need legal information for posting everquest related material

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ARCHIVED-golemartist, Sep 27, 2012.

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    if one were to have some serious time in the future, say around everquest3, and one made a few orginal comic books of a professional nature, and posted them online for free...... what legal information should i have posted?

    i realize that SOE seems laid back in this regard, but i have discovered that work of a certain level/style, and amount, can cause problems. investors suddenly want to know how much they aremaking on "this project", even though it is done without profit. i like to label everything up front. lest someone report me as "stealing work and posting it online".

    it would be disappointing to get to a certain point, just to have some troll post to a mod on a art hosting site, and have all my work banned there.

    is there a site/address to send work to be hosted at soe? a approval address? id rather have a place to test out one finished, appoved, comicbook, before making a few.

    i think comics that can have fun with a mmo game have unlimited options. to including friends online, using backround lore, seeing online locations in another medium. however i have seen comics linked to marketing depts make storylines bad (see "city of heroes comic").
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    I would suggest a PM to Dexella, who is our community relations manager. She may be able to get you the info.
  3. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    I'm not sure. I'll run this by the appropriate parties and try to get you a response!

  4. ARCHIVED-golemartist Guest

    i wanted to do something at another company, but their home office kept getting bought out by another home office, and now their game is shutting down. SOE is far more stable than that.

    lol. i wanted the movie rights to a certain video game MMO property,which really needed the word of mouth more than the fee for handing over the rights (done over a span of time,to revert back to said orginal company). Someone else bought it for 5years, and never did anything with it. it was their only other asset, and the person who took the license doomed them by doing nothing, that game will shut down at the end of this november.

    a common/fair use license is what i guess i would need. but it could then apply to lots of people. this could open some options up.
    a forum/hosting portion of the site could be arranged. but hosting costs money. only allow gold members to see the content? only store selected works? (who would sift that pile.....) having only gold members see content would hurt word of mouth. lots of pros and cons. keep in mind, alot of sites, survive alone on just comic content. lots of webcomic collection sites. even marvel comics (disney owned) has a fee to see all their content online unlimited- but nothing within about 6 weeks. making you hunger for that latest content, LOL.

    my main goal? to try to post everquest fanstuffz without getting legal notices shoved in my face. deviantart would be nice. is there some "fanpack" or "wording" that SOEwould want posted near/on images?

    i await eq3 with a great and vast hunger.

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