New player need help,about mercenary

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  1. Zepen New Member

    :( Hey guys,I am playing in the Kaladim server now, when I select a mercenary, I see that I can upgrade the mercenary, but I click the "start" option, there is no response, who can tell me why, thank you very much !
  2. Mermite Member

    You need to have an expansion for it. The default download doesn't include it.
  3. Zepen New Member

    Thank you Mermite,You mean this feature is not currently included in the Kaladim server expansion now ?
  4. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    He means you have had to have purchased either the expansion that originally introduced it or one of the expansions after that. Subscription alone is not enough. (sorry I don't know if Kaladim has any restrictions on features)
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  5. Mermite Member

    Thanks Hartsmith. Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry for any confusion.
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  6. Zepen New Member

    OK,I got it, thanks Hartsmith and Mermite ,thank you very much ! ;)
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  7. Momo Well-Known Member

    Hello all, I am very unsure, but are you certain about this? I think the feature to level Mercs is just disabled on Kaladim, might that be the reason? I dont have any Live toons anymore on my paid account so I cant properly check to make sure - but I seem to remember that I could level my mercs formerly, but I cant on Kaladim. So, if I remember that correctly the cause couldnt be the Xpacs I bought. But like I said, Im sorry, I cant verify that for certain.
  8. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    I just created a test character on Kaladim but also hired and attempted to train a merc with my barebones ftp account, and you are correct. The ftp character got a red error message saying specifically that it needs the qualifying expansion in order to train, but when I tried to train a merc on my sub'd account that has VoV expansion, it doesn't give any messages at all. I also noted that none of the mercs that I usually get from CE/PE are available to my character on Kaladim.

    Would have been nice to get some type of message to explain it without having to come to the forums.
    You are most welcome, Zepen. I had forgotten that I deleted my character from Kael Drakkal. Your confusion makes total sense, now.