New Marketplace Items: Crystal Circlet and Fist of the Wastes Houseboat

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    There are many ways to acquire new items in EverQuest II. From questing to trading to purchasing through the broker, it's easy to outfit yourself and your home! You can also purchase appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and other items and services using Station Cash in the EQII in-game Marketplace.

    Fist of the Wastes

    The skulls emblazoned on the sails of the Fist of Wastes ship can act as a security system for your home when you place it near a dock. Of course, this house item doesn’t need water to float! You can resize it and place it anywhere inside your house.

    Crystal Circlet

    A delicate and luxurious addition to any outfit, the Crystal Circlet is the perfect headpiece for when you want to dress up and look a bit fancier than you normally would in your adventure gear!

    Be sure to check out the two new Player Studio items, also available today! And remember, if you're looking for a great deal on some of your favorite older items, check out the Sale category!
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    The Circlet is darn near impossible to see on Iksar and Sarnak. Most circlets in fact are extremely hard to see on the Lizards Races as they are super tiny and kinda just perch on their heads. The Iksar and Sarnak really need separate head-meshes for most helms instead of just warped versions of the base helm or face-plate.

    Appearance customization is really quite difficult for the bestial races.
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  3. Draika New Member

    i purchased one for my arasai and dark elf and it's very translucent and doesn't look as nice as pictured above even on good graphic settings. on the arasai i can barely see it at all. it shows up a little better on the dark elf but still very light.
  4. Ridolain Active Member

    I cannot agree more. Even if they get tiny on the ratonga you can see them. But nada on my Sarnak.
  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    I checked that believe it or not the Circlet is actually INSIDE their head... it's not even placed right. that is what they get for using the human skeleton for the Beast Races... I would imagine Kerran, Iksar, Sarnak and Ratonga all exhibit this issue with Circlets and some helmets. The Meshes and Attachment places for the beast races would have to be redone to really appreciate them, no small undertaking considering all the models/textures helmets alone comprise.

    It's kinda funny, most games I know that boast having Bestial Races all have the same 'cop out' of just skinning a Human Rig to a bestial form. To be done right the beasts need their own rigs... the issue is that eats up a lot of development time for the Art/Animation Teams.

    Hey Ttobey you got any input for this? I know you aren't in charge of assigning models but I think you would know something about the head-sockets for armor considering it is part of the rigging process and by proxy animation (PS if that was you who made the Cloaks blow in the wind while you are dead, kudos it actually adds some nice immersion hardly seen outside of The Elders Scroll's Modding Community.
  6. Mysstie Active Member

    When previewing it in the dressing room with my Woodelf it looked kinda blah so I bypassed this circlet. I may check it again now that I know what it's supposed to look like. In the dressing room is just looked like a greyish band. Kinda ugly.
  7. Ridolain Active Member

    Some time ago there was a problem with one of the rings on the Sarnak hand (was floating about an inch or so abive the finger I think) and by taking a photo of it to show, it was rectified.

    If anyone can get a screenshot or something of the circlet inside the Sarnak's head, maybe it will help get it fixed.
  8. Estred Well-Known Member

    Give me a moment then. Believe it or not it was fixed from it's original launch. The back part (that go over the crest of their head used to be clipping into their heads. Just for reference here is a Dressing Room shot of what it is now.
    I would however say that it would be nice to see more elaborate Sarnak/Iksar wear since most items are reduced in size for them. It is odd the circlet tilts up at the end though, when their skulls curve down. It looks to me like it would just fall off so easy. This is the issue I have with most Circlets on Sarnaks. Here is another Circlet that is actualyl "floating" on thier heads.
    As you can see it is floating right above her brow line. I have a whole separate thread for Sarnak animation glitches and someone even found one of the armbands was floating off to the side. I think that one got fixed too.
  9. Ridolain Active Member

    Ah, glad to see you are on top of it! And glad it was fixed to some degree!

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