Need help picking a healer class (new)

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Crazymikex, May 16, 2019.

  1. Crazymikex New Member

    Hey guys i am trying to figure out what's a good healer class for the group! i just started to play EQ2 today and was wondering what's a good healer class!? I have not played a EQ game since EQOA on the PS2
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  2. morderir Active Member

    the best healer class for you id the one you are the most confortable to play with :)
    its depend of what you like.

    templar/inqusitor got plate armor and "reactive mecanism " heal
    mystic/defiler got chain , a pet and "ward mecanism" heal
    fury/warden got leather and "heal over time mecanism " heal

    and each of them have further specificity as you level in

    i put channeler apart , its a special gameplay and need somme experience to play

    beside that ,each extension may favor or not a class .for expample last extension (pop) mystic/defiler where at premium but due to change of mechanism they are least valued in the current extension ( chaos) and warden are everywhere :) ( i am speaking for high level play here )
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