloaded a UI from EQ2Interface, and have it set up just how I want it, so on day one on Varsoon, I am all set. Also set up any key binds you want to use.

    That's really all I can think of, other than maybe researching some of the good heritage quests, so you know where to go, and when.
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