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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Taivr, May 1, 2013.

  1. Taivr Member

    I would love to get appearance versions of the New Combine weapons and armor for each city (and the grey neutral), since these gear sets look nice and the options for obtaining them seem fairly limited. Emphasis on the weapons, they are just as varied as the armor, if we get one, it would be awesome to get both.

    Seems most classes can get the purple Neriak set from quest and collection rewards, other than Mages and Scouts who inexplicably get Kelethin green and Clerics who seem to occasionally get a red Freeport piece. And if there's any other ceremonial armor sets to go along with the Neriak and Kelethin leather crates that are available as quest rewards, they haven't been discovered yet according to EQ2Wire.

    Unrelated, but the new solo instance armor rewards look terrible.
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  2. sixx76 New Member

    I received the Soldier's Combine helm, chest, shoulders, & bracers as quest rewards but was a little surprised that the legs, boots, and gloves were not awarded during the series. I've seen the chest piece drop from the named wyvern in CS but none of the other nameds I've killed have dropped Combine pieces. I'd really like to finish the set - does anyone happen to know what named mobs or collects are needed?
  3. Arastir Member

    I was also surprised by this as well. I've killed a few of the named and gotten some Combine drops, but still no full suit. The drops are heirloom, so no chance of seeing them on the broker. I've only managed to finish the fishing collections so far, so I don't know if the other collections reward the missing pieces. I guess we can hope that they do, I'd love to get my hands on a full Combine suit.
  4. Taivr Member

    I've done all of the adventure quests, killed all of the nameds in Cobalt Scar that are not ^^^, and finished three or four of the collections that reward armor. I have not yet seen any leggings. Collection rewards so far have been helms, shoulders, gauntlets, and chest (not sure where this one came from, I think a collection) - all of which have been primarily purple options.
  5. Taysa Well-Known Member

    The greaves we (my friend and I, duoing) got from killing quest trash. It dropped from an ornate chest.
  6. Kander Developer

    Full sets of combine armor appearances are available via overland trash drops and collection quests.
  7. Taivr Member

    I have 3 combine chain coats, two are green, one is purple. Two of them are completely identical other than name (no-trade with exact same stats) and I'm pretty sure both are quest rewards. I have 3 different chain forearms, two green, one purple. I still haven't found any leggings or boots yet (working on killing trash while hunting shinies to see what I can get), which seems silly with the sheer amount of all the other slots I have.

    Would still love to see ceremonial versions of this stuff, especially since the vast majority of the armor is purple or green, other than the odd piece of red cleric plate, or the grey helms from the aerial collection.
  8. Malleria Well-Known Member

    In future it'd be awesome if collection rewards didn't overlap. Of the collections I've turned in so far I've gotten two identical stat shoulders, and two identical stat helms. Why is it necessary to have any collection give the same slot reward?
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  9. Taivr Member

    This, so much. If they were at least heirloom it would be understandable, but they are no-trade.

    Finally finished all of the collections in overland Cobalt Scar, of the final three: two rewarded pants (yay), one rewarded boots (also yay). But for the most part, all of the others had an almost duplicate reward from another collection (different colors).

    For people looking for boots and pants: Grotto Novelties rewarded the boots. Ulthork Novelties and Awakened Novelties awarded pants.

    And if anyone is curious, the reward from Cobalt Scar Melodies is the Cobalt Scar Stone of Melody collectible and a 177 stat legendary necklace. Now to transmute this necklace and all the redundant armors I'm never going to use.
  10. Kalmaraa Active Member

    I am cuirious about the pants drop myself is it via collection or named mob drop?
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I saw my hubby get legendary pants of a trash dropped ornate in CB the other day.
  12. luckyman2006 New Member

    I have started collecting this armor set for appearance. Is it still available to gather all the sets for appearance? especially greaves part for guardian class
  13. luckyman2006 New Member

    Quests, shrine collections and trash drops should done altogether to get the full set with color match.
    That means it takes pretty much efforts, but it deserves. Looks very awesome with full set.

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