New Marketplace Items: Baby Dragons Everywhere!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer


    There are many ways to acquire new items in EverQuest II. From questing to trading to purchasing through the broker, it’s easy to outfit yourself and your home! You can also purchase appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and other items and services using Station Cash in the EQII in-game Marketplace. Here’s a look at this week’s new additions:

    Baby Dragon Plushie Pack
    While these delightful baby beasts have been available individually in the Marketplace, here’s your chance to add all six to your home at a discounted price! The Baby Dragon Plushie Pack includes one each of the Green, Black, Blue, Indigo, Pink, and Red baby dragons.

    Soft Velvet Curtains
    Are there times when you’d like to hide away from other adventurers on the streets of Qeynos? Or times when you’d like to welcome in the beaming morning light over Freeport? Now you can, with soft velvet curtains that open and close at your control! (You’ll need to right click the curtains for the option to change the curtains’ position.)

    Cloak of Elegance
    This Cloak of Elegance is perfectly balanced with light delicacy in structure, but a feeling of dark brooding in color. This lace cloak is the perfect addition to any outfit as Norrathians pack up their Frostfell décor and get ready for the season of love with the upcoming Erollisi Day!

    And remember, if you’re looking for a great deal on some of your favorite older items, check out the Sale category!
  2. Vailene Member

    Cool items! I'm definitely digging the baby dragons!
  3. Lempo Well-Known Member

    I don't really like the fact that you used the EXACT model of the baby dragon plushie that I got for buying the KoS Box edition.
    The purpose of those items was a perk to us who purchased those expansions and they were said to be available for a limited time.

    The only difference in the 2 models are some very minor and i mean VERY minor facial tweaks that may well be a result of extending the horns, which is the only signifigant difference other than maybe some different color schemes which I didn't bother to look at.

    Doesn't seem like such a big thing just reaffirms that the inevitable will eventually happen... anything in game that you want will be available for SC at some point, ya'll just have not thrown the switch on gear just yet. :(
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  4. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Actually, that original baby dragon was for buying the original game collector's edition - I adore mine, and wish I could get them all. These have very different color schemes, not even close to the originals. The baby ice dragons from the just-completed frostfell actually use the exact model of the originals, and did long before there even was a Marketplace.

    Just as a contrast of opinion, I actually wish the bonus-for-buying stuff would come out in the marketplace. A magazine company I used to work for had all of their free promo stuff available for purchase without a subscription. My guess though, is that the originals won't end up on the marketplace for 2 reasons. First, there was some marketing of promo items as "only with this purchase" (though I have seen a few promos for versions I did not purchase show up in my claims after Velious was released). Second, many of these promo items, like the baby dragons, are tradeable, while marketplace items are either no-trade or heirloom. Changing the flag on the originals would probably upset a lot of people who placed theirs in friends houses or guild halls.
  5. Lempo Well-Known Member

    I may have been wrong about the source I could have swore it came with KoS Box edition, but I could be wrong. I have so many different things from pre-order exclusives box editins collectors editions it is hard to keep track of what came from where.

    In any event different color schemes = lipstick on a pig.

    Based on this sort reasoning they could give equipment a different color and say it isn't the same as selling raid equipment.
    I didn't notice or see the baby ice dragons, I don't do the holiday events often as my playtime is limited during those periods already and I primarily raid. Doesn't matter much at this point anyway just expressing my displeasure, I just jumped out at me when I saw the model the only thing different other than color I noticed were the longer horns so I logged in to check and noticed the very subtle differences in the face.
  6. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's a pretty big leap from the dragons to raid equipment. Appearance is the only function of the dragons, they're purely cosmetic, while the primary concern with raid gear is stats. So selling recolors of the gear with the same stats IS selling raid gear, since the stats are what make it raid gear rather than a costume.

    At any rate, in some ways that boat has already sailed. Some of the dungeon mark gear is very good (don't know if it's raid quality since I don't raid), and not only do they now give us Masters for free if we're willing to wait a month, but we can buy Masters instantly thanks to the research time reducers on the marketplace. The glass gear is at least temporary, since it can't be repaired and takes damage from normal use, not just death.
  7. Raienya Member

    And yay, yet ANOTHER item on the Marketplace (house curtains) that should be in the game as a PLAYER-MADE recipe....
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  8. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    I keep my original baby dragon, he got some fellows, also origin from the ce box when eq2 starts ;)
  9. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Is not the original dragon a pet? And these plushies? That right there makes them different and I don't feel it takes awy form the cute baby dragon that will wander about where his friends must sit and watch.
  10. Ahma Member

    Yes, the promotional baby dragon (obtained by getting the Collector's edition of the base EQ2 game) is a house pet--it walks around and has animations if you right-click. The baby dragons available on the Marketplace are house plushies. While they're still adorable, they don't walk around or have right-click animations.
  11. Lempo Well-Known Member

    And they are still barely indistinguishable from the original mode that should have remained unique, I wasn't aware that it had been taken and recycled for umpteen other uses so I guess it is a moot point.
    It's ok though, the fact that you danced all around that fact only affirms that you know that to be true.
    Had someone simply spent more than 30 seconds extending the length of the tiny horns on top of the models head and calling it a day we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
  12. Finora Well-Known Member

    Lempo, you do reallize you are about four years too late expressing displeasure that they put 3 baby dragon plushies (not pets) in game. I also firmly believe you are WAY overreacting. The original game CE pet dragons are still unique & prized items (given the prices the eggs sell for on the broker).

    These dragon plushies you are complaining about aren't even a new item. They've been available on SC for like a year or possibly more at this point, just not as a boxed set.

    SC also has cat mounts that are just white versions of the Sentinal's Fate collector's edition mount. All the pegasi are just different colorations of the same model (including the Age of Destiny CE mount). The griffons are all just recolors, including the Velious Collector's edition one. Same for the Collector's Edition Wyvern from the latest collector's edition. The earliest mounts that were added to SC were just recolors (and weren't even originally going to be that) of mounts already in game. Heck, a large part of the things on SC are just recolors of existing items.

    Carpenters do have a recipe for drapes that came with the recipes we got in the expansion. They are black & I believe they are made with common materials even so easily accessable.
  13. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    I'm not exactly sure why you are freaking out about the dragons. Like others have said, they've been available on the marketplace for a long time.. and they've also been available via Frostfell for a few years. You're a touch late.

    ..and yeah, carpenters can make a set of drapes. Mantoppie drapes or something like that. Our set came out with the expansion, so at least they gave us the crafted set first. The new drapes are pretty, but a bit overpriced.
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  14. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    This, exactly. The dragon plushies have been on the Marketplace for years. I think they added one more color a year or two ago. The only different here is that it's one pack with all of them, instead of purchasing each separately.

    I hope we get more crafted curtains. Nice that we have two to choose from now, but more variety would be appreciated. Just don't make all of them SC.

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