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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    In addition to the items made by Norrath's amazing and friendly crafters (available through trades and the in-game broker), you can purchase an assortment of services, items and features with Station Cash from the EQII in-game Marketplace, to enhance your gameplay experience. Appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and server transfer tokens are just some of the items available. New items are added to the Marketplace weekly!
    Galleon of Dreams
    Ahoy, ye sailors! If yer tired of the life of a landlubber, good news! You can now take to the high seas and live in comfort the way a brave sailor should in this new prestige home, the Galleon of Dreams. This impressive ship also includes the option to change the weather and the music, so your environment can suit your sailing desires!
    Nature's Defender Armor Crate

    To those who worship Tunare and would fight in her honor, this is the armor for you! Show your loyalty and love in Tunare's signature colors of green and gold with vine patterns. This appearance armor crate includes leggings, a tunic, gloves, a hood, shoulderpads, bracers, boots, and a cloak.
    Armwraps of the Feir'Dal Noble

    For elves and other nature lovers who prefer lighter armor, these armwraps coordinate well with the Nature's Defender Armor, and can be worn in place of the bracers.

    Remember to keep checking out the "New" and "Sale" categories as well! You can catch up on the latest items you may have missed, or perhaps find a great deal on an older item you've had your sights on for a while!
  2. Ahma Member

    By the way, you might want to check out the Sale category in the Marketplace if you're looking for a crew for your neat new galleon.
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  3. Torryn Woodsrunner Active Member

    How about checking my /claim list to claim my Galleon of Dreams as a purchaser of the Chains of Eternity Collector's Edition? Will that be happening?

    Seriously...this ship could have been the heart-stopping inclusion to the Collector's Edition that would have had people selling a kidney to go CE...yet it wasn't there. The CE was and is a lackluster offering that leaves the purchaser (at least this one) feeling far less than satisfied with the purchase. Looking back at previous CE offerings, and even looking at the offering from our sister game EQ1 with Rain of Fear...EQ2 looks like it has seriously dropped the ball.

    I suggested in Norrathian Home Show, I'll suggest it again here: Give this house to those who purchase, have purchased, or have upgraded to the Chains of Eternity Collector's Edition. Keep the trend of offering a Prestige Home to those who support the game through CE expansion purchases. Sure, leave it on the SC marketplace. Hell, add the other expansion Prestige Homes to the marketplace as well. But -this- was the item the CE was lacking, and not retroactively adding it smacks of a poor business decision, and a smack in the face to those who are spending more than warranted on an expansion in order to support the franchise.

    Just my two coppers...
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  4. Juull New Member

    The Nature's Defender armor, aside from being rediculously expensive, is also broken. Both the Bracers of Nature's Defnder and the Shoulderpads of Nature's Defender want to be worn on the shoulders. This creates difficulty as I only have one shoulder slot.

    Please fix the bracers to go on the forearms where they belong. I'm a sucker and also purchased the Armwraps of the Fier'Dal Noble - shockingly, they also want to be on my shoulders.
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  5. Cinnamon Active Member

    I just bought the ship, but I will have to say I was a bit disappointed that it has no lower access and also their could have been another room added in towards the back end above the room with the boarded up door. The boarded door shouldn’t of have been boarded up since it’s been made to look like a closet of sorts either if it was something else in a instance dungeon version… IDK

    Why waste space on a ship like that? ...and consider revising it and adding a room in that empty space above that room and possibly a lower storage room that expands across the boat with access to the cannons doors? Pretty please?
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  6. Guiscard Active Member

    I like the ship but I haven't decorated the houses I have or claimed one from LON so I doubt I will get it.
  7. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    O I love this ship! I bought several of them , they would make a great cargo ship and with a slightly higher item count I would have been tempted to buy one for all the toons full of stuff needed a place to go:) I was surprised though that I couldn;t buy some ships to adde to the water to make it look like I had a fleet hehe but wowee this is still very special and THANKS!![IMG]
  8. Cinnamon Active Member

    Don't get me wrong for I really like the ship and what can be done with it. I wanted to state some things I thought that didn't make sense like not being able to access the lower holding area where the cannons would be and the upper empty space above the back room that could of been utilized for another room with the door being simi across the Captain's Room.

    It would make it even cooler if the cannans shot out once in while as if under seige? perhaps under the music option this could added in? Just a wild idea...
  9. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    curse you teasing. I saw Nature's Defender...I was overjoyed that I would FINALLY get to see my most wonderful beloved sword from EQ1...then find out it's an armor set. grrrr. I want the Nature's Defender sword darn it!
  10. SandsMans Active Member

    I was totally going to buy the new ship and the other two house item ships and set up a high seas battle with a pirate boarding, but then I heard that you couldn't place the other ships in the water. :(

    Please change this!!!
  11. Cisteros Active Member

    Any way to add an option for fair winds and sunny skies? Calm still looks like you are sailing into the mother of all storms
  12. Taysa Well-Known Member

    The ship doesn't come with a lower deck because this ship is a direct port from Dreadcutter instance and the instance itself does not have a lower deck.

    Not saying that it shouldn't, but SoE has been getting lazier and lazier on the development of houses as of late. At least the Uncanny Estate copy and pasted certain parts of Unrest to make it a functional house. This is a straight up copy/paste job. I doubt we will see a lower deck, unfortunately.
  13. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    The Uncanny Estate takes two areas and puts them together in it's own way. Creating new art assets for palces that don't exist in game, is a different task, I'm sure.
  14. Ibethia New Member

    2nd the request for a "fair skys" option. The boarded up door has a room behind it.. you can access it with a portal pad.. you can then walk back thru the door once yer inside.. you just cant enter it with normal means. As for the huge room up in the back.. i built a loft up there with stairway access ) As for the deck i too would have liked a "down below" that was accessible..i popped a portal pad down where you can see thru the floor and went down.. 3 steps from the pad i fell thru the floor and ended back up on the deck so that was a no go and dissapointing i agree.
  15. Bluntnails New Member

    Making a "Hold" below deck.
    You can buy a GH portal from the fair currently in Halas for 20 tokens (get two). Open one up and place on deck then open the next one and lower it next to where you ported in. You can kinda see a below deck room. Lower till even with the floor and set it. Now you can port into your "ships hold"...but wait ...once you step off the portal you fall into the world. That's OK build a floor under the portal then be sure to build walls around the floor or you will walk right through the walls and fall again. Its not the greatest ships hold but at least you have one! Taaa Daa!
  16. Bluntnails New Member

  17. Bluntnails New Member

    Is that room behind the door very big or more like a pantry? I suspect its SOE humor at work to see people bash their heads trying to find a way through the door LOL. If it is pantry size I would not bother with a portal. I placed my portals in the crows nest, the top aft portion of the ship the main deck and the "ships Hold" below deck. Yes you can make another room there. You found the first step to get there.....just need to make a floor and walls under the portal =). Good luck matey!
  18. ITPalg Member

    The room is a closet. I put my veteran's case in there and call it The Brig.
    You can't get out of it without the pad in there.

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