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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Semperfifofum, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    During the Fallen Gate TLE, I played a chaneller and eventually it was moved to AB server. I found a good guild and didn't feel a need to move elsewhere.

    I used a bauble. So I'm guessing I'm missing something I was supposed to learn by leveling up.

    I keep getting this effect in solo BoL dungeons, especially Sambata Village and Wayward Manor:

    battle begins

    instantly my pet is at 50%, and within 10 sec lower than 50%

    if I don't heal it using the special pet heals in every single battle, and repeatedly (leaving little or no dissonance for anything else), it gets below 25%

    at that point, all the protections stop, I get killed once instantly and only the death prevent I have from AA keeps me from dying

    with my death prevent on cooldown, I start to lose health so fast I can't both heal myself and my pet fast enough and really die

    so then I reactivate all the buffs and start again...

    this time I keep the pet alive, and within a few battles I notice that the pet's health drops a few seconds after a battle is over, to 50% (out of combat entirely)

    I can't see any dots on the pet, I have no dots on me, battle ended a few seconds ago, my merc is not healing any detrimentals.

    What's going on? Why is my pet's health dropping to 50%? I'm using offensive stance. Is that why? I've been obsessively reading my skills but it's not coming up with any answers.

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  2. Laita Well-Known Member

    My primary alt is a Channeler (which I use to box with my illy), can just put it on autofollow and the interception combined with the constant heal is more than enough so that the health never drops on the illy, channy or pet. But I've heard of people have bugs with the channeler pet's health. I primarily see this when zoning into instances where the pet is immediately set to 0 upon zone in. But I've yet to see what you're describing happen during an encounter. I know there are bugs related to health buffs applying or dropping... could you be doing something like that? (using a health potion for example), maybe if you link your characters profile we can get a bit more info..?
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  3. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Sure it's

    I'm working on the dropped item quests atm.

    The pet health does indeed drop to 0 when I zone out of an instance, I figured that was something to do with the Fount or Grace effect being removed.
  4. Laita Well-Known Member

    Nothing major that jumps out at me... Are you using 'Interpose Redirect' on your dissonance bar? This negates 75% of damage your pet takes during combat. It has an overtime dissonance cost which makes it slower to dissipate, but doesn't really add anything to your bar so easily managed... if not give it a try and see if that helps
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  5. Laita Well-Known Member

    Also.. from the character screen, go to your construct window, and set your pets abilities to whatever suits you... 4 additional healing/dps options there.. now how much of an affect this has.. I haven't bothered to parse out the numbers on it... but every little bit helps :)
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  6. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm using that. I noticed I wasn't using dire essence though so I activated that. I haven't tried to see if that was the fix.
  7. Treiko Active Member

    Something you may consider is group make up. You didn't specify if you are grouped with any other healers, but druids will mess with pet health too as you all move in and out of range. I try to avoid grouping with druids for this reason, though they are an amazing combo. Another part is that whenever your stats increase (primarily pot and CB) that affect your pet health, you will see a "loss", which is actually the pet's max health being raised, but not healed. It's been an annoyance since day 1 of the class's existence, but understanding that will make things a little easier to deal with.
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  8. Sogapa Active Member

    The first thing that pops in my mind....if you used the bauble, did you also get the epic 1 buff? it gives a constant heal to the pet as I recall. There are some pet heals using dissonance that are more useful than others. There's a dps ability you can use that does damage to your pet. I'm not in game and don't remember names of spells off the top of my head. Also- if you are being power drained and use the AA power spell, that does damage to your pet.

    The only thing I've seen that makes my pets health go nuts as you are describing is being grouped with a druid. I made an assumption that the OP was solo as solo zones were being completed, but that could be erroneous. I would recommend taking the dissonance buff that gives your pet a big heal every 25% (? I think) damage it takes. Helps keep health up, but I've never had it matter in a solo.
  9. TheGreatNeil New Member

    Oh, i know this one!
    Working as intended. ok no really it is. See you pet health is based off of your pot and crit bonus. (generally)
    The debuff some mobs give reduce those, such as this one from an umbral gloomlich:
    Chilled to the Bones
    Decreases potency of target by 50,000.0%
    Decreases haste of target by 200.0
    Decreases ability casting speed of target by 50.0%
    Reduces slow effects on target by 50.0%

    So when you cure the debuff you get your potency back, but the pet will be at lower health because the max health has changed.

    This is not what interpose redirect does.

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