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  1. Nezette Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    Has anyone actually completed this quest? I've been searching high and low for the book for over an hour now (which is impressive because the searchable area is rather small...) and am starting to believe that it's just not in game. Any confirmation would be helpful!

  2. Nezette Well-Known Member

    nvm. It's the size of an ant. Ignore me friends!
  3. Veysha Member

  4. Nezette Well-Known Member

    I found it. (I happened to go afk in front of it and when I came back, my mouse grazed over it.)
  5. Sukuyan Fallen'Angel New Member

    *Happy dance* I submitted that POI....hehehehe I am working on submitting all the Newsie locations too. Will also be submitting a walkthrough on the wiki page if I can get the quest again, hopefully. :-D
  6. Nezette Well-Known Member

    Oh good, because I've yet to come across a single Newsie... I've taken to asking fellow non-questing friends, "if you were a dead paperboy, where would you be?" Which of course only prompts, "...?" responses.
  7. Sukuyan Fallen'Angel New Member

    I posted a few already on the site still searching for others, working on trying to find the second one in Neriak right now. No luck, once I find this second one I will be moving onto Greater Faydark and Gorowyn. There is supposed to be 2 in each home city.
  8. Sukuyan Fallen'Angel New Member

    Also appears that the guards will now point you in the right direction if you ask them to.
  9. Nezette Well-Known Member

    Oh! Nice!

    Clearly I don't quest / am bad at this game. I didn't even think to check with them.
  10. Alustriele New Member

    where did you found the ink?
  11. Sukuyan Fallen'Angel New Member

    They drop off of the squids with the name Tangler....or something like that, takes a while to find them and I believe they only spawn during the day.

    Last night when I was working on this quest they were not giving directions. Today they are. However as of this moment if you update EQ2Maps and restart EQ2 you will have POIs for Naylie, the itty bitty teeny weenie book, the printer and all of the Newsies in each city, Kelethin, Neriak, New Halas, Freeport, Qeynos. (There are 3 in Kelethin btw) As I have finished adding all those POIs to the EQ2Maps website, and a guild mate is double checking the points now and so far all of them have been added and are correct.
  12. ElectricPotato Active Member

    Yo feedback! Recently I have the completion of the guide quest, Armor of Morbius: Nebulous whatevers. Neat quest. Cool rewards. Heres my feedbacks:

    1.Finding Nebulous Nancy: Thats my favorite spiteweed gathering island! And it has a real use now! Score!

    2. Undead Rangah's, lets write on their skin: Good step.

    3. Inks: well, squids have quest feathers, and squids are made of ink. Some people had trouble realizing. The real problem is the extinction of squids in the Phantom Sea. Not enough squids! Generate x2 or x3 as many squids please!

    4. Book in Village: So very tiny... so very tiny... could it have a large particle effect? So very tiny. My friends words, like an ant. potion was fine.

    5. Printer: s'good.

    6. Newsies: There may be unwanted mechanics for this step. If game personel PM me I can be much more specific with how the unwanted functionality for newsie freedom/magic gathering is occuring.

    7. FINAL REWARD: awarded 5.2million personal status. wow. decimal place wrong there? Maybe, Maybe. Pack is nice, title nice, blam. I was happy, but the status seemed kind of high.
  13. Azomonas Active Member

    On which server did the guide event take place?
  14. ElectricPotato Active Member

  15. Lizabethan Active Member

    Bumping this because people are asking for this information. THANK YOU!
  16. lostinIL New Member

    Stuck on step 6..finding the Newsies..any clues for us where they might be? in Phantom Seas or in the world major cities?
  17. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I'm on step 3. Can the squids be either in TS or PS or do they need to get them in PS? None of the squids that I've found have any quest feathers on them. The rangers did have them.
  18. Kruggan New Member

    How do you get the quest?
  19. Lizabethan Active Member

    Gonna make a new thread in this and the Quest section of the forums to try to help people out. Will try to post to Zam when I figure out their system.
  20. Lizabethan Active Member

    The new guide quest, Nebulous Newsies, hit servers a few days ago. Due to the great 66 slot bag reward and the 5 million status given upon completion, people have been clamoring for information on how to do this. Here's my guide, with props to for helping get me started. This will be posted to Zam as soon as I can get in contact with their people.

    A few Q&As first:

    1) How do I get this?
    - A guide, or player volunteer (different than a GM), is going to become an NPC and give you this quest in Cardin Ward in the Obol Plains. You need to be 95+, and they will advertise in RP-speak (something like "someone come help me, I just have to get these spirits to the Ethernere) in either General or High_Level chat. For more information on WHEN these player volunteers will be visiting your server, or to request they run it for you, please see your server-specific thread under Guide and Player Events on these forums.

    2) How else can I find the objectives for this quest?
    EQ2Maps has been updated with many of the waypoints. They look like red books, and upon mouseover will say "for the quest Nebulous Newsies".

    3) Why does this say "Kael Drakkel"?
    That's a typo. This quest will take place in Phantom Sea, major cities, and return to Obol Plains, hence the high level requirement.

    4) Can I be a low level and group with a max level for this?
    The mobs have a hard AOE hit and are level ~103 in some places, so I'd advise against that. You can, however, have multiple high levels from your guild run this and turn it in at once for a massive surge in guild levels.

    Onto the quest:

    1) Find Naylie in Phantom Sea (-43.62, 30.85, 961.09)

    2) Kill undead rangers at (181, 55, 900) for vellum

    3) Get ink from savage entanglers, east coast off Kithicor island, around (-33.70, 6, 369.68). If you cannot find entanglers, switch instances.

    4) Visit the village of Ghorkaal on Kithicor Island, (860.37, 33.02, 903.18)

    5) In one of the buildings in Ghorkaal, find a very small (smaller than a gnome foot) black book on the right side of the bookcase at the back of the building, (802.99, 46.22, 930.96).

    6) Find a vial of pure ethereal magic in Ghorkaal, (821.20, 51.33, 857.08).

    7) Return to Naylie.

    8) Locate Highpass, (768.52, 328.24, 104.0) or anywhere along that path to Castle Highhold - works best to fly along east coast and come in behind Castle Highhold to avoid being knocked down.

    9) Find the printer at (524.98, 351.59, -82.91). Click multiple times (10-15) for update.

    10) Return to Naylie.

    11) Look for spirits of the lost Newsies in major cities and pick up their residual magic residue. Make sure to click on the ground spawn after they are released.
    *You can ask guards for “newsie” here.
    Pendair in Qeynos: (567.68, -17.11, 272.76)
    Casiopiea Dorfwife in Qeynos (787.30, -23.22, 103.61)
    Melenkurion the Mischevious in Kelethin (178.4, 111.44, 93.59)
    Semiramis the Wise in Kelethin (431.80, 138.35, 246.84)
    Shanta d'Elfie in Kelethin (261.57, 126.88, 280.18)
    Mistigris the Enigmatic in Halas (-341.65, 181.90, -215.30)
    Ozymandius the Traveler in Halas (117.30, 152.34, 14.28)

    12) Return to Naylie.

    13) Find Naylie in Cardin Ward (-335.97, 15.43, 21.56).
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