Need to start seeing bots banned on tarinax

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Stevethevirgin, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Stevethevirgin New Member

    the economy on tarinax is dead, 75% of the **** on the broker is from bots and they are undercutting eachother like mad. Nizara gear is like 30g cause of botters, nobody groups they just buy all there gear off the AH for ridiculously cheap prices cause of botting. If you want this server to have any chance don't let 3rd party software kill your economy, it is astounding to me that you guys take none of the good stuff you made in EQ1 and implement it into this game. Why is this server not true box? Why can 1 chinese guy run 6 characters on 1 computer? Make it harder for them to bot atleast if you arn't going to ban them, you already have these systems implemented in eq1 because guess what, your none true box servers like Lockjaw and Ragefire turned into a shitshow of 1 guy playing 6+characters doing raids like this server is. Your company has already gone down this road with Eq1 and straightened up why not take that approach to eq2 as well instead of letting bots infest the server?
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  2. Taled Active Member

    Requiring multiple computers for multiple accounts is not a good idea for EQ2 - A fair amount of their income is peoples extra accounts that they use legitimately; A second account specifically for a heartbound for instance that will go away as soon as you require a second computer.

    There are other ways around that as well, if I run a virtual machine and box that way on a single system in EQ1 I'm fairly certain it still works, unless they fixed it.

    It also isn't likely that one 'chinese guy' as you so lovingly put it would actually be using a single system to farm for plat to sell.
  3. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    botting is a core part of eq2 at this point, all you will find are people making excuses defending it.
  4. Stevethevirgin New Member

    You can play your dead game where you pay for raid loot from bots if you want m8 but if it keeps going this way I doubt many people will stick around. I wouldn't have a problem with it if they weren't straight up cheating, but the fact is they are using 3rd person software to play the account for them.
  5. Kuvan New Member

    Steve does have a point with his comparison though. I think he’s also not commenting this needs to have a blanket application to ALL servers. In EQ1 only a few servers are ‘true box.’This may help the TLEs, while leaving live alone.
  6. Sunlei New Member

    Hey Steve! I see you all the time in Qeynos on pvp:D

    I disagree with you about a few things you said. Broker sales are excellent for crafted goods and stuff like shinies and harvests. This is how my family of characters make all their plats to buy the broker loot we want. Yeah I have to many on Taranix but we have fun. Anyway about so much Nizara zone loot on broker, that zone is excellent exp and has some good names and drops..a lot of broker loot because thats an instance where players want to play the game. The loots cheap because everybody goes there freeps, exciles and goodies..they all try to sell the same loot on broker :p so get now while price is low clothes for when you're 60/70 ....

    About multi accounts, I have 2 accounts and pay a subscription for both so I can login both accounts same time and maybe duo stuff or make one mentor my baby and then help level the baby. I do not play 2 accounts at same time very well so if jumped by a Freep, both of mine will die so I don't do open world exp. on Taranix.

    But some people can and do play/pay for more then one account and they're just good players and do not cheat, they do not use 3rd party programs. They know what they can sell on broker/in auction channel and they do sell stuff. Many times they amass their golds and buy krono. They may use the krono earned to pay a months subscription on their account or take the krono to another server and trade it for loot or power leveling. These are 'legal' not cheating ways some people play their eq2/eq games.

    If you mean about 'bots' using 3rd party programs to AFK play the game for them, then yes those cheat programs are against the eula Those people are cheaters. I have seen some on Taranix afk harvesting, those are easy to spot and do get banned if you /petition the name. You can also make a stink about them in chat and send tells to high lvls to come kill pvp the bots and they will be killed off :)

    people should never be able to do anything in game 'afk' or automatically that the game intends to be a time sink. Like Harvesting or setting broker prices or crawl dungeons.

    If developers intended players to be able to harvest afk/ kill afk/ set broker prices instantly to lowest price the devs would have given ALL the same 'bots' to use.

    To long a post I know but the servers down so there is time :) I hope they don't stop server experience today...... don't worry about the glut of broker treasures...think of it as opportunity to buy some cheap clothes or even play the broker 'game' and make some golds off those broker Freeps.. Happy Trails!!!
  7. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    There's been a character parked at the broker in East Freeport on Kaladim for at least 2 weeks straight. (Not Tarninax, I know, but the point is the same). Wouldn't be noticeable probably except he's sitting on a large blue horse crosswise across the counter so there's no space unless you ride over him. Not a problem to do that, but the point is I know it's been reported and nothing has been done with him. IDK, maybe he has insomnia and plays the game 24/7 - and the game for him is the broker. That must be it.
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  8. Aleda New Member

    Steve, the bots are a huge source of income for DBG 6 accounts > your single account, that being said that also populates the broker with the tiny population we already have if there weren't bots we wouldn't have stuff on the broker. The much greater problem for the server is the LACK of updates, classes balances even information if an when we are getting any content. Realistically bots are probably the last thing to worry about.
  9. Laij New Member

    @Aleda "bots are probably the last thing to worry about". Is so, so wrong. Bots doing raid content and putting up for cheaper and cheaper prices ruin PvE progression. 90% of this server is PvE players. When they can just buy BiS or very close to it it ruins any incentives to go and do PvE..... Its like typing in a cheat code in GTA. Its fun for a few minutes then you quit. If the PvE population goes the server dies real quick.
  10. Storiesofold New Member

    I fully agree that bitting ruins the game. Can't believe they allow it on a pvp server. Shameful display darkpaw as usual. Letting bitting exist loses you more subs in the long run as there are more people who stop playing because of the negative effects bitting creates than there are people who like to play six accounts at a time using automated software that also must be paid for. If you say how does bitting effect the game negatively? Power levelers one of the main issues. Less groups, less desire to try to be good at the game when bitters have a clear unfair advantage. Less things for real players to do.. could go on and on but just going to get trolled by bitters or dbg Schills. Most people that share this view gave up on the game and it's owners long ago and don't read the forums. Rip norrath
  11. Sunlei New Member

    The 2 definite bots that effect my gameplay are the harvestor bot and the broker price setting bot.

    Can spot them both very easy.

    The broker bot guys usually has 4 -6 accounts each account has full fee free broker boxes of the best selling goods/shinies.

    If you add them to friends list they easy to spot. They login and logout quickly and all their prices flip instantly to lowest price.

    The harvester bots run node to node, they frequently get stuck on trees, keep running into walls. When all nodes are cleared they stop stand there, start moving soon as a node spawns even if their back is turned to the new spawn.

    If I win the 'race' to the new node spawn they still attempt to harvest. If I run along with them in a harvest area like gazer island they always attempt to harvest a node I am already on. Something in the harvest bot settings to kill the mob near node if it attacks them. The kill is easy for the bot because the mobs in harvest areas are usually barely green to bot. On pvp server the bots insta kill a lvl 8 harvester (me lol) everytime I get near them in a harvest area. I think they can turn the insta kill/kill the mob feature on or off.

    Those 2 bots effect gameplay and are cheating. Those people should be easy to 'flag' and should be either banned or if they are afraid to lose the subscription fees then give them long suspensions every time they are flagged and caught. Thank you Devs!!
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    If you know how , make a video of the offence as prove , and report them , also wright down all their names .
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