New Ethereals is disappointing for Tank/Healer

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Rainmare, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The difficulty with heals is that all non-warding healers are capped out on effectiveness since toon power has increased far in excess of hitpoints. No amount of potency for the healer is going to keep a toon alive (w/o wards) if the incoming hits are bigger then hitpoint pools. This leaves non-shaman in the position of having zero ways to improve their healing.
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  2. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I always thought a cool ethereal effect for priests would be non-ward heals applying temporary max HP buffs (percentage if not boosted by healers stats) on their targets. Groups heals giving a smaller amount than ST heals.
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  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    While I like the idea in theory, the problem I have it that it, literally, makes a toon able to keep people alive when a toon without has zero chance of keeping that same people alive... it wouldn't be a case of 'easier with' as 'impossible without' and, for me, that's a problem... at least for items that aren't something that ever toon can absolutely get if they put the time into it. The ethereal tokens are limited time, limited options as opposed to something like the orginal epic/mythical weapon timelines.
  4. Scalo Active Member

    What do you mean exactly? Unless I'm missing something, all the mobs with 1-shot damage are either scripted to so, so you need a stoneskin/temp (like tepids, kilug, mc mobs), or do so because players fail to follow the script (like uzulu, maknok, etc). For anything heroic, my alt tanks with 20k mit, 150 block and 5-6m hp do not even need to temp most of the time... if i have any decent healer o_O
    Or did you mean non-tank classes which can, but have little incentive to wear +hp gear, and so they die like fleas, because there is such an enormous gap in hp and mit, due to jewelry with mit being so popular for tanks only and never otherwise? That jewelry should be scrapped alltogether.
  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I'm not talking about the easier zones. And players should not have to have a second set of max hitpoint gear 'just in case' they have a non-shaman healer. Also, in the past, if tanks had a gap in their rotation, there was the opportunity for non-shaman to fill the gap with stoneskins, death saves, etc... the damage incoming is so high so much of the time that most of the time (for non-shaman) the tank is either full health or dead. If you DO see the tank dip, there is almost never time to toss anything before they die. In the past I had time, if I was fast, to patch the occasional rotation hole.
    Also, many players just 'assume' there are wards up. Scourge Keep for instance, against the formations of orcs... dps just lights off with AoEs before the mobs move.. with a shaman, they can survive, without a shaman they are greasy smears in the dirt. Also there is a difference between huge hits and lots of damage. I solo healed MC and people weren't power-draining the last name so my heal parse was insanely high. That was lots of damage, but the hits weren't bigger then hitpoint pools so I kept the group alive and we suceeded. If the hits had been bigger then hitpoint pools I'd have been SoL... but I shaman could have done it...
  6. Elowith Active Member

    Do you folks think that any of the ethereal adorns are worth the coins for healers? I haven't seen anything posted about just how much they do, and 90 coins is quite an expensive experiment.
  7. Healious Active Member

    If your a shaman you want the reset rune.
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  8. Scalo Active Member

    And what is the hard content? MC/SK? You dont even need a healer there except for the last name. Just keep using temps.

    Yes, shamans make it easier, thought mostly for the rest of group. But actually I prefer them not (!) - especially in pugs, when things go really bad and all but me are down, I appreciate the self-rez of other healers.

    I understand our experiences may vary and I know why you're seeing this problem. Trust me, any tank can fix it with some practice of temps, enough HP, potency and heroic gear. If you can't believe... we'll I should send you a video and make yoy a true believer.
  9. Elowith Active Member

    Oddly, not all healers are shamen. Has anyone not a shaman had any experience with the runes?
  10. Fletch Active Member

    Switch to a shaman, it's what DB wants. Sorry just a little bitter that wards have become ridiculously more powerful than other heal types. The runes aren't really useful for other priest classes. Just get the jewelry for more pot so you can do more DPS or overheal by more if that is your thing.
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  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I realize that. With a shaman, the tank doesn't have to have a perfect rotation. Without a shaman, if the tank has a small hole or even lags at the wrong time, they're dead.

    I HAVE solo healed both MC and SK several times, with a tank I've run with for years. Near perfect rotation and defensive gear required when I solo heal, offensive gear and no rotation required except on final names when shaman is present.

    If you're not a shaman, you aren't keeping your tank alive, they're keeping themselves alive, because only shaman have tools to keep tanks alive right now on the tough fights :(

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