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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Geothe, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Making a lvl 80 version of Runnyeye
  2. ARCHIVED-couching Guest

    Runnyeye is great for mid 30 to mid 40 and there are always a lot of players in peak time. I am really surprised that SoE chose it to be revamped to lv80 dungeon.

    It would be great if SoE can keep mid30 to mid 40 version and 80 version at same time.
  3. ARCHIVED-Saavedra Guest

    This instance will be separate from the regular Runnyeye, the original will be intact.
  4. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Very nice. Tweaking old zones to add content is a very smart way to go.
  5. ARCHIVED-shadowgate Guest

    So I am guessing this may give credence the idea that the next expansion is a Dungeon's of Norrath like expansion...
  6. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Oooh, can't wait. What's the ETA?
  7. ARCHIVED-Kitsune286 Guest

    Yay for something diffrent! I was dreading a Nek 4 =P
  8. ARCHIVED-AikonHalcyon Guest

    Interesting, indeed... I look forward to this.
  9. ARCHIVED-Akaran2 Guest

    Few fast questions.
    1 (and obviously): ETA on live date?
    2: Any solo content within or is it group
    3: Regardless of above: instance or open dungeon?
    4: Level range? 70-80 straight or 80+?
    5: Can you comment on what kind of loot we should be expecting? New armor sets, or new places for existing sets to drop?
    6: Any new tradeskill addons we should expect?

  10. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Just as long as the dungeon is very AE friendly, I'm sold. The trend for dungeons and expansions lately is to shun AE encounters, which is a bad thing to do.

    To be honest, I would be happy if the original Runnyeye was left as it is, just the mobs and loot were boosted to 75-80+. It's probably one of the best dungeons in the game right now.
  11. ARCHIVED-Duluvian Guest

    The only thing that I would like to see with the souped of version of RE are more divergent paths. If you get stuck behind another group and are respecting them you typically will not fight through.
  12. ARCHIVED-Saavedra Guest

    Akaran2 wrote:
    1) Tentatively GU 46, no promises!
    2) This is all group content
    3) Instanced so that I can guarantee X number of named (guaranteed drops) guys in the zone.
    4) 80+
    5) The loot is being made now, your suggestions would be a welcome forum post separate from this one.
    6) That would be up to Domino, but at this time, no.
  13. ARCHIVED-Saavedra Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    There are few specifically AE encounters in the zone, since I personally like them. Probably not as many as you would like, I suspect, but they are there.
  14. ARCHIVED-Anduri Guest

    This is a great idea. I was surprised you chose Runnyeye since it's so popular already, many people know it blindfold the amount of time spent there.

    If you decide to have a revamp/relevel of another zone, could you try and do one of the zones that don't see enough use for one reason or another. Somewhere like Sol Eye, that place looks fantastic but for one reason or another never quite got the use it really deserved.

    Obelisk of Lost Souls is another (apart from the farmers). Or Drafling Tower - looks unique but very underused.

    The classic is of course New Tunaria, that place has been looking for any kind of content since the day it was released.
  15. ARCHIVED-Amana Guest

    Personally what I would like to see is a kind of "Choice" system. Most dungeons i've seen so far are quite linear in that you go from mob A to B to C to D and so on till you reach mob E, F or G.
    Maybe have a 5way path that the group can progress and is teleported back to the center. They nameds you kill will have an effect on how the last named behaves as well as the possibility of loot drops. You do the hardest to easiest nameds you make the last boss easier, but his chance for dropping a fabled chest decreases. You mix it up you improve the chance for a fabled drop by 5-7%.
    Commenting on loot I would like to see the nest style of tradeskilling brought back. Put in some drops off the named mobs that have to be tradeskilled in the zone itself. The recipes get about 3-7 charges then you have to do the quest for the recipe again giving a reason to do it. Once you got all the recipes in The Nest you basically did the quest again just to sell the recipe for 10-15g.
    One thing I did like was the Shard of Fear having a set weapon. What would be very very interesting is if the end mob in the new dungeon dropped specialized weapon pieces. If a person has their epic the item gains an additional ability (Works with Fabled and Mythical versions). Have a Shield drop for the Crusader/Warriors that when their epic is equiped gives them additional stats or bonuses. For brawlers it could be a weapon or armor item that boosts skills. Priests it gives a small proc that when on every heal spell cast decreases hate towards enemey target the're engaged with by 500pts or 1 threat level. For casters it could be a nice censor with mediocre stats, but when the proc is on (7 second proc) players have a 30-50% chance for their spells to critically hit a target.
  16. ARCHIVED-Syndic Guest

    Anduri wrote:
    Yeah looking forward to the new Runnyeye, for the next revamp can a poll on the forums go up for players to vote on? Or even use the poll in game that I haven't seen used in 3 years.

    The biggest thing I've noticed about what Anduri listed in those zones is they are all very large zones. Especially in the case of Sol Eye and New Tunaria and being shared zones they rarely get used and are a pain to move around when they are not populated with alot of players. Not sure a shared zone can be turned to an instanced. For my suggestions I'd like to see maybe a DoF zone get some loving. There is one at the back of sinking sands, entrance was in small graveyard, no-one went there even when DoF was out, I can't even remember the name of it since I only ever went there once and really found out how much of a waste of time it was.
  17. ARCHIVED-Ujina Guest

    I'd love to see some kind of small item set, 2 or 3 items would be needed to get the set bonus like the shards in SoH, the 2 weapons from SoF or a sword and shield or helm and ring for example.

    And please, put some flavor to the dungeon, not just some random lvl 80 heroics mobs + named.
  18. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    What I would like to see for loot is melee priest (warden specifically of course, lol) legendary items or rare fabled from the boss mob like the RoK zones. Its a shame that I forsee myself wearing lvl 77 mastercrafted melee priest gear in 4 plus slots because I have havent see but maybe one item, even in T1 raids, that I consider an upgrade to it. Plenty of nuking/fury upgrades can be found though. If I was a nuker or a Fury I would be mostly happy with the legendary gear available, lol.
  19. ARCHIVED-Xita Guest

    this is positive, and runnyeye has cool music 8)

    now how about kurns tower?
  20. ARCHIVED-Steve11418 Guest

    Runnyeye is an excellent choice. I will try and be brief with some ideas… many of the above are good.

    1. Repeatable Crafting quests using the forges within Runnyeye
      1. Armour Sets similar to Deathfist
      2. Adornments that require an additional drop from named (rare) as well as the traditional mana / infusion / powders
    2. Epic x2 Encounter similar to SOF with a small chance of fabled item similar to end named in ROK instances. (This should be in addition to a traditional end named boss… something to give Raiders a challenge to one group)
    3. Small Set Items, Twin rings, twin ear slot, twin wrist items.
    4. Timed quests: Example: X named is holding someone prisoner and you have x amount of time to defeat him before he executes his prisoner. Given at entrance to defeat first named… repeatable each time you enter the zone. (Optional and does not effect completing the zone... just a challenge for you group)
    5. Scripted named like in Maidens. Must defeat X named and pull leaver before advancing to the next. Or if you skip a named he might add on the next named like the vampires in MMIS.
    6. Repoping wandering mob that paths a large amount of the zone to keep people on there toes.

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