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    I need a class that has plate armor, 5-6k critting shaman-type wards, illusionist mana healing (except it criticals.), lots of flurry chance, assassin DPS, has a pet with aoe immune, has the best group buffs in the game and lots of multi-attack chance and better then paladin healing abilities?
    Any class like this?
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    Talathion@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Yes, on 4/1/2012 SOE will be releasing a new class for sale on the Marketplace designed with such ideas in mind. At the same time, a new race will be released as well under Neutral, it will have all the benefits of each race so far and have very high chances of harvesting rares before tools and AAs are taken into account.
    The class will be called Ascendent and the race will be called Demigod. Both will run at a mere $20.00 USD or 2000 SC and will always be unlocked after they are purchased.
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