New Login Screen - Abomination or a blessing

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Pixiewrath, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Vinyard Active Member

    We want Queens Colony
  2. Wanic Active Member

    I like it, they should do more to be honest to fit in the with the theme of the expansion.
  3. Buggabug Active Member

    I like the new one, good to have a fresh look now and again :cool:
  4. Salavar Active Member

    Name another game that lets you change the character select screen background JUST BECAUSE you liked the 8 year old one better?

    SOE changes things, we can either deal with it or we can leave, it is what it is, life is full of changes.

    "CHANGE IS A CONSTANT" <I forget who that is attributed to
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  5. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    They've mentioned before that changing the screen is not as easy as it would seem, so I would guess that allowing choices with it would probably require too much work.
  6. Greygore Member

    I can't say I ever look at the login screen for more than a few seconds and don't really care what it looks like. Unless the game needs patching I usually just launch from everquest2.exe and log straight to the character I want from there
  7. Slipshod Active Member

    With enough requests for an option to change the screen it WILL get done. But there are caveats. There is indeed no "simple" solution for this. Thusly, it will take some dedicated resources to create one. We can CHOOSE to have this as a massively requested option, or we can choose to have something else done instead. IMHO, this would be a "nice to have option", but hey - don't spend too much DevTime on this please.
  8. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    This would be nice... but probably 80+% of toons would be in their guild hall, with lots of custom placed furniture. That alone makes this rather hard.
  9. Salavar Active Member

    Wow you must have some pull!
  10. Slipshod Active Member

    Pull? Me? No, not at all. Just experience. I know that if enough customers request it, this DevTeam is excellent in providing the customers what they want. For years they said there will never EVER be a beastlord in EQ2.

    We know how that turned out, correct?

    And that was a much larger technical issue than giving you a selectable log-in screen.
  11. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Well, having multiple character selection screens doesn't neccessarily have to be hard if the team merges the zones into one character screen and just moves the camera/avatar position with your choice option. They can have each style isolated in it's own "block" with sky texture and ground and so on.

    Like building different rooms in a Half-Life map.
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  12. Guiscard Active Member

    It is too bright and light and some characters, depending on their attire, do not show up well. It would be better to have a darker background. Go back to the old one - no one disliked it and this one is NOT popular.
  13. Natsume Member

    I like the new one, it looks beautiful, honestly, I think we should be able to toggle the old and new one. Or one coming up every time you log in.
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  14. Sabaar Member

    I absolutely love the new log in screen! I can't wait to see the new zones if this is what they look like, so beautiful and vibrant. Great job devs!
  15. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I love the new character select screen. But I love the revamp of freeport and qeynos. The only reason it might hurt your eyes now is because you have been looking at it too long waiting for the servers to be up. Normally you could be on this screen for what say 30 seconds to pick a character. Maybe you need to turn down your monitor brightness? Anyway, how about we give it a couple days before requesting new functionality on a screen we see maybe 30 seconds a day. After looking closely, most of my characters look like frankenstein's bride. I can see lines on their faces around the mouth and eyes. Doesn't matter if I am zoomed out or in can see these weird lines. This was never the case with the old log in screen. Will have to see if it looks the same on the create character screen but I have a bad feeling will see the lines there.
  16. Atan Well-Known Member

    My only complaint is the UI still doesn't tell me how many character slots I own =P
  17. Coolit New Member

    I like the new login screen, it's much better looking and a nice change.
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  18. Mae- Well-Known Member

    I HATED the old one, it caused so many issues with my computer and would cause crashes within minutes if I had to stay on it for any period of time. Plus, I think you'll find this one is more popular than you let on. I like it a lot more, myself!
  19. Sucuri Active Member

  20. Mohee Active Member

    3.3ghz celeron D, 2gb ddr2 533 ram, 128mb radeon 9250 PCI vid card
    I fall asleep with the game on character select screen, so 8+ hours of it never made me crash.

    Other PC is even worse specs and I do the same thing, has never crashed.

    Laptop on the other hand is pretty decent :) same thing, still never crashed after 8+ hours.

    not sure why it'd cause you to crash =\ 2 of my pc's are super old and run eq2 at like 5fps on minimum, yet it never crashes.
    Or my laptop, but that thing is nice =)

    I smell an in-game poll!!! *grin*