Necro's need balance more now

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Wannalearn1, Feb 8, 2022.

  1. Wannalearn1 Member

    We can't just nerf BB and not adjust other things.. The issues brought up were totally ignored.
    We were saying there was no reason 1 spell should be doing 50% of someone's parse and the damage needed to be spread out. No one was upset that necros did damage they just wanted a spread of said damage.

    why was BB nerfed so bad but nothing else was touched.. Necros need boosts to other spells to offset BB, not sure why that concept is hard
  2. Twisty Well-Known Member

    cause that's the eq2 way bai-beeee
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  3. Banana Tree Member

    This "Re-Balance" of mages and specifically necros has been a cruel and incompetent joke.
    Instead of balancing our abilities, one spell is boosted a bit too much to make total output respectable. No other spell does much on the parse, and now the only one that did good damage, and only on a single target long fight, has been taken away.
    How is this considered passable as intelligent coding or game development?
    It is one rug pull after another....
  4. badname912 Active Member

    you got rug burn?
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  5. Hellfiren Well-Known Member


    And yes unlikely DBs coders only know Black and White which means things are in function or totaly broken // useless the collores between these both they never learnd thier could be grey or something like this.

    Best Example since BoL the Replacement from SOL RO GU on Warlock was Decimation which was supposed to replace Apocalypse what it does in all functions until end of BoL .

    In RoS they nerved the OP damage on this Spell which was a surly needed adjustment BUT in the same adjustment they broke the spell completly down to useless becuase its not follwing the advantages of Apocalypse Warlocks Prestige AA in Diseased Mind which makes it Instand cast able if reached full Stacks of 180 in.

    So the base Cast time of the Spell is much higher than Apocalypse and not instand castable which makes it totaly useless.
  6. DENSER Well-Known Member

    I do equal or even more dps with my coercer, 30k pot less, 40 k less fervor than my necro, it makes sense, so much.
    When you see this, you know that those who take care of the games, do Just take care of the packaging, but the inside is a real mess
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  7. Kaaheel New Member

    TBH, this just shows the knee jerk reaction DB has to balancing and the absence of any testing being done. First, making adjustments to the Mage class due to woefully inadequate DPS which made all Mages not wanted in groups, they then nerf Necro's BB with no other changes to any of the spells to make up for the nerf. Once again Necro's are no longer wanted or needed in groups. Personally, I am very tired of spending time upgrading my biggest DPS spell to Ancient, only to have the spell nerfed at the next game update and invalidating any efforts to improve my character.

    All the while DB ignores the fact that Soulburn, once one of our top spells, is no longer viable. Many have dropped the AA altogether, as it is not even worth casting anymore.

    In the meantime, I group with players from my guild to do the H2's and watch as Rangers and Beastlords quadruple my DPS. Seeing them hit for 4-6 TRILLION makes me want to go play something else, as I have been playing a Necro for more years then I care to admit and cannot hope to even come close to those numbers, the way the game is currently setup.

    To be clear, I am not calling for Beastlords or Rangers to be nerfed, but am calling for Mages in general, and Necro's in particular to be properly balanced so that everyone can contribute equally to groups and raids.

    Mages are not a support group, they are a DPS group and should be balanced as such.
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  8. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Personally, I'm disgusted, first purchase a premium to have my main character up to standard ( necro).. And mediocre work on their part at the level of the mechanics.
    We had force to complain to have rectifications, 3 months after the launch, even if they knew it
    I just feel like I got robbed.

    And it goes on, modifications here and there, bl ups from the nerf assassins. Why how ? A real mystery
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  9. Fix Luclin New Member

    Man we go from one extreme to another..... why nerf something huge and not buff other things to compensate....
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  10. Deadheals Member

    What was it like a 80% nerf to BB?
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  11. Priestality New Member

    The assassin nerf baffles me and will never understand why...

    but the necro change was just simply them not listening. I was reading what people said... if BB was to be nerfed other abilities needed a buff since the damage spread was so drastic.. even after the nerf to BB.. it still tops their dmg and everything else still has a drastic spread way underneath BB.

    Nothing is ever tested. I dont even know why we have a test server.
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  12. Magic Missiles Active Member

    They should have just called it what it was: Mage Balance Week.
    A one week boost and then a huge nerf back to not dps.
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  13. Banana Tree Member

    Yeah it was basically a flash sale Mage Event.
    Upgrade your new spell(s) everyone! $$$
    Upgrade the crap ones hoping to still be able to contribute. $$$
    Look at parse.
    Look at bank account.
    Maybe cool down enough in a few months that we might consider logging in for a week next year hoping there is another 'mage event' and mages do damage for a few days...

    Mage Balance Indeed - bank acct balance and bank accts nerfed.

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  14. Beee Well-Known Member

    It was a double week :p

    As long as they do not correct mechanic problems every balancing is almost impossible. Summoners did never scale correct - so they do not now
  15. Ravensdread New Member

    I agree, Daybreak, you dropped the ball on Necro's. I'm fine with nerfing BB, it was kind of crazy it was almost half my damage in raid. But the call was for balance in spells, not take away pretty much 30% of Necro damage and not balance it out in other places. For instance, I remember the dumbfire pets were in the top 7-8 in parse, but now... You have to look below 13-15 to see them, maybe. You could put a little balance back in those to get us back to upper T2 DPS again.

    Please resolve the issue.
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  16. DENSER Well-Known Member

    it's so simple, there are classes that are only allocated to dps.
    why they don't take the time to make these classes viable net desired?
    Why do we have to complain so that they manage their game correctly?
    Why don't they do what is necessary to satisfy their customers?
    Why don't they communicate more?

    As much as there are great aspects of the game,they should be much more interested in this aspect of the game which is so important.
    It understandable
  17. bluemoon Member

    I just love the communication we get. Not even a peep out of any dev whether we have to wait till gu to see anything done to Necros. I am just about done with this game and the knee jerk reaction they have to everything.
  18. Hellfiren Well-Known Member


    The Balancing of Caster Classes healers included went in partly absolut wrong direction.

    Fact 1 Necros Blood Boil was nerved in DPS ok it was Op but how about adjust the left spells up to a usefull damage output ??

    Fact 2 Conj Pet and some spells are broken and not working correctly

    Fact 3 Warlocks Prestige AA right side still not fixed the way that Deccimation is castable instand again.

    Fact 4 Powerfeed abillitys on Illu and Coerc need an upgrade to be in state of the art for cover powerdrains in Raid.

    Fact 5 Raid Trash any Tier needs adjustement in the way it takes 100% Damage of Mage // Caster Damage especialy remove thier non direkt AOE Immu it SUCKS !!!

    Fact 6 Some Healer Classes are masively nerfed with the balancing of scouts.
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  19. Exilya Active Member

    Looks like they have been too busy working on their new server to care.
  20. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    The new community council should resolve all these issues in the future.