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Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Virrago, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I shouldn't have mentioned it in this thread.
  2. ARCHIVED-Chronia Guest

    Please see bugs listed here�
    The above linked thread was started a day BEFORE the current thread existed. It would've been nice if instead of locking the thread and making those who posted in this thread repost if you could've just MOVED the thread into this one instead.
    Others who posted in the above thread may repost if they like however, here is a repost of my original starting post from the above linked thread was as follows:
    Not sure if these have been pointed out yet, but here are a few bugs I've noted so far:
    Paperdolls: Not sure if anyone else has this bug, but one of my characters shows her cloak as though it has been copy/pasted from a screen shot to the side of the pic at an odd angle. None of my other characters do this. It looks stupid. Not sure if this is because that particular character uses a marketplace cloak or not. It should be fix though so that the cloak does not show in the wya it presently does. Also the same character, her icon on the drop down list of my charcters is looking downard when all the rest are looking straight ahead. Why? Again looks stupid. These might be asthetic but it should be fixed.
    Selected Character: Even when I have character A selected and am viewing chracter A's stats and items and whatnot it still shows character B (icon and name) in the upper left corner (the drop down list). This is confusing and it should show the character icon for the character you are currently viewing (if it is your own), and not default to one particualr character.
    Discoveries: Where are they? In the old eq2players there was a list to show server and world discoveries each character holds. On the new site this seems to be absent. Please add it back in.
    Viewing Characters other than your own: There appears to be no way of doing this except by "comparing" What if I don't want to compare and want to view that person's achievements, alts, gear, etc? There isn't a way to do that presently that I've been able to find. When you search another player's name it automatically compares that character to your own. If there is a way to do this without "comparing" then it is well hidden and shouldn't be.
    Also just another aesthtic point and this is not a bug but my own oppinion, the site is too dark. Even the old EQ2players did not use as dark a colour scheme. Granted the old EQ2players did used a drak scheme the new one is a fair bit darker. It would be nice if it was a bit brighter.
    In addition to the above original post, the timeout from the site is FAR too short, and honeslty serves no purpose. Don't time us out if we're idle for only a couple minutes. If we leave the site up and logged in then step away from the keys to get a snack or some other reason then we come back a couple minutes later (and I do mean a couple minutes) the session has expired and we have to log in again. Honestly there's no point in having a session expiry. if there must be one make it at least 30 minutes of inactivity before have it expire and forcibly ejecting us from the site so that we have to log in again.
  3. ARCHIVED-Virrago Guest

    Chronia wrote:
    Agreed. Ideally it would have been nice to merge all the posts already posted into this thread but our forums are the best at that. What would have happened is that the posts merged into this thread that were posted before I posted this one would have appeared first. Meaning it wouldn't have looked like an SOE name started this thread but had replied inside it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    I'm missing char age, my other alts are not visible (why?), discoveries missing, search function for chars and guilds (and recruiter information for guilds with webpage link if possible!) and bug: on Firefox the AA calculator never stops loading for me.
    Edit: And equippment and such does not show who crafted it - or the adornment slots and what is in it.
  5. ARCHIVED-shir0gitsune Guest

    When I load the "Achievements" tab at the bottom of the page, the Achievements listed seem to have no connection to the character I'm currently viewing. Every one of them displays Achievements that they haven't acquired.
  6. ARCHIVED-PallorTheSilent Guest

    I can't even get into the site.
    When I take the link from the fourms, I get a page titled about:blank that continues to try and load.
    When I type into IE I get taken to a page that asks for my station UN and PW.
    When I type in my UN and PW, it takes me back to the same page asking for my UN and PW.
    This will continue to happen over and over, and I won't ever get into the site.
  7. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    I gave the site a bit to stew (ie get some of the initial kinks worked out so it was smoother)

    As of playing around with it a bit today here are some things I noticed:
    You can not see the actual damage stats on your weapons. That is a particularly useful tidbit of information that is left out.
    The "rankings" are not descriptive enough for you do more than make an educated guess as to what they actually mean (other than the deaths one). Most kills? Does that mean how many times I've gotten the killing blow? Max magic/melee hits, is that the numerical value of the highest hit I have gotten? Number of melee hits I've tossed out? Is it the number of max damage hits? What does it actually mean? As a side note, if it's the numerical value of the highest hit, it is showing incorrect numbers.
    There should be a lot more things added to the rankings section. The old old site had quite a few things that were fun to compare such as # of quests completed, highest HP, even stuff like number of rares harvested, not even to mention discoveries.
    If I try to look at the AA calculator it results in things bugging out with a red error message stating "Communication with the server failed: Render queue error in SetupRender[Character:aatreetabcontent.aatree.loop_0]: Failure reading parameter 'source' of component Character:aatreetabcontent.aatree.loop_0: Property 'adventureClass' (within property expression 'adventureClass.alternateAdvancementTrees', of is null"
    I get that no matter what character I try to check them on.

    OH also when looking at your alt list & guild roster you can not sort by tradeskill level. While it might not seem important to some people, it is far more important that "world" to most. I'd certainly like to be able to see which guildmates are what level in what crafting skills and to be able to sort my alts by trade.
  8. ARCHIVED-DragonHearted99 Guest

    Using IE 9, have been to the new site a few times. Always end up with cannot communicate with server xxx redbox messages. I would hope that you all can resolve this soon, otherwise it is just another broken feature in an already long list of issues with this game /sadface
  9. ARCHIVED-Rhyasha Guest

    Trying to access today and getting an error page:


    Click here to restart.$N

    Clicking to restart does absolutely nothing.
    Originally clicked on the "My characters" link from the home page, logged in already.
    Edit: Using Chrome version 17.0.963.83 m
  10. ARCHIVED-Qanyena Guest

    from 1 account I login and shows characters just fine from the other account I get the Error has occurred issue this has been happening for about 4 days now.
  11. ARCHIVED-Qanyena Guest

    Most the time my other account just returns that page. For a few days it was actually working. One account actually just pops right up. I won't be using SoEs site I'll actually use the other character site since at least it seems to work without issue. SoE its clear you busted the site and can't even give us ideas yet it just went beta not long ago?
  12. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Bugs that are new to me since the last time I used the site:
    1) Most of the 'sort' buttons on all the pages have the broken X and no actual button with a label now.
    2) Clicking on the "achievements" button takes you to which is an AA calculator.
    3) Sometimes it does not pull up the character you actually clicked on. For example right now I'm trying to access my level 90 warlock I was just on maybe 15-20 minutes ago and it keeps pulling up either my illusionist or my assassin instead.
    Further observations:
    Things still seem to be loading pretty slowly (at least the first couple of times you access an area of the site after each log in).
    Switching between characters loads slow always and if you have many alts & are switching between them for whatever reason, the site will sometimes just stick while loading.
    The character listing method is pretty unfriendly to people with more than a handful of alts. There is no apparent rhyme or reason for the order they are listed in. The order sometimes changes for no apparent reason while you are on the site. The list shows whichever character happens to be at the top of it no matter which character you have actually selected from the list, which while it has no effect on the function of the site is visually unpleasant & could be confusing for some.
  13. ARCHIVED-monkeygroin666 Guest

    My main character does not show up on the page, instead my alt is the main one showed and I dont see how I can change it, is there something I can do to change what toon shows up first on page or am I stuck with the alt
  14. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    Virrago wrote:
    Site doesn't function at all in IE9.
    Alternately I get
    Script errors at the top that go away before I can 'copy' them and only a link menu down the side of the page that doesn't function.
    Some of it works in IE8, but is gosh awful slow compared to another site accessing same data thatdoes work on IE9 and IE8
  15. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I just checked out EQ2Players and I can no longer view my main character Feldon, only alts.

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