Necromancer's Vampirism

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Moorefallen, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Moorefallen Active Member

    So I have been gone for a little bit & I am just getting back & while I was reacquainting myself with my Necro, I noticed this spell and several others have been changed, Why did they change this spell?
  2. Twisty Well-Known Member

    how has it been changed and how long is a "little" gone?

    it summoned a blue bad-damage dumbfire as far back as kunark i think. damage is slightly better in last couple years, but (2x * awful) or even (10x * awful) is still bad

    there was one saving-grace legitimate use for it in fringe scenarios of keeping ur fervor stacks up during intermissions, but with fervor likely no-longer being a thing this xpac, it's back to the dumpster with it i think
  3. Moorefallen Active Member

    Well when I left it it was a dumbfire that provided a heal to the group now it requires a friend be targeted.
  4. Twisty Well-Known Member

    hrm I can't confidently bet that it has always required a friend target, but it's been useless forever so i guess that detail is hazy. regardless, with target forwarding, it will cast with an engaged mob targeted ("friend" in this case being the person who has aggro on the mob).

    you have the option to create a macro out of the spell with yourself or someone else hardcoded as target and then u can cast it even out of combat if u like, but this isnt really advised since dumbfires no longer usually die to frontals and you may be too far from the mob for Vampirism radius to reach the mob if you set urself as target. again, this is all academic since the spell is just about uncastable other then for RP reasons or something; or somehow ALL your other AE spells are down and you have 3+ unlinked mobs to kill (this doesnt really happen)

    i believe it still heals, altho don't quote me on that. but regardless, healing from it has always been laughable as far back as kunark, so whether it still heals or not is absolutely irrelevant

    edit: out of curiosity for esoteric knowledge, i just double-checked - it still heals
  5. Moorefallen Active Member

    bah you might be right I did not even look to see if that macro I deleted had a target line on it..