New Expansion to bring Sub-class specific abilities. Guardian and Berserker AA's will Split

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Silelwen, May 2, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Jvaloth Guest

    Guardian wannabe class? I dont think so. I'd wager to say Guardians wannabe zerkers.
    If you read the manual as you stated you did, you'd have known you'd be getting a plate wearing dps class when you chose Zerker. I think we still qualify with that initial description of the class. MTing on raids I can do 425 dps w/ defensive based AA's. When I was maxed out on the STR/Crit lines I was doing 600+ consistantly.
    Not sure why you are complaining about the class? Zerkers are extremely versatile and really fun to play. And they most definately CAN maintank raids. I think the reason people throw the Guardian in as MT is because they offer nothing else to a raid force but tanking. They can't DPS that well so you have to put em somewhere right? Its only natural that ya put the guardian in MT role and allow the more versatile class to flourish in whatever roll is needed.

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  2. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    I'm totally fine with that opinion. I do want to add that they were supposed to originally put plate into the game. I was one of the top worldwide armorers and there was initially a big fear that vanguard was going to be pulled from pallies, berserkers, sks, templars, and inquisitors. They were supposed to be plate, it just didn't make it into beta because of the rush. They later must of determined it was to much work to create other armor for the other classes, since the original design was supposed to be vanguard was only for guardians and Vanguard was supposed to be the best protection armor of all types of armor, which obviously would be like looking at EQ1 and the class 'Warrior' armor was always much better AC compared to all other classes.
    Also the problem with being the jack-of-all-trades, or versatile, is it usually means you are the master of nothing. I'll be completely honest, I thought berserkers damage would be on par with Monks. Monks give up Mitigation for high Avoidance, Berserkers give up high avoidance for great mitigation. The way this plays out in EQ1, monks are great group tanks, but the second the mobs start hitting for half their health, is the second they can no longer tank. I am rl friends with the 2nd worldwide top monk in EQ1 (an actual major accomplisment in an MMO) and he can tank all kinds of [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn], except when it comes to major raid items as his avoidance is great but a couple bad rolls and he is wiped. Difference is warriors can take the blows. Well that's a different game, who would ever want to talk about EQ1 in EQ2, what a dumb fooker I must be.
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  3. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    You do know the the Manaul has been changed right? Thats what you can download a brand new version of it that wasnt released with the game. The description of a Berserker used to be inflicts heavy damage to multiple enemies, no where in there did it mention one thing about wearing heavy Vangaurd armor.
    Berserkers who played in Beta then moved onto Live once it was released didnt even know they could wear Plate armor until they reached lvl 20, it was a ninja change NO ONE knew about until discovered. You have been seriously misinformed.
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  4. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    This is your whole problem Bremer, stop putting words into peoples mouths.
    Your afraid of change Bremer, admit it. What i do hope for is that we get put in our rightful place.
    Juggernaut and Open Wounds are clear examples of what we are meant to be. Has to make you wonder what future CA's will bring to us when they up the tiers right Bremer?
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Guardians get with 65 a spell which lowers avoidance and inflicts damage on the target. So Guardians are supposed to be dds and debuffer Aonein?
  6. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    But they can do it while tanking and it doesnt effect there tanking ability.

    Obliterate Master I

    Decreases Deflection and Defense of target by 62
    Inflicts 815 - 1359 melee damage on target
    Decreases Parry of target by 62

    Recast timer of 1 min, 10 second duration and cannot be parried, deflected, riposted or blocked.

    Juggernaut Master I

    Increases Melee Crit Chance of caster by 27%
    Decrease Defense of Caster by 39
    Decrease mitigation of caster vs crushing, piercing, heat, magic, divine, disease and posion damage by 1300
    All combat arts have their base damage increased
    Decrease Parry of caster by 39
    Decrease Mitigation of caster vs slashing and cold damage by 1300
    This ability can only be used while Berserk!

    Recast timer of 3 mins, duration 24 seconds. All attacks made during this period can be parried, deflected, riposted and blocked.

    Now which one do think serves a DPS stance more then tanking?

    The whole point here is, Guardians can use theirs while tanking, we can also, but have to be warded constantly, in a group i can use it np with a decent healer or warder, try using it on a raid while tanking though. Guardians can use thiers safely without a worry in the world. We cant, ours is made for DPS.
  7. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    That's exactyly why juggernaut absolutely sucks and (almost) nobody uses it and whoever designed this spell isn't very capable of spell design.
    (And both aren't really tanking spells.)
  8. ARCHIVED-Tristor70 Guest

    Calm down ladies, your berserkers.....start acting like it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Jvaloth Guest

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  10. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    Maybe your just not capabale of accepting the direction they want to take Berserkers, instead of doing it in one big almighty LU like they did change so many things in LU13 in one big giant leap, there doing it little bit by little bit now, not just this class but ALL classes.
    Take a look at it from this perspective, they removed the complete arch type system, some can argue that the system will still remain in the back ground with no arch type system, im one to not believe they will contuine with this and they will go with more defined stand alone classes over time, look at the CA's we get compaired to Guardians. Sure we get the basics as they do, but there more defined into the role of taking damage, we are more defined into the roll of giving damage. Compare our Buff set with thiers.
    Its really not hard to look at the boarder side of things other then just looking at what you think the class should be or will be, in any case, i dont really care how we turn out, i can fill a DPS postion just as good as i can fill a Tank postion, it makes no difference to me. Thats the beauty i love about htis class, the ability to be flexiable and versatile.
  11. ARCHIVED-pashtuk Guest

    Normaly I prefer to just read the forum and think my stuf about the posts writen, in this case I think I throw in my opinion.
    I play a 70 Zerker, created on november 2004 so nearly at the start of the game. I also play a Raid MT on our Casual Raiding Guild (twice a week, T7 and T6). I took every nerf we got, most of them are ok (Blood Rage was too uber, LU13 made the Class more interessting, even with less Hitpoints and less Haste, and so on), some not but thats no problem.
    With LU13 we got the possiblity to be the MT on Raids, on nearly the same step as Guardians and honestly, thats what I except from the Berserker. Why? Cause we are one side of a medal where the Guardians are the other side. Like Bruisers are to Monks, Swashies are to brigands and so on. Every Class differs somewhat compared to the one on the other side but in the end you can compare them.
    If SOE wants the Berserker to be "just" a Group Tank and mainly Melee DPS, they should put us somewhere else in the tree of the classes and not right next to the Guardian. Cause to be put in next to guardians means that we are somewhat equal to guardians and not totaly different.
    I dont care about the fantasy style Berserker, where they fought like madman until they got killed. Its not a fantasy story its game that has its own line (good or bad, thats another discussion). If they make a class system where always 2 sides of a medal are around, they should stick to it. Guardians and Berserkers are still diferent cause they do stuff in a slightly different way.
    If they gonna change the Berserker to not be able to MT on Raids anymore, EQ2 has died for me. Happily this will happen when there are some serious alternatives to EQ2. And just to be honest, Raid Tanking for some mobs and others not is not a real alternative, since raids are supposed to hold a maximum of 24 players, do you want to have a pool of 6 Tanks on every raid? Or do you want to wait until they can use us as a tank? Great idea...
    just my 2 coppers
  12. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    The only thing is our subclass coin system is completely different than all others. Unlike monks/bruisers, etc. We have the choice good or evil. Take this and ponder exactly why the devs did this to our classes? PvP was never an after thought, our entire game design shows the considerations.
  13. ARCHIVED-ParlMoebius Guest

    Good Gods people!!!

    I could swear I was on the Templar boards!
  14. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Lu24 will fix intercepts, so now Guardians can do again their job and put Sentry Watch on the Beserker mt to reduce received damage :smileytongue:
  15. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    I want you to stop and think about who would make a better MT with a Guardian buffing them while using their group and single target Interception skills they get.

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