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  1. Luciano New Member

    I came back to EQ2 2 months ago after 6 years and I have quite helpfull guild so potential is good. In other hand, I see, that increase of DPS seems to be exponential and I have circumstance that its quite hard or nearly impossible to catch even low tier raiding players. I play trouba and my pot is now at 156k, CB 6.5k, Fervor 250 and WDB 345,and I am hardly parsing 2.-3B in group, while rest of group a parsing 50B+ having 185+k Pot, 8kCB 400 fervor. Im still missing most of physical infusion and bonuns infussion, but potential I see is to get 164-166 Pot and I am missing one rune with with 50 fervor, so final stats (if I do all infussing, and runes) shall be about 166 pot, 7kCB, 300 Fervor. According to exponential curve of dps growth I will be still quite low on dps with such stats.
    My question is, if that dps growth is all the way exponential or if,at some point, increasing factor will get lower.
  2. Interstella Member

    You are probably missing the PTW mechanics, such as 20k potency mount, unlocked mercenary buff, Ancient spell upgrades, fervor buff etc.. There are some things you can do however without getting out your wallet, such as farming for your rune sets (fire, ruin, destruction). Vindicator rune and the VIII runes too will get you over the 2M dps hump...but not over the 50Mdps one.

    (edit) Oh and reforge into everything Auto Attack, and flurry items.
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  3. Luciano New Member

    Hello, I got mount with 13k pot with 8 barding slots filled with 700+pot. Merc Buff with 12 fervor, dps 8k, ruin and destruction runes. True is that most of skills are apprentice. I would like to know what kind of fervor Buff you ment..
  4. Interstella Member

    Blood Ember crates, another scam imho. Buy enough crates for a familiar, then pay again to level it for a (appx. 28 fervor, and overcap) buff. Brilliant.
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  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    As is being discussed in another thread on this page. You lack the fervor runes from the last xpac. Blue 55 Rune from doing all the Heroics in CD, 25 fervor Rune of Embers - shorthand , flawless Fire Zone Raids & the 80 fervor Soren (Last Kael Boss) rune. However, multiple servers are running pug groups through the last xpacs content to help new and returning player get caught up.

    ~ Check chat for call outs.
    ~ Ask in chat if anyone is running them.
    ~ Look for a Guild that is running them
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  6. Tupperbeast Active Member

    @ Luciano or trade a toon to Isle of Refuge buy the Blue runes on Weapons or so from Broker, Isle of Refuge is Trade Server the only problem is you must be wait 30 Days to transfer back. You can buy Weapons trade the other toon back again 2450 db Cash and get the wepon on your main and put the rune down.

    EQ2 is for Return Players or New Players still a bad Design at all, and the biggest problem is Pay to Win.
    All the Runes should get peeps from Content or better say the get the fingers on the runes.
    Thats a other Fail story in Design and Develing in and around on EQ2 since DB is on start.

    good luck to get the runes, and happy hunting.
  7. Luciano New Member

    Thanks for hints guys, I got 55 rune for Myrist heroic content, 35 rune form Kaels merchant, I got recipe for 35 (I think its 35) fervor red rune on hand piece but my adorning is now only 200/600.
    I am trying to understand is, how much I can gain on DPS if:
    1) I keep my 214 fervor, but I increase potency from 155 to 170,
    2) I keep my 155 potency and I get my fervor to 300.
    2) I rise my pot from 155 to 170 and fervor from 215-300

    This is just pure theoretical question and i do not expect exact answer, but I want to get some idea, how stats contribute to overall strength of char.
  8. Luciano New Member

    I have found in another thread, that there is something called Potency mitigation and seems like it should be 130 for solo and 150 for heroic. True is, that in in solos I just run from one boss to another and trash is dying on 2-3 AOEs, while boss in 10-20 sec (if not some script) Growth of damage in solos between 130 pot and actual 155 potency was enormous. 130 pot- 2 mins killing boss while 155 potency 15 sec killing boss. Does this mean, that my dps growth on heroics was almost nul until 150 pot and now it should be quite more significant? How this stat really works and do raid mobs got some higher potency mitigation than heoircs?

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