Necromancer - Unused Spells

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  1. DVINA New Member

    Fear, Grasping Bones, Chains of Torment, Siphoning of Souls, Vampire Bats, Vampirism, Bloodcoil (replaced by Boil Blood), Consumption (replaced by Consume Essence), Grim Sorcerer, Undead Knight, Grisly Protection aren´t on my hotbars. Best damage spells come from Nightshade and 1. Blighted Horde, 2. Undead Horde, 3. Boil Blood and then Awaken Grave, Soulborn, Rot Flesh.
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  2. Occam Well-Known Member

    Both Bloodcoil and Blood Boil are on my hotbar. I use Blood Boil for heroic bosses and raid mobs, but for heroic trash or if I'm running solos Bloodcoil is in my rotation because it's fast casting. Blighted Horde + Awaken Grave + Bloodcoil + Soulburn (if necessary) = dead solo boss

    I also use Siphoning of Souls in raids so I have Unstoppable Soul which adds to max health. I have a hotkey which targets my pet, casts Unstoppable Soul to bump his HP up, then switches back to my previous target. Follow that up with Soulburn for an extra bang.
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  3. Twisty Well-Known Member

    would be cool if was actually worth the additional effort. it's not
  4. Occam Well-Known Member

    Oh believe me, it doesn't get cast very often. It's something I can pull out of my pocket in those rare moments when I have a hole in my rotation. Nothing worse than doing nothing, even if it's only for a second.
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  5. Observing Active Member

    I guess I am ignorant. Why would you ever cast Consume Essence?
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  6. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you wouldn't with only possible exception of you're significantly short of ADC target or you expect a sub-20s fight
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  7. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for all of this! I just started a Necromancer for the first time and really appreciate every drop of this information. And Necro's do have to live in Neriak, correct???
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  8. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    No. Freeport and Gorowyn are also options.
    (unless that's changed since last summer)
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  9. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Thanks Wulfgyr. I am just getting used to the Freeport side of Norrath and having great trouble finding stuff like Pet Merchants, Black Market Center, Collectors, etc. Guess I'll catch on after awhile. Got like 4 Characters outa 21 now over on the Freeport side I think. Don't spend so much time there really.
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