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    Correction for the Ghoul lord Guk Lower Corridor
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    all hunter missions will receive double coins beginning 29th of January 2021 12 : 01 am Pacific time ,
    till the 9th of February 2021 at 11: 59 pm pacific time .
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    Is this quest still available or it is done already?
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    Hunter missions for Sentinel's Fate : level 90 , you can get the quests at level 85
    You will find the Hunter agent / merchant in Stonebrunt Highland inside the Deep Water Pavilion .
    Wen you enter go down the stairs and make a sharp turn to the right and right again towards the Vastly Deep zone in.
    Just before the stairs leading down make a left turn and go up the stairs next to the wall , go all the way back and she is hiding on the right side in a niche .

    First Mission

    - Slay the Warblade
    Sundered Frontier
    the Vigilant / Infiltration
    Zonn Radas

    - Vanish the Corrupted Guardian
    Sundered Frontier
    the Hole / Outer Vault
    the Corrupted Guardian

    - Decimate the Dauntless
    Stonebrunt Highland
    Vastly Deep / Conservatory
    Delahnus the Dauntless

    - Execute Taranis Gazerra
    Stonebrunt Highland
    Erudin Research Hall
    Taranis Gazerra

    Second Mission :

    - Ice Gwarthlea the Ca,Na Matriarch
    Stonebrunt Highland
    Vastly Deep /Vertigial Cella
    Queen Gwarthlea

    - Vacate El, Arad
    Stonebrunt Highland
    Royal Palace of Erudin
    El , Arad Lord Primal

    - Dispatch the dark walker
    Sundered Frontier
    the Vigilant / Incursion
    Zon Kogir

    - Descale the Scalekeeper
    Sundered Frontier
    the Hole / Spirit's Resonance
    Nortlav the Scalekeeper

    Third Mission :

    - Lay low the Legion Lord
    Sundered Frontier
    the Vigilant / the Rescue
    Marcus Xand

    - Dispatch Demitrik
    Sundered Frontier
    the Hole / Demitrik's Bastion

    - End the vision of the Visionary
    Stonbrunt Highland
    Vastly Deep / the Abandoned Lab
    Perah Celsis

    - Liquidate the competition
    Stonebrunt Highland
    Library of Erudin
    last Named
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    I have noticed that the rotation has between the missions has gone erratic .
    It seams like we are only been offered 2 missions now , and often one of those 2 missions will be repeated back to back .
    I have not seen the mission with
    - Warblade
    - Corrupted Guardian
    - the Dauntless
    - Taranis Gazerra since before the 24 hour downtime .
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    Ok time for a new hunter mission set up

    The crazy hunter quest giver can be found on top of the wall of Kraytoc's Fortress of Rime ,
    the south east corner , in the Great Divide

    - Conquer the Captain --- Iceshard Keep
    - Dethrone the Queen ---- Crystal Caverns
    - Render Romero ---- Tower of frozen Shadow - Shadowed Corridors
    - Lord something or other - Forgotten Pools
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    - Kill Cara Omica ---- Tower of frozen Shadow - Umbral Halls / Cara Omica
    - Ixnay the Idol ---- Temple of Rallos Zek /Idol of Rallos Zek
    - Whack the Witch Doctor ---- Hold of Rime -The Ascent /Vuh'Duh
    -Wreck the Warkeeper ---- Spire of Rage / last named
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    His name is Lord Bob.
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    ok thanks for input Meaghan I always appreciate additions to my posts , this is not a one ratongas monolog . :D
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    - End the Grand Restorer ------Hold of Rime / the Fortress Spire
    - Ground the Thunderbolt ----- Throne of Storms
    - Take down Tserrine Syl' Tor --- Tower of Frozen Shadows / Haunt of Syl'Tor
    - Defeat the Warmaster ---- Drunder / Strategists Stronghold
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  11. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Holy Time Sink, Batman!
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    that one is not even the worst
    the one in the Stronghold is worse hands down .
    That is why DP supposedly wanted to remove the Drunder instances from hunter missions .
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Please do remove the Drunder zones from Hunter missions , or at least pick one of the first named in the zone .
    It is hard enough to find a group to begin with , without having to run a mission taking 5 hours , people rather do without that agony , besides maybe top raiding guilds .
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    Ok the Drunder zones were finally removed from the hunter missions

    to replace the Warkeeper in the " Spire of Rage " we now will
    - Slay The Stern and his Guards ------ Kael -- Iceshard Keep / Halkon

    the other targets are still the same
    - Kill Cara Omica -------- Tower of Frozen Shadow / Umbral Halls
    - Ixay the Idol ------- Kael - the Temple of Rallos Zek / Idol od Rallos Zek
    - Whack the Witch Doctor ------- Hold of Rime - the Ascent / Vuh ' Duh
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    The second replacement named is

    Instead of - Defeat the Warmaster --- Drunder /Strategists Stronghold , we now have to
    Pound the Hammer of Zek -------- Kael --the Temple of Rallos Zek / Prime Imperium Hammarmund

    the other targets remain the same
    - End the Grand Restorer --- Hold of Reim /Fortress Spire
    - Ground the Thunderbolt --- Throne of Storms
    - Take down Teserrine Syl ' Tor --- Tower of Frozen Shadow /Haunt of Syl ' Tor
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