"New" Playable "Races"

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  1. Robynous Active Member

    So as my chap Scrumpy was wandering through Elddar Grove he met this kid:

    It is the NPC for the Half-Elf racial quest, but it looks like the standard Village of Shin model, like Quo et al. It ocurred to me then that I would love to play something like this kid in EQII. It also occurred to me, I would love to play one of the Shin human adults aswell, say as a monk, or one of the Majdul humans. Both have a variety of clothing, and it could just be agreed that these human models only get to wear these types of clothes (rather like the new cat race does not wear all clothing well). It would also be quite easy to develop a "return to home" quest in which they get a Mara or Majdul house. I would certainly pay money for all or any of these opportunities.
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  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Whether a new race gets introduced into the game largely depends on how detailed their animation skeletons are. The Mara and Maj'Dul humans will never be able to pass for actual Human player characters because they don't have the detailed combat and /emote animations that Humans have. The animation devs have stated that we're never going to get a non-bipedal race just because of how difficult it would be to create new combat animations and redesigning all the clothing in the game to fit them for that reason. The children in this game were largely created by the Korean Soga team back in the mid-2000s, and I don't even know if that development team even still exists.
  3. Robynous Active Member

    This is actually why I suggested a monk, as the Shin people clearly have those moves down. The Majdul people must have the moves of some class(es) otherwise they wouldn't be able to fight us! I would be happy to have some restrictions on what classes they can be and what they can wear in order to try something different.
  4. Robynous Active Member

    Okay, here is an idea: how about the Alternate Appearrances?

    I had looked at these before for other races, and they seem mostly unattractive, but the Halfling is actually quite cute. It would be a great addition to the current game to have these not as Alternate appearrances, but just *other* appearrances that could play alongside the main appearrances. In the founding lore of halflings there are three main breeds, why can't we have two?
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  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Actually, they don't. The monk class has a far greater range of martial arts animations than those NPCs do. The combat art animations would have to be tweaked to display both assigned animations, and they're different based on what weapon you're using. The Shin people wouldn't even have any animations for certain weapons or combat arts. I brought this topic up last year during Blood of Luclin when I pointed out that the one Valkyrie boss in Sanctus Seru looks like she's detailed enough to convert into a playable race. Despite her appearances, she has a very limited range of attack animations like most NPCs.

    As for the alternate appearance models, the Korean Soga team created them in the first place. They were originally created to just be alternate perceptions of the non-monster races based on each individual player's preferences. The Ogre soga models were eventually used by the devs to create the Diaku NPCs, who are a different race of ogres who originated from the Plane of War, but they have limited animations, unlike Ogre players who use the soga appearance.

    I get what you're trying to ask about giving racial variations by using them though, but it wouldn't work for everyone since not everyone has them
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  6. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I'm pretty sure those Shin people use a player skel in them.
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  7. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Those Ogre cowboys also have all animation on them.
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  8. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Ahh, Okay then, I am proven wrong. I'm only going off what I remember from that last post.
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  9. Robynous Active Member

    Ogre cowboys? I am intrigued.
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  10. Bludd Well-Known Member

    the diaku ones /westernsalute
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  11. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I am still puzzled and miffed as to WHY the Humans, Half Elves, High elves and Wood elves CAN'T have the LONG hair style of the Female Arekyn. And maybe the short tousseled one of the Freeblood. We really need to change up our hairstyles if nothing can be done about our "looks". And if you are going to give the sob story of "clipping" . . we habe other things that clip worse! Hair is not that big of deal . . . unless of course you hair ends up 4 feet above your head! Then that might be a problem. ( for the longest time I remember having a NAKED/NUDE female Arekyn when she had certain items on! I can say one thing . . she had a cute butt and you actually ruined one of my houses by fixing it!)
  12. Robynous Active Member

    I miss having naked toons - or as naked as you can get them, anyway! I know there are censorship issues, but if you can wear it on the street irl you should be able to wear it here! I also occasionally wish a specific hairstyle, or hair colour, was more universally available. I wanted to make red-haired gnomes!
  13. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I'd just be happy if everyone could have bellybuttons.
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  14. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    The answer is there aren't enough hours in the day to go back and add everything to everyone.
  15. Robynous Active Member

    Absolutely. Quite understand. That's the real reason we want our toons to run around naked, of course, to create less work for you. ;)
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  16. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Send Kander and Gninja out to abduct recruit some more interns.
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  17. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    There even less hours to fix the glitches after the interns get to them. I don't think you guys realize what needs to be done to get things to work on player characters. Covic is still fixing VahShir bugs.
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  18. Jamen New Member

    18 naked
    in the showe--

    Ehh, I'll stop.
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think you guys could do it well how about at least getting those skirts we start out with were a lot shorter ?
    But yes the human races could be extended on you only have to change the faces a little .

    o yea the children are really only the Asian ones all others like Nathan are just down sized grown ups , same goes for Raffik
    but than Ratongas are always cute .

    there are no Panda children either ( just a tip for the next game you come out with , children and old people .

    I have played plenty of games where children give you quests ( bossy little ones )
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  20. Robynous Active Member

    I'd be happy if the only playable children were from Shin, and perhaps there could be a mercenary of an adult, perhaps a mom with a frying pan, or a monk, to look after them! I especially like the mom idea, I see her standing with her arms crossed and tapping her toe every time you stop, telling you that you really should be getting home. She also gives you food. Or perhaps a dad that has a fishing rod, and keeps dissappearing to go fishing.