Never out of mana and not sure why!

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Shmoo, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Alright folks this is probably going to sound like a dumb question, and definitely NOT something to complain about. But my power never depletes...when I'm duoing with my husband (conjuror), my mana rarely drops very far no matter how long we fight. Tonight in a PQ raid, I did have a dirge in my group, but we were killing Narandi x4 with 2.5 groups, we were taking forever, and most of the group was close to out of mana. The few healers we had were in decent shape, and I was near full to full despite constant back to back nukes and mana feeds for a good 10 minutes.
    Normally, this would not be a bad thing. But I got accused of being afk, which really grinds me. Especially since I fed the accuser mana several times during the fight and I hovered fairly high up on the aggro meter whole time. Like I said, I DID have a dirge in the group, but still? Shouldn't I be depleting SOMEWHAT while chain casting all my best spells? Since Velious, I am now geared in PQ Ruination gear (aside from the chest piece which I can't seem to get darnit!) and quest jewelry and such. Nothing raid or even instance oriented (unless you count PQ raids). Funny thing is I was worried about getting rid of all my "In Combat Power Regen" gear when I switched to PQ gear.
    Can someone clue me in here? Is it just a "warlock thing"? Is my warlock infected with some freak sort of bug? I'll admit to some degree of cluelessness on the matter, as I'm a very casual player and don't read up on a lot of things. But I'd like some ammo to throw back at my attackers if it happens again! Thanks in advance to whomever responds.
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    I know nothing about warlocks, but since you have not gotten any other's my best guess. The new PQ gear probably doubled the amount of power you have, maybe more than doubled, if you are coming from quest/instance gear. It significantly increased the power levels of raiders. The amount of power required to cast your spells has not increased.
    You could have similar power usage in amounts, while the percent of your power you are maintaining is rather high by comparison. Most dirges don't run their power song, because in general it is useless, so having the dirge probably didnt affect your power levels. It may be that those complaining are not using the new gear for one reason or another.
    You could always run a parser like Advance Combat Tracker to show them that you are in fact participating, but really who cares...if someone is making such an accusation, they are probably not worth the effort it would take to "throw back" as you said.
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    Warlocks have a lot of self power return, between the various aa's they have and dark siphoning. Add in the increased power pools, and you generally have to have an actual power drain to make a dent. Or death, that does it too. This is especially true if you have your single target toggled. Also add in if you are using sanguine sacrifice, you won't be actually even using any mana.
    Bottom line, those people have no clue about your class. Tell them to stop watching your power bar and actually do something useful like kill the mob.
  4. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    One thing i noticed in beta, with the right amount of potency distortion will be insane

    *disclaimer* numbers are not actual but i'm trying to remember ratio

    distortion cost 150 to cast, returns 500 mana

    So yea Theres half of it right there. The mana return is being effected by potency. Factor in siphoning, mana boon ect all effected by potency its not an issue. In beta i never went under 95% power....However if i ever did have such a power issue sanguine sacrafice would probally fill ya up again.

    And yea People need to pay less attention to what you do and more attention to thier class. I actually had my wizard degrouped in eq1 because i wouldnt send my familar in to attack. No amount of explaining would satisfiy them that he is basicly just a buff with wings and can not/does not/will not attack.
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    From a Warlock lore perspective, we arent supose to run out of mana easly, thats the wizzys job.
    Now if you are in a heavy long aoe fight and you are spamming blue and green aoes, you just might since the power cost is far more on those types of spells, but if you are single pinging mobs we should never run out.
  6. ARCHIVED-Meech_1 Guest

    OMG too funny, I just got my warlock to 90 and equiped all my new gear and yes I was just saying to my husband (he has a wizard) that I think I'm going to respec my traits to make it so I have heal regen and more health instead of power becaues I don't loose power at all! I quickly did the gold ring quest last night and killed the 5 whriling storms. I watched my power and what happened was this. I tanked it solo and my health went down to yellow my power stayed at near 100% then I used manasheild (the spell where you drain more power instead of health for getting hit) Ok so I thought my power would go down to yellow too. Nope, my power went down maybe 1 bubble the whole time and myhealth stayed green! It's absolutly amazing, I hope they don't mess with it, LOL.

    But yes I see how people could think you are afk at a PQ. But if they parse then they will know you are not. I say enjoy it while it lasts. :)

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