New Guild Halls...too expensive

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  1. starbuck Member

    Massively Over Powered. It used to be just Massively til the morons at AOL shut down all the gaming sites hosted on their service.
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  2. Praaji Member

    I didn't mean it was a bad thing just that things have changed. I don't care what other people do with their money.
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  3. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    Let's see how long Star Citizen survives... and if more than 2 people keep playing it.
    Also, we're back to that kickstarter type thing again. It's not out yet, without the money it won't ever be out, etc..etc..etc...
    (Never heard of Star Citizen.... is it like Eve or something?)
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  4. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    From the company that runs the game? o.0 Or from other players? There's a difference between a company charging that much on an item that has no limits to the copies, as opposed to something rare that one player has and two lunatics are bidding each other up on. Ever been to an auction where two rich people hate each other? You could see a used piece of chewing gum go for thousands just because one doesn't want the other to win. Doesn't mean I can scrape used chewing gum off the sidewalk and sell it for the same amount. >.>

    Did items in the castle revert ownership to the person who bought the castle? Were there rare items?

    Are the castles in UO instanced, or out in the real world? I'm guessing it's out where other people walk by and see icons of items all over the floor, viewable only, and probably only from the outside. One of those "I paid a lot of money to show off like this" things. Tibia had houses like that. Most expensive items set on the floor just so people would see how rich the owner was... in pixels...
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  5. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    $116+ million raised already
    1.4+ million backers
    Enthusiastic fans, sites, subreddits, etc all over the place.

    Star Citizen has a brighter future and more support at this point that most of DB's titles combined.

    2 minutes worth of googling would have shown that.

    I don't personally support the game, but I did throw some money at Camelot Unchained. Crowd sourcing games is a thing and probably better for the genre than some of these aging publishers are proving to be. Unlike these new guildhalls, though, many of the games being crowd sourced are open about what the product is and where the money is going.
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  6. Belenos Well-Known Member

    This is a very valid point, in my opinion. If an item is non-instanced, existing in the "real" game world, where the land to build is limited, then it truly might be considered a "rare" item. I do not even consider "artificial" company-imposed "rarity" as anywhere close to legitimate--things like items only for sale for one week, etc.

    In Vanguard, all housing was non-instanced, and only certain places could be built upon. If you did not pay your upkeep, your house or guild hall would disappear after a reasonable grace period. While it was never so rare that a person could not build a house at all, it could have been if the number of players wanting to build had reached that level.

    In ArcheAge, housing and farms were non-instanced as well, and the land available was even more restricted, so many players who wanted land could not get any at all. Of course, in that game, farming was a significant source of income, and not just for show. You had to sub to even be eligible to buy land, and if your sub ran out, your home/farm was demolished and your land was available to be purchased by anyone who walked up to the land and bought it.

    In both these cases, true rarity existed, even if of varying degrees. A cut-and-paste, instanced guild hall with no limits whatsoever as to how many can exist cannot possibly be considered rare. Therefore, rarity can't be used to justify the insane prices of these halls.

    Well then, how about prestige? I honestly cannot find a way to see something as prestigious just because it costs so much, unless that cost is truly top-tier. While I consider a $400 copy-pasted guild hall as pretty outrageous, it does not reach the level of garnering prestige at that price-level. Let's face it--$400 is probably, at most, a week's paycheck for most people. While not everyone could afford to drop a whole week's paycheck on a virtual item, as far as showing off how much cash you have, $400 is not a drop in the bucket. Unless the guild hall costs as much as a nice German sedan, let's call that about $80k American dollars, it will never say anything about your real-life financial situation.

    How about the "achievement," as DBG calls it on the door of the houses? The achievement of pulling out $400 from the old credit card and buying 400 "tickets?" Seriously?? A server-first kill of a raid mob is an achievement. Completing the decoration of a unique, beautiful, house is an achievement. Building a large guild and keeping it together for years is an achievement. Really, do I have to elaborate on this further? I think not.

    So, these halls are not rare, they are not prestigious, and they are not any significant achievement. Given these facts, how can anyone justify the cost?
  7. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You had a footprint in the open world and if you had the gold and the footprint would fit you could drop a house. They were anywhere from single floor single room shacks to 3-4 floor castles. There were only 16 legitimate castle locations on each server and when they introduced the mirror land of Tram, there were 16 in that on each server as well. The players placed the houses on eBay and let the bids run. We had dedicated house placers like EQ2 has dedicated decorators. If someone that was friended did not open the door every 5 days, the house would begin to decay. Each house type had a different decay rate and the dedicated placers checked every house location every day to see if it had begun to decay. There was open world PvP everywhere in the beginning so you had to be aware of things as anything on your corpse including your head was lootable, after 5 years or so they opened Trammel which was a mirror of Felucca, there was no PvP in Tram, no corpse looting, and you could not be Red which was considered evil as they killed a lot of people, reputation was important.

    If nobody that was friended opened the door and refreshed the house before the decay timer was up, the house would fall and every item in it became lootable off the ground by anybody there to grab it. It was like a block party when the decay timer on a castle, keep, or other large structure was to fall, there would be upwards of 50 people there at times to loot and attempt to place a new building there. Origin did not care if the houses were sold on auction, they felt it brought advertising in some form to the game and actually published how many of each type of large structure would fit into the open world.

    You could set the door so anybody could open it and come inside but they couldn't move or take anything if it were locked down. If the item wasn't locked down it would begin decaying just like a house could. Visitors could not refresh the house. Most of the castle/keep owners from the first 5 years were also the people that would camp server birth rares. Some of those rares were daily spawn, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

    Ahhh, the good old days.

  8. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    It's cute when people are condescending. I did a google search on the game (more than two minutes even!), and oddly enough, it doesn't have the future. 0.0
    Also, a game that is not released yet is a whole different thing that an old game overpricing items... You seem to have missed that.

    >.> Forgive me for saying, since you call it the good old days... but that sounds like a nightmare. 0.0 Of course, instanced houseing that is always there has spoiled me, I guess. =P I refused to play Landmark more than a few hours due to upkeep being needed. I hate games that punish you for having a life outside of the game. >.<
    I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of reputation mechanism implemented. Maybe there would be less trolling in general channel? :\
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  9. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    It's really not, is it? I mean, it's not when you do it in almost every post where you talk down to someone including this one. Don't be a hypocrite.

    Don't lie. In the post I responded to you clearly knew nothing about the subject AND you admitted it. Googling after your foot is in your mouth won't wash the taste out. Doubling down isn't going to make it better, either.

    This is how this part reads to me: 'I saw comments that make this game look bad and that validates my shallow, barely formed opinion enough to make a snarky remark. Not a snarky remark that will add anything to the conversation because I'm not going to support it in any way whatsoever. Pesky facts and references would just give people the opportunity to argue against me and all I need is a vague, meaningless deflection and put down at this point.' Close enough?

    Hey, look, it's condescension again! HI!(pocrite)

    The only thing being missed here is you misrepresenting things in an attempt to deflect and control the conversation again.

    And now, here we are. Please, in the relevant posts for this tangent of the thread, tell me where I misspoke? Where did I miss the point. Is it because I used the meta conversation of the guild hall pricing in this game to directly tie it in people spending money on other games being better informed? The only words that belong in my mouth are mine, and since you barely seem to be able to keep what you're saying straight, don't try to divine what I'm saying or missing for me.

    Now, having said all of that, I'm going to add one more point. I remember you. I remember seeing you in game talking to people. I remember you often being very informative, supportive, and helpful. I also know that you have gone out of your way to help people more directly with items for their builds and constructive criticism. You even helped a friend of mine on another server recently. I do not have a low opinion of you overall. If I did I would have ripped in to your *** a lot sooner for some of your posts or simply ignored you. To be honest, I didn't think you would be this easily baited now, but you were so I'm taking the opportunity to make a point. I don't know if my previous impression of you was way off, or if you are so worked up and upset about what's going on that you're not being yourself. Either way, you need to calm down and start treating yourself and the people you're responding to with a modicum of respect. I don't dislike you and I'm not trying to simply attack you, but this behavior is disappointing.
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  10. Abasinolanam Active Member

    Diamonds are not as rare as they want you to think. Their price is not relative to how hard it was to obtain them. And the price on a diamond tiara is not solely based on the diamonds on it. You're missing the point that these are items nobody actually needs and their pricing is not based on any kind of rules (more about popularity of designer, etc.)

    Throw as many links as you want at me, that's not going to make what DBG is doing "price gouging". It is not unethical to put a high price tag on a non-essential luxury item. It just isn't. We get it that you don't like it. But that doesn't make it wrong.

    There is absolutely no correlation between having a high price tag on two items and the declining population. This is a 12 year old game and there was already a huge list of reasons for the declining population (bugs that go without fix, lag, recycled content, antiquated video engine, class balance, completely screwed up itemization, etc.)

    Your logic makes my brain hurt. You claim "the biggest problem" is something that could happen in the future. Except it could very well not happen (and most likely won't.) And the concept that DBG is going to go raising prices on everything is really more a personal fear. It doesn't make any business sense to do so.

    Yes, DBG is going to make decisions that bring them money. That's the purpose of a business (and it was SOE's purpose too.) The hope for us is that those decisions align with us having fun playing the game. Other guilds/people having the money to buy a guildhall I can't afford has not changed my game-play whatsoever. Why has it changed yours?

    When/if DBG goes on this price-raising rampage you're predicting THEN we'd have a true grievance.
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  11. Sydnye Member

    I've read threw most of this thread and see where a lot of ppl say " It's unfair to the smaller guild (which I agree), the big raid guilds have the advantage" Listen my guild is larger and we raid, in no way shape or form do any of us want these things. Not to say we didn't tour them with plenty of choice language as we did. No one is interested in wasting their 500 dbc on these train wrecks either. How about a little originality?
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  12. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah. My guild farmed (and had for a long time) but we cranked our farming into high gear at the sight of their "new" guild hall and so we got our stones from HHKC to get our HHK guild hall that way. Just wish it had tunnels underneath. We don't have a good place yet for our prison and torture room, after all. Besides, as a teir'dal, I prefer caves and tunnels than buildings build by roundears for roundears.
  13. Prayos Well-Known Member

    You quoted several people. Could you be more specific?
  14. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    Not you.

    If you can't figure it out from the context of the discussion and the structure of the post, I can't choose not to help you.

    If you're trolling, 2/10 because I responded.
  15. Feldon Well-Known Member

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  16. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    I apologize. I'm a bit hyper and went too far being a smart ***.

    That whole post was addressed to Griffon Lady.The quote chain was showing the specific line of conversation leading up to that exchange. I was not responding to it and didn't think that needed to be pointed out.
  17. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    FYI, next time you feel like attacking someone, do it in private instead of derailing the thread, hmm?
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  18. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling...

    It doesn't make any business sense to charge $350 or $400 for a guild hall either, but that brings us right back to... well the subject of the thread.

    You answered your own question there. "DBG is going to make decisions that bring them money".
    $400 on one item is a lot of money. Only need to sell one or 2. Looks good in the accounting end of things.
    Investment firms are know to move stock and make as much money as quickly as possible.
    An investment firm bought SOE, (Now re-named DBG).

    So tell me, how am I supposed to predict any thing but drastically higher prices in the future?
    I imagine that higher prices on everything would change your game play, particularly if we all just follow along and never raising an alarm when something is egregiously overpriced, like the will-less little sheep some people want us to be.
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  19. RadarX Community Manager

    Folks this is my last obligatory let's get back on topic please without the personal attacks. The next time I'll unfortunately need to close the thread.
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    yeah when it gets up past $20 it is way out of my price range
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