New Login Screen - Abomination or a blessing

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Pixiewrath, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Merodos New Member

    I like the new one, but I think they should update the music for it as well. Was never a fan of the New Felwithe theme music and it just seems out of place now with the new character select screen.
  2. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    I don't mind the look of the new screen, BUT!!!

    Your characters' skin colors are tinted oddly. Which is real bad when making a new character. You can't tell what color your character's skin will be ingame. That little box that also shows your character's face is just that - too little...
  3. Avithax Well-Known Member

    The char select screen is a nice change even if it does look like it was drawn using crayons. The spash screens however are horrible.
  4. Gripper New Member

    I like it!!!! Its good to mix things up - New Tunasia was getting a tad dated!
  5. Afista Well-Known Member

    I think it's very pretty and like the new screen as well as the artwork in the new zones!

    But, it'd be nice for those who don't like it to have the option to choose their own backgrounds.
  6. Ssrilith Member

    I like it and its not overly bright on my computer either.
  7. Pixiewrath Active Member

    I've never had issues with the old screen on any of my computers. That being said, I can't say I have had any with the new either. Which is logic since it's new. But even if not it doesn't stop me from disliking it's art.

    Ethernere might look like that, and that's fine. Ethernere is ethernere. But it doesn't suit as a log in screen. The brightness is both eye-straining and like you said, contrasts aren't as clear. The old one felt more like a whole picture whereas the new one just feels like a gimmick.
  8. Pixiewrath Active Member

    If they have to update it, I think a abetter new background would have been Drinal's Castle or that instance with jumping rats all over. Those were a bit darker.

    Even if Ethernere is bright, the rest of the game has a pretty dark style and the old screen matched that feeling very well.

    When I see the new one I think of WoW or Perfect World. Too generic for a login screen.
  9. Finora Well-Known Member

    Given the choice between the New Tunaria one & this new one, I'll absolutely take the new one.

    While I've always liked New Tunaria as a zone, I didn't care at all for the part they chose to use as the character select screen. It's always good to change things up a bit now and again.

    The lighting does seem to be on the bluish side and from an odd angle, which isn't the best for character creation (or even looking at the appearances of your existing characters.) It makes colors appear strange and casts weird shadows on characters' faces.
  10. SideshowBob Active Member

    Personally, I think the new character select screem looks like Ashenvale from WoW... (The first zone outside the Night Elf starting city)
  11. Darkmoogle Member

    I like it. Not at all bright for me. It's a nice change from the old animation.
  12. Greygore Member

    The brightness may depend on your video card. I know ATI and Nvidia are handled differently in EQ2. There used to be some edits to the eq2.ini to force anti aliasing fpr ATI Cards.

    It's pretty bright for me and I'm running an ATI
  13. Merodos New Member

    If any of the devs are reading this, please replace the character select music with "mx_cardin_word_v2". It fits better.

    Am running an ATI as well and it's not very bright for me. I mean the colors are certainly more vibrant than New Tunaria. I do run with GPU shadows on and it does tend to darken a scene over-all even when the object isn't within a shadow. I'm guessing 3.0 shaders are involved.
  14. Ridolain Active Member

    I have to agree. The different background depending on faction was nice.

    Reminds me of the EQ background somehow ... or a picture in the PoP area. Hm.
  15. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    i like this new one, been waiting for long time.
    but i like colony island better for evil and good, newer one is more neutral with tad touch of evil/gothic.
    waterfall and flying flock does effect some pc if left long time and then it freeze or crash, some PC can handle but not all.
  16. EQplayer New Member

    I don't like it. It's much too bright and cheery for my tastes since I generally play evil aligned characters. That being said it doesn't matter much since I generally choose my character from the launcher and bypass it. Pretty much the only time I'm going to see it is when I camp to character select.
  17. Arcturys Member

    I was just thinking, "Why did they even bother?" Since you can login to a character directly from the launchpad (never even seeing the character select screen), and switch between characters using /camp charactername (again never seeing the character select screen), it's conceivable you won't ever even see the new version.

    Actually for the most part, the only time I ever see the character select screen is because the game hangs or hiccups and kicks me out while I was zoning ("Waiting for zone server"..................................................) or /camping to another character or some other issue. So in my case, I don't even want to see the character select because it means something went wrong.
  18. Nocturnus Member

    I rather like it myself. :) A change every so often isn't a bad thing at all!
  19. Vandrago Active Member

    WOW, is there nothing people won't complain about.. Who cares? Just login and go, why take what little dev time we have and waste it on something like making options for a background login? Also, the "new player" argument has been used up, it's not like new people are joining in droves, and I really doubt they stop at the character creation screen and say this screen sucks, Im not playing this game.
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  20. gaeca Member

    Its time for a change no biggie;)