New Mandatory Password Reset?

Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-ZUES, Nov 7, 2012.


    Why? Did something happen again?


    To be honest I DONT want to do this again! All my accounts were changed TWICE and now you require more character in the password and it will be very hard for me to remember. It's like 9 characters and you have to use a special character like * or % or @. I hate that!
    This is my daily main account and logging into eq2players. I will not be resetting it. Period. All the little stuff is making me very agitated with this game.
  3. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    ZUES wrote:
    Whoa. I'm not seeing this. Was this logging into the forums?
    What's the exact URL where you are being asked to change your password?
  4. ARCHIVED-Warpig Guest

    It wasn't on the forum log in, for me anyways.

    Got the message while trying to log into to check my bruiser's max melee hit.
    Edit: Just tried it again and it worked just fine. I was never prompted to reset my password. They must have seen this thread and corrected the problem.
    FYI I got the message by coming here to the forums main page, clicking the EQ2players link and trying to sign in with my main account.
  6. ARCHIVED-Ambeco Guest

    I didn't see it either, don't put anything in it looks like your being hacked!

    Avianna@Butcherblock wrote:
    I didn't. I hit the close screen out of anger lol. Actually, I guess I did type in my user name and password. Cause that's when I got prompted to change it. Nothing out of the ordinary and it looked official.

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