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Discussion in 'Raid Discussion' started by Elowith, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Elowith Active Member

    These currently appear in the weekly Tier 3 boxes as a drop-down choice. Are they going to be moved so that people can get some of them in lower tiers (as they could in PoP)?
  2. Arkmarux Active Member

    Black Adorns are needed for killing T4's, why do you need them to drop off lower tier's again?
  3. Uncle Active Member

    why should we have to farm 7 weeks to get a complete set once players get to t3.. also the rune can be used in lower tiers to help getting to that dreaded t3 especially after the resolve statement caith made..
  4. Asherman Active Member

    If it is 7 weeks from the point you can start clearing t3 then that is unlikely to be much of an issue as would imagine we will need those weeks to get all the gear to drop for the raid to make the t4 resolve check anyway. The potential issue is that the 7 week figure assumes it is smart loot or just being lucky, and we won't have an issue with some people just having bad RNG and just never getting the 7 different runes. The quest reward just says one of the following.
  5. Gninja Developer

    It would take 7 weeks from when you start killing tier3s. You are correct in that you will be gearing up during that time anyway. By the time you are able to engage a tier4 you will likely have a full black rune set.
  6. Twisty Active Member

    Friends, bro-hooven, gninja, lend me your ears. the 7week iron-curtain might sound reasonable as we're fumbling thru t3 bosses for first time, since we'll be busy rolling over our gear to next tier anyway. however, with everpresent need to recruit, this is gonna be painful to constantly have to start the 7week countdown for them for t4.

    also consider that to start getting blacks u need 3 t3s dead, not just "start kiling t3s"

    i would recommend to put 4 of the runes as reward for T2 raid weekly, so that the cooldown on t4 recruits is not soooo unnecessarily long. please consider. <3
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  7. Clintsat Active Member

    Would be nice for there to be a way to reduce the number of weeks on this. Towards the mid/end of the expac there is a ton of turnover and guild member shifting.
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  8. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Agree completely with the feedback that the timetable required is going to be a nightmare for high turnover guilds later in the xpac.
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  9. Gninja Developer

    As we get further into the expansion where this comes into play (its a good point) we can reevaluate where they come from but they will be strictly enforced until that time.
  10. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why doing it the same way as last year was an issue. Got one for clearing a t1 boss, and for clearing t1 tier, a few more for clearing t2, and the rest for clearing t3. It was simple to understand and fulfill, and didn't rely on several weeks' worth of catching up. That kind of time table will set back many guilds for probably 2 - 3 months, at least, especially come summertime, when folks go on vacation, quit playing, or change alts. We'd be at the same problem we had last expansion, trying to back-flag folks to get into Brackish Vaults. Took a month and a half to catch up everyone currently playing. It was terrible. Please, reconsider.
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  11. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    You mean, the hardcore people who showed up with a 98% attendance rate will have a full set. This will make this much harder, especially for many smaller guilds.
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