New HQ - final step for upgrade requires t3 raid?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by CharbrynEQ2, May 10, 2017.

  1. CharbrynEQ2 Active Member

    Hey all, I just wanted to submit some feedback on this new HQ.

    The first series of quests were nice, easy, and fast, and when the final reward was visible (1.2k pot earring, 16 resolve, very nice clicky that just like EQ1, was insta-cast and could be cast and then earring removed) the ease of the questline made sense. After all, by this point, I'd say a large % of people in KA have at least one ascension earring (20 resolve, high potency) and probably still wearing their earring from the epic questline, if not another ascension earring. So to zone in and get gobsmacked by Grachnist was a bit jarring with how easy the preceding quests were and the final reward. The clicky is still nice with a great CMit debuff so I'd say this quest overall is still a win, and will be even more so once the bug gets fixed that prevents people that have killed Grachnist from assisting others.

    Once you complete this, there is another HQ series you can do to upgrade the earring (from a spirit goblin in Warsliks). You have to hail a guy, click on some items in Twark area (solo), kill a couple of ^ remnants (solo), and then you get told you have to kill the Kly in the Dalnir raid, which is a t3 mob. The final earring? Comparable in stats, but sill a bit below on green/blue stats, to ascension earrings, which can come from doing nothing but purely soloing. Why the jump to a t3 raid mob? I think there might be 2-3 guilds on AB capable of clearing Kly, and none that will take pug raiders, and thanks to resolve requirements it's not going to be feasible to 1.5-2 group this update.
    This one is a miss, in my opinion. The boost to the proc is not really worth the raid effort and it's still not good enough (imo) to warrant actually equipping, since 20 resolve earrings are not something there is a shortage of. If the raid update is going to remain, can it be downgraded to something a little more fitting to the reward?
  2. Revanu Active Member

    The proc is the upgrade, the earring itself is trash. 5 hour duration, increase CMIT debuff, the earring is absolute win considering you can equip it, cast buff, and take off.
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  3. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I agree with Revanu here, but I also agree that the T3 requirement might be a bit steep for some people. I think the fact that the HQ is an earring at all is an oversight, it should have been a wrist. That way, not everyone would wear it because there are better stat gear out there, but for casual people completing the first set of the HQ, a wrist would have been a pretty decent upgrade for a few.
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  4. Kioske Well-Known Member

    Although, to the OP, the Kly is probably the easier of the T3 mobs to kill. So there is that...
  5. CharbrynEQ2 Active Member

    Again, very few guilds capable of raiding t3 on our server, and I'm not going to guild hop for one piece. Oh well, I do not have to have all things when they are new and shiny. :) I'm just echoing some of the commentary I heard in guild chat and general chat last night. Lots of "well THAT was easy, wait what on earth (but insert profanity)...t3?!" Hah.

    This HQ reminds me of the weapon HQ from ToV, where the upgrade required multiple named kills in Guardian's Edifice. I guess I'm not excited over an earring, not even for a longer clicky buff.

    I will say this expansion has seen me get the most use out of equip swap macros that I've experienced in a long time.
  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    You'll probably find T3 nameds start dying a lot easier to guilds after the changes yesterday. It's a pretty big nerf.
  7. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    They would have been better served creating an instanced zone like they did with the first end boss rather than stuffing the reward in the Kly Raid. Its almost like they ran out of time to finish out the quest and said "heck, just stick it in there and change the HQ text" ...

    For the slim margin of upgrade that the effect has versus the first reward ear, I'm not sure its going to be very high on anyone's "must have" priority list.

    On a side note, a brig, zerker and a couple of Zhugs were capable of clearing trash.. so there's that. The named still cleaned my clock though...
  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    There's in the end very few differences between both earrings.
    So it's no big deal if u can't finish the 2nd part of the HQ.

    Yeah i know, we usually like to finish stuff .

    I'm not in game right now but is the 2nd part of the earring quest stated as epic ?

    What i regret though is that u could do all solo. Except the endboss. But why not making the update doable only in heroic ? It's a HQ !!

    And the 2nd part more heroic stuff to then jump on epic.

    I thought just the quest would have kept me busy a bit more. But maybe i rush things too much :(
  9. Steelviper Active Member

    All the second Fabled earring got to offer is a difference in... Attack Speed I think it was? bit higher, and slightly higher proc. Why would anyone bother with a raid zone for an almost non-existant upgrade to the normal HQ reward earring?
    Speaking of which, the Heritage Quest(line) itself wasn't really worth the tag which the Heritage Quests always had in this game - a very lenghty quest with a quite decent reward, while this 3 following up quests themselves were solved lot faster than any of the older Heritage Quests before.
    Basically, very superficially implemented content, though the reward is something I'm thankful for. The "Upgrade" quest not worth the effort or mentioning however.
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    Let's enjoy what we have.

    Nothing is perfect, sure, but we, players are sometimes too demanding.

    We got a HQ, we got stuff to do and we always go too fast to get the item as soon as possible.

    We complain if it's gated, we complain if it's not, coz then nothing more to do after we burned through the content.
    Cool down and enjoy.
  11. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I think one thing that is lost on this forum section is the fact that sometimes there are going to be items you can only get if you raid. Maybe this is one of those items.
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  12. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Every day I look at the forums for some nice complaints to read. This has been here for 5 days and you haven't been yelled at for elitism yet.

    What's your secret
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  13. Casual PLayer New Member

    no need to complain when you can just cancel the membership and delete, delete, delete. witcher 3 blood and whine! is great fyi and drm free no login required.
  14. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    I don't own a $1000 PC to run Witcher 3. But Fallout 4... now you're onto something.
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Lucky it isn't
    Doing Expert Heroic will do trick just fine (although one should real masochist to do expert Danlir: Kly heroic)
  16. badname912 New Member

    or you can just do your epic and get a lvl 10 ascenion for better ears anyways. not worth it except for the proc..which you will only see a real difference in raids anyways cause combat mit.

    dont see people complaining that new class mythicals come from raid... you want all best in slot to be from solo stuff? that makes raiding pointless

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