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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Tekkor, Nov 25, 2004.

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    Hello everyone. I just yesterday got my Bard up to level 20 and completed the Dirge quest in Qeynos. Got a pretty nice sword at the end of it. Arell's Flail of Mourning

    I was really torn on whether to go Troub. or Dirge but in the end I decided to go against the grain a bit. The Troub. seemed like the too standard goodie bard and the Dirge just seemed to have a bit more variation in some ofthe abilities. In particualr though I group alot and figured the ability to direct hate on a specific groupmate rather then just slowly reduce my own hate was a very good power to get.

    Anyway... I have started on my lvl 20 armor quest and currently in addition to using my Sword listed above a guild mate hooked me up with a great whip for dual wielding with it that he got off some named Gnoll somewhere.

    I just wanted to post in here and possibly get a bit of Dirge discussion going and ask a few questions.

    - On the 5 concentration slots I take it that we never get more then that? Seems over time it will force you to really make hard choices and probably stop using some buffs altogether simply because you dont have concentration slots.

    - It seems a bit unfair doesnt it that Troubs. get their ghetto mez charm at lvl 21 or whatever nad we dont get our fear until 26 i think?

    - For any higher level Dirges.... on the fear song does it run the risk at all of the creature running off and then picking up more creatures on its trip back?

    - Sneak and Walk Lightly.... pros and cons to using one over the other?

    - Tekkor, befallen
  2. ARCHIVED-hawek Guest

    not right now we dont get more than 5 conc

    I would also use a piercing weapon with the sword to keep your skill up.

    yes on the fear. i used it in beta and it brought some back with it, but it might have changed now

    all the sneak line is based on a level of you vs the mob. but walk lightly increases your movement speed.

  3. ARCHIVED-Froren Guest

    Yea, 5 conc is max

    the fear doesn't aggro any mobs outside of encounter now

    sneak and walk lightly can be stacked btw to increase the level a bit