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    Beautiful work, I love everything about the hair and face changes but do not like the heavy black around the female eyes at all. I don't use the soga models, I think the eyes on characters other then they need more color choices are one of the better eq2 facial features.
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    Either would be good, but Luclin if there were a choice.

    *edit* at a minimum, the woads from eq1 are far better than the eq2 ones. Can you swap those out?
    Also the eq2 female heads are massive. They all need lipo.
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    I dont use the HIGH ELF SOGA models. they look too much like a Human/Barbarian. I like the strands of hair in my Half Elfs face and my Dark Elfs face. (SOGA models} I dont remember what all else I have. . . My Freeblood and Arekyns do NOT have SOGA . I too am getting tired of the excuses when the topic of hair comes up. The old company got bought out to PROGRESS not to DIE-gress. . . . . or am I wrong???
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    Some SOGA models are absolutely essential. Erudites, for example - I have to use SOGA to be able to simply distinguish the gender of these Roswell refugees, even though I refuse to play a species that looks like something straight out of The Ringworld Engineers (which is ironic, as my EQ1 main was an erudite, beard and all, meaning it's straight-up impossible to clone him now). Ogres? Absolutely. I prefer the green-skinned oni look, I wouldn't have bothered playing one otherwise, they just weren't interesting enough to me to begin with. If the SOGA models went away, so would he.

    One the flip side, SOGA elves are never going to be a thing for me in the options panel. I'll leave off a (IMO) witty remark as to why, as I don't want to offend anyone with an observation that would likely not be well-received in some quarters. Male high elves in SOGA are sort of tolerable to my eyes, but I realize that's hardly a glowing recommendation.

    I don't feel strongly enough about the other species to worry about it, regardless if I'll play one or not. But I seem to remember that the game had some beeee-yootiful models that were displayed prior to the game's release, but were most decidedly not the character models we got. Next to the (ahem) "necessary" <wheeze> removal of the Blissful Awareness chest piece, which the masses from across Norrath descended on Qeynos to obtain but then had simply yanked away and replaced with a potato sack, the alpha-build character model issue has always been a burr in my saddle. I'm barely computer-literate enough to use Microsoft Office, so I'm doubtless missing some nuance in the discussion, but I've always wondered why (at the time) SOE dangled those images like one would dangle a Snickers bar over a sugar addict in a full body cast.
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  7. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Hm, is that so? Does someone have screenshots of the chars that you mention? Would love to see them for curiosity's sake, not sure if I ever saw them anywhere, it's been so long. Maybe Toby has some unseen and behind the scenes footage for us somewhere? Would be awesome to see more of the new stuff that he was working on for EQ1 tbh. Love comparing things in retrospect.
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    Times were, there were pictures all over the place, the universe seems to have decided I'm not worthy to ever gaze on them again. There is this, however:

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  10. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Woot, what an interesting find! Watching it rn, thanks.
  11. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Ok, that was such an interesting video. Thanks for sharing! Do you have more? Love that old stuff, really takes you back a couple of years. For one, that video just goes to show how brutally more advanced eq2 was versus the competition back then. There really was no comparison - eq2 was the nextgen king of the hill. That said, those models did look great and fit more into the original lore and artwork of the original franchise. What happend?

    Just compare what we see in the video to this:


    Which kinda reminds me of:


    The sad part about this is that we have some beautiful looking npc models that were upgraded with the expacs and game updates, but a vast majority of our chars + older npcs are stuck in the millenium era. And to make things worse, we have japanese / anime characters too now, which makes it a huge mishmash from an artistic / lore point of view. Man, we really have to clean up a few things and make this baby great again.

    Same goes to a few other effects that went missing all of a sudden:
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    Took a break from the game for a while. I come and see this thread. It warms my heart.
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  13. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Welcome back ;D
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    The human female model in that video looks way better than the human female model in the game...
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  15. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Looks more mature doesn't it? The art is just different. Sure, that alpha model could use better textures and hair etc. too, but the overall look and feel was right and felt more like Everquest than anything else IMO. Some of our npcs do look a bit like that though, it's only us mere mortals who look different.
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