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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by ed james, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. ed james New Member

    I began eq2 on day 1 and i went to pvp as soon as it came out and loved it .while Sony kept tweaking the whole time it was best thing going .i quit for many years and came back last summer for couple months before quiting again ,just wasn't same without pvp. i really looked forward to this , but i have a few suggestions and hope some of you do as well . first you need to have good evil sides not free for all ,there needs to be immunity at re-spawn till you move then 30 sec timer, prevents griefing and spawn camping .you should be able to have as many toons as you wish here . please no special pvp armor ,same game mechanics for all . but fabled and legendary drops should be much rarer , also the different classes i do think need tweaked for better balance . zone in and port in spots should have immunity areas etc like game originally had ,lastly i would like to stress a no for free for all .the different factions should not be hunting themselves .hope you make some changes or this will be short lived for me ,love to hear from other ty.
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  2. Leaf New Member

    Many people gave a lot of feedback after beta but they didnt listen to anything.
    The server is way too niche so will be dead in a few weeks (if it lasts that long...)
    Come and enjoy Kaladin instead, which is enjoying a healthy population
  3. ed james New Member

    i real hope they do,but you may be right.if it tanks ill go back to my xbox i think pvp is what i enjoy most but not this.talked with so many people in past few days who feel the same stupid to let it die when all it needs is a few changes to change the whole dynamic .

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