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  1. Eruge New Member

    So, as every other post on here; I'm new, and really interested in EQ2.
    I've played MMO's since I was about 12, and I'm soon 24, so it's been quite a few years.

    The biggest reason for me making this post is that I'm unable to properly decide on what to do.
    So far I made a Mystic on Thurgadin as it's an EU oriented server.

    But now my doubts are creeping in. Should I make on a US server instead? I mean I've met a lot of people on the EU server already, and it makes more sense playing there considering timezones and playing with other.
    But then the question becomes; should I actually be playing on the progression server? I've seen a lot of people claiming it's the better server, but I have no clue if that's true or not. I am all access, so I can do it if I want to.
    Although I have no clue how to play on the server. Weird, I know.

    Either way, I'm also curious if Mystic is the right choice for me. I LOVE being a support in games, but I also love being a healer and a dps.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, hope some of you can give me some general pointers. I might just continue with my frog Mystic on the EU server, still not fully decided!
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  2. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Okay, never played a mystic, so no comments on that, however, even as a free to play, you have 2 character slots. So try another class also and still keep your mystic. Just a suggestion.
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  3. Armageddoux Active Member

    he can even try a lot of toons and classes !! still 8 slots available if I remind clearly ...
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  4. ttobey Developer

    Welcome to Norrath!
  5. Xilten New Member

    Defiler = more fun than mystic. But I'm biased, my toons are Necromancer, Defiler, SK, Coercer, Warlock. See a pattern? xD
    Welcome to the game!!!
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  6. Eruge New Member

    LOL! I was really considering Defiler, it reminded me a bit of Oracle in Rift by the description, and I really enjoyed that class.

    thank you very much!

    that's true! but I'm still undecided on if I wanna try TLE servers or not... no clue how to play on it :(

    thanks for the suggestion!
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  7. Carynn Well-Known Member

    TLE is "easier" in a way as there is less to learn and it's a good time to start it with the release of Echoes of Faydwer, a level 1-70 expac. There are groups still going at all levels. On live, the only grouping you'll get it at end game unless you luck into a guild who helps newbies. Things that lack on TLE are mercs, fast travel, and fast experience. So depending on what type of game you want to play (solo, group, raid, end game) should dictate where you go. Solo = live, group/raid = TLE, end game = live.
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  8. Eruge New Member

    man I'm such a sucker for raiding, so I might need to check out the TLE server.
    But I STILL don't know how to play on it. any pointers? lol
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  9. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    To play on TLE, you will need to create a new character and then choose Fallen Gate server. Welcome to the game and I hope you have a blast playing here! :)

    One quick note, in order to keep playing on the TLE server, you will need to keep your all access membership active.
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  10. Eruge New Member

    I figured out my issue. I had "EU English" on my launcher, which would only show the EU server. Changing it to "US English" let me choose Progression and Fallen Gate. Man I feel silly!
  11. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Ooops yeah, I forgot to mention that part, lol.
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  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Only 7, unless you buy more. :)

    But yeah, the OP is all-access, so lots of options. :)

    I do think my favorite casters of all time have to be the ones with pets (Conjurers/Necros/Illusionists/Mystics/Defilers/Beastlords [okay, those last aren't really "casters," but they're close]), even though I don't actually care too much for mercs at all ("I don't need no stinkin' mercs! I especially don't need pay for 'em!" [though I will say, I unlocked mercs just so I can torture Qho and Raffik and send them into mortal peril, eventually. You'll meet those two before too long...]). At least I don't have to pay my pets to do their jobs. ;->

    Wizards and Warlocks are also pretty cool, as long as you get AA points into things that let you cast faster, since you're a squishy cloth wearer that way. Furies and Wardens are probably the best casters for surviving without pets. :)

    I really don't care too much for Templars and Inquisitors, because I usually (like, 99.9% of the time) solo, and even with the plate armor (which often feels like tissue paper) helping them survive, they're soooooooo slowwwwww with their casting. The few I have (and I have over 7 dozen toons now), have their AA trees maxxed out for casting speeds.

    According to my Excel spreadsheet (gotta luv my spreadsheets; would go even madder without them), I have over two dozen Fighters, my largest conglomeration of classes (half male, half female. I do that with all my toons; depends on what the character "wants" and what my quota numbers are saying ;->). Looking at the breakdown, 8 of them are Monks and 6 are Bruisers. I apparently have a thing for leather wearers. :D

    My next biggest are Scouts, almost two dozen of them. Gotta love being able to DPS a lot and sneak about. ;) They're about evenly numbered as far as classes, with Assassins/Rangers and Troubadours having the greatest numbers.

    Weirdly enough, I have 20 Mages and 20 Priests... /shrug

    As far as the AA trees go, I am irritated beyond belief that the Powers That Be have decided they know better than I about where I want to put my points. If you're still learning the classes, that could be cool until you get the swing of it and know what you like, but it really gripes me when they do it everywhere, especially the Tradeskill AA trees. For that, I'll go in there and Rollback the list to the very beginning and put things where I choose, dang it. First: durability. Always. Then success rate, since I actually hate grinding crafting to level quickly, and I want to get it done asap (conversely, I'm extremely fast at blowing through a given status point totals love it, but my tunnel carpal looks at me funny these days). After that, things like increasing the chances to get Rares, to get double harvests at a node, to get your used materials back, etc. I don't bother putting any points into the Critical Success area, since I'd been told long ago that it also might influence your chances of getting more Critical Failures, and I get more than enough of those, even when I don't hit the wrong buttons. ;->

    I'm on Thurgadin, too, so look around for about two dozen or so toons with funny names! :D

    One of the guilds I'm in there is Guerrier Celeste, and if you like raiding, you'll love those guys (I don't raid, but they're okay with that, and say "hi" or "bon jour" when folks log in, then go back to destroying something world-threatening :D). They're a pretty huge bunch, and most of what they do is raid, apparently. If you know French, especially, you'd get along just fine, though they're cool with English- or American-speaking folks. Nice relaxed group. :)

    Welcome aboard! :D

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  13. Carynn Well-Known Member

    There are a few EU-raid guilds on Fallen Gate, so you should have no problems. I'm friends with Mutts, the Raid Lead from Encore, and I know they're looking for a few raiders. I'd look at the guild recruitment page (press U in game) and see what the raid times are for Encore, Dark Crusaders, and Europa (I think Europa is the other EU guild) and talk to the GLs to see what class they may need.
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