Need help finding tier 4 weapons!

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Wildfury77, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Wildfury77 Guest

    I'm looking for several weapons atm - locations not on usual websites.....anyone help me :)

    \aITEM -1609026374 -1754199265:Quarterstaff of Dementia\/a (DR 31.3! awesome for tier 4, usable at lvl 35)

    \aITEM 1504451441 -136746816:Tonfa of Bladewarding\/a (DR 18.1 BUT +3parry +2deflection and slashing mitigation proc. IMHO nice secondary weapon for MTing)

    \aITEM 968581212 1739234664:Rock-Forged Cestii\/a (DR 23.1 but also very nice dmg proc and good stats, drops from Coldtooth)

    Anyone help me :)
  2. ARCHIVED-azcn2503 Guest

    I am particularly interested in finding where \aITEM -1609026374 -1754199265:Quarterstaff of Dementia\/a drops.

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