<Never Quest> is recruiting players 30+ for dungeons & raids (Varsoon)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Runalf, Jun 2, 2022.

  1. Runalf New Member

    Interested in killing dragons & giants without all the reading?

    <Never Quest> on Varsoon is recruiting the following classes:
    • All Mages
    • Monk
    • Shaman
    We're looking for active players interested in running endgame raids! Our raid times are 8PM-10PM EST on Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday.
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  2. Runalf New Member

    Dreadwake down- We are an unstoppable force of nature. Join today so we can reach our final form.
  3. Runalf New Member

    We're starting our first real raids next week- reach out to Edgelord, Angel, or Aria in-game if you'd like to join us or have questions!
  4. Runalf New Member

    Updated our open class list- come join us as we rip through classic raid content!
  5. Runalf New Member

    Updated our class list- contact Rukas or Sensational in-game if you're interested in joining.
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