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Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Virrago, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Virrago Guest

    Hello everyone,
    We would like everyone to post any issues you find in this thread. This will make it easier for our team to keep track and collect them.
  2. ARCHIVED-Virrago Guest

    Here is what we've collected from other posts so far:

    • Click portrait - the X to close is often not visible on screen, with NO page scroll bars. Fix: Resize screen then X to close is visible.
    • Under portrait - Click Up arrow. Guild : xxx line.. Select your guild. You get Communication with server error in red at top of screen.
    • Item Tool tip displays item name. Select item. Many missing or added fields that do not correspond to actual in-game item.
      • Need more Information about this one
    • Paperdolls: Not sure if anyone else has this bug, but one of my characters shows her cloak as though it has been copy/pasted from a screen shot to the side of the pic at an odd angle.
    • Selected Character: Even when I have character A selected and am viewing character A's stats and items and whatnot it still shows character B (icon and name) in the upper left corner (the drop down list). This is confusing and it should show the character icon for the character you are currently viewing (if it is your own), and not default to one particular character.
  3. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Auto-logout timer is way too short. It should be made to be at least as long as the forum value.
  4. ARCHIVED-Virrago Guest

    The web team is watching the forums, and some of the bugs mentioned there have already been fixed. Also, we are aware of the issue where the session times out after 5 minutes, and a fix is in progress.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mavolcano Guest

    returned from a short break, found the EQ2Players Website and well.....
    Browser: Firefox
    All files updated (recently too)
    Space save for additional info...

    The aa calculator may at times return a red box error... I was logged on as Gnomstradomous in EQ2 (and yes he is a Gnome... just saying in advance) and at the same time was accessing EQ2Players. When I went on to check said Gnomey's build it returned a red box error (more info coming soon!) I don't know if being logged into a toon while accessing him/her on EQ2Players really makes a difference but it is worth looking into.
    The Search feature for players, guilds, servers etc. returns a red box error similar to the aa calculator.. I only got as far as reading "timeout error" and "connection failed" before the little red box disappeared... I'll look for that info as well.
    The Compare characters feature seems relatively buggy.. Especially when comparing two alts... i.e. I clicked on Gnomstradomous (GNOME!!!) and then went into the player alts tab and selected Mavejerbal. After finishing the comparison I hit the "Stop Comparing" button but the only thing it did was return me back to the page comparing both said toons after refreshing the page.
    More bugs otw for certain....

    Add a search feature to the compare characters window for better access and results!!!
    Add a feature to link characters aa builds to EQ2Players from in-game toons!!!!
    Add a bio page!!! (For Roleplaying)
    More suggestions otw... COUNT ON IT!!!!
  6. ARCHIVED-HaCkHaCkER Guest

    signature code needs to be brought back!
  7. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Look at a toon not your own. Click on the guild for the other toon. It shows you the information on the guild YOUR toon is in, not the guild of the toon the 'other persons' character is in
  8. ARCHIVED-Sty Frost Guest

    no way to compare if you do not have a name to compare with!!!
    Game Wide Comparison
    Server Wide Comparison
    Class Comparison
    Level Comparison
    and combination of class and level server comparison
    I think achievments was introduce to the game so you can see how you compare to others in differnt areas.
    since it was introduced I have never seen any way to use it for comparison.
  9. ARCHIVED-WanyenII Guest

    Virrago wrote:
    Bug: Using a forum thread to track bugs. I know you can only do what they let you, and publishing bugs that are of a security concern adds unnecessary awareness and exposure, but it sure would be nice if the bug tracking software was pushed public, or semi-public with it requiring forum/game credentials to read and add notes, data, and/or screen captures if necessary or helpful.
    Of course, it should go without saying, something like that would be nice for actual game issues too (that require or attract no debate). But that I know would be a severe stretch.
  10. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    Not all characters show up and it seems random as to what it picks. It would be nice to be able to choose which characters you want on EQ2players and which ones you do not when on the site. (Similar to the little checkmark on the profile for forums.) I don't necessarily need nor do I want my slot counters taking up space on, yet they are all there. i would like my real characters to be there and most of them are not. it was not decided by when i last logged in or that i have not logged in the characters lately. its been a really long time since i logged in the slot counters but i logged in all of my real characters within the past week.
    i use drums ui and the screen shot that amnerys posted on how to add/update/etc did not apply to drums. even if it did, i have no desire to log in all those characters to fix who shows up there and who does not. be so much better to do it right there on the website.

    it is not easy to find someone else's characters. i had to compare one of my slot counters to find someone's character that was not one of mine.
  11. ARCHIVED-Grumpy_Warrior_01 Guest

    First of all, thank you:
    * This site loads very fast, responses are fast. Everything happens inside the page frames instead of reloading the whole window every time. Huge improvement over the old site.
    * Everything looks harmonious, on-brand, modern, really puts the player's characters in the spotlight.
    * No Station Cash ads, current event links, flashy tooltips, animated slideshows cluttering everything up. Major kudos on making this a quiet and focused site instead of a 3-ring circus.

    1. When selecting the various rankings (most deaths by a player, most kills, etc.) manually closing the result panels frequently causes them to get confused as to whether they should be open or closed. This requires a variable number of clicks to get the selected pane to open back up, and the other panes to minimize automatically. Suggestion: don't allow manually collapsing a ranking panel by clicking its title bar.
    2. It was my understanding that I would be able to view all of my characters when logged into my account, yet only the ones exposed using the in-game EQII Share checkbox are showing up in the dropdown.
    3. Advanced Search. When I check the "Advanced" search checkbox and choose a category from the dropdown, the search pane on the right-hand side always appears collapsed initially. This requires an extra, unnecessary step of clicking the minimized titlebar to reveal the search widgets. Suggestion: either display all advanced search category panels at once with min/max bars similar to the rankings, or expose the selected search panel automatically.
    4. The graphical character mugshot selection dropdown is a few pixels too small in both directions, which causes unnecessary scrollbars to appear. (Using IE9 with 3 characters in the list.)
    5. Character results on the upper part of the page, except for items and appearance items, are too far down the page. To reproduce this, load a character which will default to the "items" result pane on the right-hand side. The black background aligns with the middle "character overview" menu tree. Now click any of the other choices in the middle tree menu (Power and Health, Melee Mitigation, etc.) and the entire right-hand results panel drops about 20 pixels too low.
    This is not major in itself, although another issue arises from it. The Beastlord Warder results panel does not cover up the previous item results like the other panels do. To reproduce this, load a Beastlord, which will default to the list of "items" in the right-hand pane. Now click Warders in the tree, then choose a warder. The items pane is still partially visible behind the warder results. (Using IE9. I do not have Firefox.)
    6. This is an observation, not a bug: The generic search box is super-nice, in that you no longer have to choose whether you are searching for an item, a character, etc. But the search results always start with the character panel open, even when there are zero results in the character category. Obviously this is going to be wrong a certain percentage of the time. Suggestion: return all four categories collapsed and let the user click to open the desired results category.
  12. ARCHIVED-ClawsDragonkin Guest

    Sty Frost wrote:
    These are the comaprisons I miss most from the old EQ2 search. I can't see myself using the new My Players if it is still missing this function. I looked into EQ2flames and EQ2wire ranking system but they are not better and worse in many areas.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gladiolus Guest

    The AA calculator has a session timeout before I'm halfway through the first page, then I have to log in again and start over. When that happened the third time while still on the first page, I gave up on that for the time being.
    In general the pages look very good, pretty charts and so on. However that font is very skinny with little space between the letters and having everything then in uppercase means the words like CHARACTER INFO and APPEARANCE ITEM have the same shape and are difficult to read. It's not the size of the font that's a problem but the shape and style.
  14. ARCHIVED-saneng23 Guest

    Communication with the server failed: Render queue error in SetupRender[Character:aatreetabcontent.aatree.loop_0]: Failure reading parameter 'source' of component Character:aatreetabcontent.aatree.loop_0: Property 'adventureClass' (within property expression 'adventureClass.alternateAdvancementTrees', of is null. Get this when trying to use AA calculator and when searching just for class of toons.
  15. ARCHIVED-Grumpy_Warrior_01 Guest

    If the game is going to update character stats while mentored, would it be possible to update the mentored level at the same time? I logged out as level 90 (20) and the various character stats reflect this, but the level still says 90. I would prefer not to send any automatic updates at all while mentored (or dead) since mentored stats are not very meaningful, but I'm sure someone will chime in and tell me I should just uncheck the box every time I decide to mentor.
  16. ARCHIVED-Jaxl Guest

    My Toon is here:

    1. It seems that my toon "Jaxyl" is listed twice in my character list, its not reasonable to list toons that are on Test Copy - this server should be ommitted.
    2. The fade effect on the AA calculator is really annoying when you switch between popups, loose it or make it a faster
    3. It seems that trying to sort spells on the spells tab is broken:
    Communication with the server failed: Render queue error in SetupRender[Character:spelltabcontent.spelllist.list.grid]: Root object of property expression 'level' is null.
    4. The fade on the spell effects popups is too slow, it should be pretty quick... effects are cool, but you have to use them sparingly..
  17. ARCHIVED-Kreton Guest

    Are they going to add disco information on items/players? It was interesting to see who disco'd something WW and per server.
  18. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Kreton wrote:
    I know the info is available in the data feeds, so technically it should be possible for them to add it. However keep in mind this info is more or less acurrate now, due to the numerous server merges, character transfers, etc...
  19. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I can't speak for EQ2Players, but on my site...
    Adding Discovery information on items will happen soon.

    Adding Item Discoveries to characters will be less soon, because we have to do 18 queries to find every item you've discovered on every server your character has ever been on.

    Unless we show discoveries on your character on your current server, and then have a "Don't Press the Red Button" that searches the other servers.
  20. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    You should specify you are referring to EQ2U, as the thread is about EQ2Players. Unless they ninja'ed you to their side ;)

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