New computer for EQ2

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Marcus, Oct 6, 2023.

  1. Marcus New Member

    I was thinking of throw my older computer out and get a new one.

    Is there any specific part that need some extra focus when considering what to get?

    It is a old game but can i pretty much fet any desktop out there and it will work nice and smooth?
  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    I am using an Alienware R11, I think they are up to R14 now. Works just fine for EQ2 in Windows 11.

    At the time I brought the R11, video cards were over the top expensive, it was cheaper to buy a pre-assembled computer, than for me to build one as I have done in the past.
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  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    Almost every actual PC can execute EQ2. The higher the single core performance the better the framerates.

    EQ2 works even on a 150$ 12x12cm silent micro PC with i3-1000G4 at 3,2GHz . stable 30 fps but a better computer and 60 FPS makes more fun ;)
  4. kurghan Active Member

    Just preordered new xpansion and tried to get on beta and was told i need to make extra 25gb to do this, what do i delete to get this.
  5. Aquarius New Member

    Even a cheap computer will run EQ2 fine.
    But if you want to run it at high graphics settings, choose

    1) A CPU with high single-core performance.
    2) An SSD (to avoid stuttering when lots of textures are loaded).
  6. kurghan Active Member

    Looking to get new laptop with 16- 32 GB Memory and 1 TB storage and a Nvidea graphics card with at least 12 GB would this be overkill for running EQ2?
    Advice welcome
  7. Eyterra New Member

    Hello all. I have a new (2 years only) laptop ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX703HR. It is not bad machine by characteristics but when I start playing laptop starts to be very loudl and gets very hot. Nvidia GeForce3070 RTX. Changing the settings doesn't have much effect.
  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    The CPU tries to render 250 FPS.. you can limitate the rendering to 60 FPS. this helps to keep the CPU cool without any problems
  9. Eyterra New Member

    Thanks. I will try this.
  10. LordEgra New Member

    How this limiting could be done? Sorry, i am not advanced in computers, but i have issues with game - FPS are dropping to 0 than rising to around 200 and dropping down again. I did everything what Daybreak support proposed but did not solve the problem.
  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    EQ2 -> options (advanced mode) -> performance: There is a slider Maximum FPS

    And an important option using an intel high end CPU with performance and efficency cores is
    EQ2-> Hardware ->prefered CPU
    This is necssary to avoid EQ2 running on an E-core. But on most computers #31 is fine