Need a good Bezerker AA blueprint

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Rolaryn, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Rolaryn Active Member

    very new at this class (I played a ranger since Eq1) and none of my "plans" seem to be as beneficial as others AA distribution...Can anyone post a finished Bezerker AA setup that is really good, and maybe tell me why its good, so i can learn? the "calculators" dont really help me. Thanks in advance. level 21 ATM
  2. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Berserker AAs are for the most part awful. As long as you get the few (obvious) key abilities, you can mash your face on...a touchpad?...and still come out with a good aa spec.

    The class itself is op as ****, though.
    And foci, since they don't show on wire:
  3. Sixgauge Active Member

  4. Icejo Member

    Buffrat. Would the set up change for a pure BG toon ??
  5. Netty Member

    Op as **** for what? Powerlevelning? Zerks works nice now but would not call us OP in anything other than running solo instances and stuff. Also not sure why everyone is so hot on the wis line. Maybe its just me but i think it sucks.
  6. Davngr Well-Known Member

    wis line is nice for the dps if you have the conversion for it like my zerk does.

    and zerk is far from OP except maybe in BG's but that's getting the bat.
  7. Netty Member

    Zerks have Pot - CB tho ;) and not dps to cb sadly :(
  8. Davngr Well-Known Member

    my zerk has the aoe demolish saga/cb side. i don't need the extra survivability, only run heroic crap with him
  9. Netty Member

    You are right. Its is dps lol. Tbh only speced that one time when tested it. Still the dps gain from the wis tree arnt that much tbh. Its like 1% pot for 10 points spent lol.
  10. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    WIS line just sucks less than STR/STA. And Berserkers are very strong (for raiding).

    And yes, my Berserker tree is a mess, because 20-25 of the aa points in the top do absolutely nothing for me. And I ended up just being like weeee 1 point everywhere at the end.

    And for a BG toon I'd max the stifle/stun durations in berserker tree but that's about it. But I play a tank to tank, not to dps. Most berserkers would probably go saga line. I do need to get 500 bg tokens on him for an appearance sword, though :(
  11. Netty Member

    I know i play mine as Main tank atm. Very strong on aoe fights. The best tank for aoe fights imo. But we got the lowest block chance of all fighters. We are behind brawlers and guards on snap aggro. we have the lowest health out of any fighter. We are behind crusaders on damage reduction. Our heals are alot better tho. And befor you say anything. Most SK:s are Offensiv speced and you cant really compare a defensiv speced zerk to a offensiv SK imo. This is what i mean zerks are no where near OP imo. We are a good tank now imo. Pretty awsome and we have tools to deal with stuff. Im over all happy with berserk atm. Its a shame there is still so much berserker hate out there as i agree with you that they can be a very strong tank class if played right.

    As for AA spec. Well tbh i have the sta line for the 12% block... Its the only block chance we get on AA:s so. str line is not needed at all anymore... but yeah i still would not take the wis line ;) it depends what you are doing i guess.
  12. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    If block really bothers you get one of the mainhand weapons with 18% block. As for me, I can tank any mob this expansion with my measly 79.7% block chance (without controlled rage) with ease.

    Also, behind crusaders on damage reduction? Lol.

    I will agree on the snap aggro part, but we're a lot better off than crusaders. The only problem I have snapping a mob back is if I've recently died twice (not counting dumb memshuffle mobs, which are all hit/miss). I don't really count it as a downside though since no other class can pick up ae adds with the consistency of a berserker. And then tank them while tanking the named and taking constant co-ops.
  13. Netty Member

    Have you checked how much crusaders can get? Sure some is just on magical damage reduction. Pally 10% vs physical damage on myth. 40%temp buff vs magical damage in the crusader tree. 35% damage reduction vs all damage on devout sacrement 15 duration but if you count in reuse speed and all that one will be up just as much as BF. 10% chance to reset it with holy aid. !00% with only 4 secs duration...

    Yes berserks have better all around damage reduction for tanking more than 1 mob. But thats what zerks are supose to do no? We are not OP as **** as you claim we are working as we should do. The damage output even if better is still lower. And on a defensiv berserk. Im not claiming berserks are not good raid tanks now. Im saying we are not OP as you say we are. Block chance dont bother me. But if you think block chance is **** when tanking you need to rethink abit. Singel target tanks will be able to take less damage on singeltarget mobs. Berserks now are the tank that take less/easiest to keep up on aoe encounters. Its pretty balanced imo.

    Only thing i really feel berserk being abit OP in atm is solo instances and maybe abit in heroics (on a geared zerk) But tbh that doesent really matter.

    Snap aggro yes crusaders are pretty meh on this. And tbh i made a few post as i think this should get fixed. Those hate shuffle mobs are just stupid tho as i would bet even guards/brawlers would have some problem with them.
  14. Netty Member

    Co-op.s can be handle easy with temp avoidance buffs so you dont take a singel hit from it aswell... SK:s have a 20sec duration one that they can even casting when its up. brawlers get 2 off those. And tbh try and tank those names with out having the raid wide dps you do aswell. Not all guild are sitting as high as your tbh. Our guilds raidwide is pretty meh tbh so every things gets abit harder. We still kill stuff tho. stacking up mobs and just totaly burn them down is not a option for us yet.
  15. Thalador Active Member

    So if Buffrat's spec is "a mess" does someone else want to post or link to theirs?
  16. Netty Member

    Tbh its all about what you are going to do on your zerk. Nothing wrong with buffrats spec imo.
  17. Davngr Well-Known Member

  18. Rolaryn Active Member

    Sweet thx guys!! Im gonna try these tips out tonight when i log on

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