negative void + dark siphoning 8 bugged ?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by pewpew, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. pewpew New Member

    negative void is supposed to add 30% base dmg and it cut dmg by almost 3x instead, it's the only green bugged with it.

    without negative void


    with negative void


    any other lock have this issue ?
  2. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Confirmed,me too.. I guess I'll stick with level 97 for now. It's odd that only the new spell has the issue.
  3. Nubek Active Member

    There's been 2 patches since I /bugged this and still no fix by the looks of it. But yeah I can confirm. I feel like they have a multiplier set to 0.3 instead of 1.3 somewhere in the formula orso?

    Also are the Broodlings from Dark Infestation supposed to come out at level 101 instead of 110?
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  4. enotirab New Member

    Can also confirm. Bugged this on day one of the expac release.
  5. Hellfiren Active Member

    Dark Siphoning is now useless for being important for the group in the case of recharging power as it did until PoP addon was out.
    Now i am totaly angry i am short before detonating with a big blast.

    Why they must change somthing on the spell it was good as it was in KA and it was the most powerfull DOT of a Warlock bceause of his 3 Abbilitys in one

    1 It dose Damage to Encounter
    2 It Heals Caster and Group instandly and every secound for XXXX
    3 It recharges Power from Group instantly for a XXXXXXXX and ever secund for XXXXXX

    Now its only recharging Power only in percentage and this is totaly useless because most powerdrain scripts cant be managed with this.

    For Example i casted Dark Siphoning randoom on the Last Mob ( T4 ) in Vaedenmoor 1 Theris Thule and we never went out of Power the whole fight.
    This is how it should work so put it back in duty and i dont know who or why was coplaining about what ever of this spell but players who arent knowing anything about the Warlock Mechanics should shut up.

    Get the % Power recharge of and replace it like it was before PoP was launched .

  6. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I can't understand why this wasn't prioritized in the fixes, it's just a math error, right?
  7. Hellfiren Active Member

    Its no math error its the damit new and totaly ruining idea of DB to castrate the spell down to a Damage / Heal they cut off the Powerregain to near than zero because of the % Basic Mechanic it has now thats totaly S.......t , they should put its stats and function back as it was bevore PoP lauche all was fine.

    Thats all and an other fact to say to DB keep off your fingers from runing things and get fixed what need to be fixed and on nuber one thier is
    1 Login Server
    2 Zone Server sometimes everything lags like hell
    3 Cut of useless and hindering Requierments which no one could bring in 100 Years
    4 Stop the money squeeze out for things which dont run
  8. Nero Active Member

    I haven't played my lock in a while, but if i remember right, i basically NEVER cast Dark Siphoning with Negative Void running, since doing so would eliminate the group benefits of the heal and power regen. If you were specced right side, casting Dark Siphoning while Negative Void running would also not give you nearly as many stacks.

    Having said that it does look bugged, it just might not be a huge problem since im assuming ya'll arent casting Dark Siphoning with Negative Void on.
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  9. Nubek Active Member

    With the damage boost and the powerregen nerfed to uselessness I for sure would like to cast it with Negative Void on
  10. Nero Active Member

    You still lose the group HoT, and all of the increments of Toxic Aura * number of targets within 7 meters... that's a pretty big deal.
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  11. Hellfiren Active Member

    Guys this post was about to broken spells not the combination of the causes the failure.

    I Wont cast Negative void if i going to use my AE spec because Negative Void will set all AEs into Single Target Spells.
    you cut of the possible stacks from Scull Foci and Darksiphoning for the Toxic Assault and the 180 Stack AE.
    and in this addon PoP DB screwed Warlocks once more because of minder the stack counts you get, as i started playing my it was 6 Points on Stack for every target i hit now its 5 points so i need many more than a Wizzard needs to get stacks loaded.
    Warlock needs 180 thats stactic and ok Wizzard needs 150 its static too all the time but why nerve the Points on 5 instat leaving it on 6 ??

    So what i am very disaponted about is the fact that DB has changed the Power Regain on Dark Siphoning for me and group AE to near than zero because of changing the regain base into % instat of let it be like it was on a Stat based recovery.
    The Powerregain was Stat based like the HP regain both Regain Abillitys were Nunbered as a Stat and not in %.
    And if the mechanic works right Power and HP regain fills Me and Group up to full HP and Power instand and every secund of tic because Dark Siphoning is a DOT ( Damage Over Time) normaly its runing 28,x sec and hase a recast of 30 sec so i could cast it in a chain and rebalance the heavyest powerdrain and damage on group.

    At Theris Thule (t4) last named Veadenmoor we never went out of Power and our Mage Greoup was able to survive with only one Warden if the Mana an Damage DOT Detrimental from Theris starts.
  12. Nubek Active Member

    I am not specced right side anymore so I don't care too much about increments. Group HoT is nice in certain situation, but with Dark Siphoning/Negative Void fixed itd be a very decent spell to cast during Spellbind
  13. Nero Active Member

    I wasn't either until they unlocked the prestige trees. I go down both and its actually working out quite well.
  14. Nubek Active Member

    Lots of ability fixes this patch but this one still isn't fixed. It's been at least a month since it's been reported, fix it already
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  15. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Hear hear! I noticed it was skipped also. I assume because you're "not supposed to" cast it with Neg Void on. But that doesn't excuse the error. I'm guessing the funny math is due to some unexpected error and it's still due to be fixed, but I'm hoping it won't take long. Personally Id be happy if it became a blue background aoe. I can always use Ambidex casting on it if we need the power or the healer is down for a sec.
  16. Nubek Active Member

    Fix when?
  17. Hellfiren Active Member


    The Whole failure DB did is to set teh powerregain into % based regen if its set back on statbased like it was all the time before PoP all would be fine again.

    DB keeps screwing us buy taking fingers on operations which worked very well before they fixed it broken.
    The Dark Siphoning is one of the most powerfull Dots the Warlock ever had and the Damage Increase they did dont compansates the less power regain the spell should be rest on function like it was before PoP launch.

    They keep screwing Mage DDs like 2 Addons by progging things into game wich cut off some abillitys from us or increase some Archetyps up to GodMode buy only unseing one Spell for Example in PoP Monk only one Spell 67% of his DPS and a tank is able to parse out Good DDs in ACT cant be true.
    Sure Monk needs to do DPS for holding aggro, but not this way and this is one point that this Spell is a CA and not a Spell as usual so it dont dependts on DoubleCast which is nerved to Zero by some mobs especialy in Raid the DC Debuff is the dammit worse invention ever!!!

    Get the Mobs HP higher and give them some scripts would be a much better solution than nerving all down to non detectable and make Mage DDs and Supporter a Buffbot becuase DPS sinks to a non accepable volume.

  18. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    @Hellfiren To be fair, Monk and Conji have been OP for as long as my characters have ever breathed in Norrath. The reasons are probably philosophical. We're talking about developers in California. Play monk or conji and notice the philosophy. I think the same reason applies to why Warlock and SK have been occasionally significantly nerfed. It doesn't change my choices. My choice of warlock is based on MY philosophy that once, long ago, there were different types of magicians and shamans. There was a cabal which protected the country from invaders. They were called black magicians. It was black magic that was at work IMO for Vlad the Impaler. I wish history had preserved that "warlock's" name.

    Yeah, yeah, it's not roses and sunshine but if you only want fairies protecting you, then how come most tanks are ogres? Not just because of the race buffs. I'd rather have a nasty badass on my side.

    However, none of that explains why this is still outstanding.
  19. Nubek Active Member

    Does anyone on the dev team read these bloody threads? Almost 2 months without a fix, how much longer do we have to wait?
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