New computer with multi processors now what settings should I put eq2 to play?

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Levatino, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Levatino Active Member

    New computer but it seems my high end pc is not able to run eq2 did like my old onse. Can someone recommend me some settings I can put in options ti make it run better?
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  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    There's an article on graphics optimization you can start with. It explains what the various display settings do. Its basic premise is to start out with moderate settings then tweak them upwards until you either stop getting better graphics, or the setting starts to degrade performance.
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  3. Rotchi Active Member

    The only real option to make EQ2 run better on high settings is to have a hyper thread processor that you overclock like crazy.
    Make sure you have a good cooling system before you try to overclock.

    Even then, the game will still lag due to server lag.. nothing you can do about that.

    Edit: Forgot, you can play around with your gfx cards post-processing settings, it can do miracles on how EQ2 looks.
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  4. Gkarx Member

    I run wiith everything maxed except pc names(set to mouse over) and particles (set to minimal, I don’t want or need to see everyone else’s spell effects) and mounts turned off

    Monitor is a LG 34” ultra wide
    EVGA 1070 SC
    Intel 8600k
    Asus RoG Strix MB(hind sight probably could have chosen better)
    Samsung MVe 960 SSD
    Corsair 100Hi cpu cooling

    Upgraded video card recently from a 960 GTX, with in the same system, Qeynos GH was getting around 40 fps, other zones typicall was around 60.
    With the 1070 when I first installed I was hitting 140fps, got all excited, has since averaged out to about 60, all other zones ranges from 60-120fps
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  5. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    CPU Processor speed is everything for this game.

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  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Seek time is also important... switching to a solid state hard drive sped up my game performance quite a bit.
  7. Momo Well-Known Member

    How can anyone possibly survive without those! Have some nutty lab PCs at work where a switch isnt possible - I swear I die in agony every time just booting them o_O
  8. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Some of us remember no internet, and only using cassette tapes to save our work.
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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I do! I do! :D

    I also remember trying (operative word) to play this game on dial-up for a connection...oh, stop laughing. ;->

    I did okay for the longest time with my beloved WinXP, but with the Art Dept. (yes, I blame them) getting more and more demanding, it got so I couldn't even get into my own house, let alone a guild hall that wasn't taking pity on older boxes. And this was way before they did the decorating split of House Items/Building Blocks. :-/

    I've still got my beloved Win7 (Home Edition, dang it; yep, hindsight is 20/20), with DSL (finally recently tweaked the settings on our router; that's another thing you can try, Levatino, especially if you share the network in your house with others), a fairly generic NVidia card (don't ask me for particulars 'cause I don't know, but we haven't swapped it out since we built our Win7 that I recall), and I think more than one core (probably have to be, nowadays).

    I often get double-digit FPS, which is nice, but since I don't raid or even really do much dungeon-crawling at all, unless they're green or lower to me, I don't really care. I do like that I'm able to get into just about anyplace nowadays, no matter how packed it is, and ever since re-configuring our router, my packet loss is way down, almost always at the default 0 it should be at. ;->

    There are some things I don't have turned on, like Shadows, Flora, or Specular Lighting during rain; other than that, I do okay with the graphic settings I have, which is probably Medium->Low-End High (if that makes sense).

    who'd prefer a setting to shut OFF any rain... :-/
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  10. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    5.25" floppy disks FTW!!!
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    When we had satellite modem, I once pulled all of Halls of Fate, down to the dragon, by lagging just inside the door. My group watched in horror as they all came and ate my face them went away without bothering anyone else. It was like I had a slab of bacon attached to my rear end, as one fellow charmingly noted.
  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Cassette tapes Oh My what about 8 tracks LOL. I remember the first windows that you had that great big disc to install. And there were games you could actually play on DOS. O yea my first game I ever played was Pong. Ah the good old days.
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I always preferred the text-based games for DOS. ;->

    Getting back to your original question, Levantino, I think yeah, start with basic mid-range stuff and tweak up and down. You'll get a result of "Custom" in your in-game graphic settings, but as long as you know what it means, you should be fine. ;->

    Unless you'll be doing a ton of decorating, you probably won't need Shadows or Flora (grass and other plants sticking up through your designs; usually not an issue if you're doing houses in the cities :-/), and those tend to add to the load. I actually do decorating and crafting, mostly, and I still don't have those two turned on. If folks visit my places, I generally recommend they turn off their Flora, too. ;->

    When you're juggling your graphics, make sure you have the Options (Alt+O, default) set to Advanced; that way, you can see all the stuff that might be "cluttering up" the place, or something you want. :)

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  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I use GPU shadows, and it adds to the three-dimensionality of the world outside of my decorating projects. I hate having Flora on... it hides shinies!
  15. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Why yes ! I had a Sinclair ZX-81 back in the day, one kilobyte of ram. Cassette interface to save and load, 7 minutes.

    Anyway, I doubt EQ/EQ2 is written to handle multi-core CPUs.
  16. Noctew Active Member

    Originally it wasn't - EQ2 was programmed when the "hot sh*t" (in more than one sense) were Intel "Prescott" Pentium 4 processors. 3.6 GHz, single core. EQ2 barely managed to run well with medium settings on one of those. But it was fine, Intel already had announced that soon(tm) they would have the P4 running at clockspeeds exceeding10 GHz, so almost three times faster. That would be enough even for max graphics settings.

    Except that is not what happened. Intel's P4 architecture which was designed for high clock speeds at the expense of everything else hit a wall at about 4 GHz clock speed which they could not exceed with regular cooling. What happened instead was a race between Intel and AMD about who could put the most cores on a desktop processor. So yay, hexa-core-processors...but the EQ2 engine was singlethreaded. D'oh! Only one core would be used, and back in the day processors did not even increase their clock speed if only one or two cores were in use.

    Realizing they could not rewrite the whole game engine to support multithreading, the EQ2 team just used helper threads where it made sense and where it was easy to retrofit them. Like when loading and preparing resources for a new zone; you'll notice the CPU load spikes then, only to go way down once loading is complete.

    Fortunately other CPU tech improvements by now allow EQ2 to run at max settings on any modern computer, as single core performance has improved a lot. It won't be silky smooth like Battlefield 1, but anyone who used to raid at 5 frames per second will appreciate it. :)
  17. Geroblue Well-Known Member

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  18. Levatino Active Member

    well sorry for not getting back earlier. Some RL stuff that was running my life.

    After posting my thread it was clear there was more wrong with my machine (faulty motherboard) got another one from the shop I bought it from with same specs and it's running very smoothly now even with single core..

    Yet I have used some of the tips given. I have turned off flora not that I couldn't run with it but more I couldn't see the shinies..
  19. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Shinies are the most important things
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