Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    This is not the case for me. I can ALWAYS cast mine and it ALWAYS cancels theirs. In fact, I use mine for that purpose sometimes. I confirmed this today with Maltus Everling and several Thulians in CT. Casting mine immediately cancels theirs. I am casting Plague Adept III. Maltus was grey, the Thules were yellow.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Things I have tested today after LU#7 so far:
  4. ARCHIVED-xAlaric Guest

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  5. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    I could swear agitation had no timer on it before this last live patch. Now it's back to a 15 minutes timer... is this a bug ?
  6. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I didn't experience the Swarm of Bats issue last night and I used it often. I will test it again tonight before I put it on list
  7. ARCHIVED-Eirgorn Guest

    EDITED - was just a UI display problem on my end.

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  8. ARCHIVED-Indagaith Guest

    I still experience the pet agro management issue. the tank in our group keep syelling at me because the pet is on its own target and not the tank's (whom i am assisting). also, when the pet does get agro from something hitting me, he doesn't respond to command to attack my target. he continues to fight the one that is hitting him.
    also a new pet issue has come up since patch. Our tank uses F8 to target nearest enemy. My pets show up in this list of enemy targets. I see the tank switchig targets in my implied target window and pets name shows up every time. this causes problems when the tank inadvertenly stops on the pets name as his target while in a huge battle.
  9. ARCHIVED-Solunacancuna Guest

    I have just hit 32 and I was wondering on pet choice. It seems evryone agrees that the Rotting Thrall is the pet of choice at 38 but I was wondering which to choose until then. The UA Adept 3, lvl 30 Grim Corruptor, or Shadowy Stalker Adept 1? My play style is about 90% solo and 10% duo or grp.
    If the choice is UA Adept 3, I have only seen one for sale and it is at 40gp. Is that about right?
    Thanks again:smileyhappy:
  10. ARCHIVED-Deyil Guest

    i have noticed too that the pet can be targeted with F8 and this is very annoying for my groups' tank.
  11. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    You have to learn to control your pet. You need to tell him to FOLLOW you, then ATTACK, not PROTECT YOU or PROTECT HIMSELF. A newly spawned pet in his default state will protect both you and himself. It is up to you to change that state. If you want him to change targets (because he was given a wrong command initially) then you need to clear his hate list by telling him to BACK OFF, then send him to attack your target.

    The TAB/F8 issue is a known bug that was brought up on test. It'll take some real coding work to fix. Old pets wer simply extensions of you. New pets are now a self-standing NPC and as such, are targettable just like that harvest node or ? or NPC. It's a PITA yes, but it'll take some time to fix.

    Having said that, tanks shouldn't be using TAB or F8 - a good tank won't. That's how adds happen.
  12. ARCHIVED-Dastion84 Guest

    I'm confused about the "new pets" thing. They used to be an extension of yourself but now are stand alone NPCs? Is that somehow in preperation for LU8 or does it have some other effect? I'm not certain how changing the pet's commands required a change like that or what else that might do.
  13. ARCHIVED-xAlaric Guest

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  14. ARCHIVED-Te Kore Guest

    Is this just a translation thing or did the message change when two necros try to cast pestilential blast? I always get the message casting is not possible. I was just wondering if they changed the message but left the bug.
    This a a mayor issue, at least on my level. I often group guildwise with two necros and one of us is always one level ahead...imagine how much fun this is. Do you think it would help to open a new thread or any other ideas? /bug it every day 10 times?
  15. ARCHIVED-Te Kore Guest

    Jakanden, could you add chains of torment to the bug list too?
  16. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Yeah I havent had much time to browse forums or post of late due to being busy at work. I will take a look at this thread again when I get a chance and make updates that I missed
  17. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    I totally agree with you. Fortunatly for me it's not very usual to group with other necros but when I do the lower level one won't be able to fight at his full potencial. If two wizards can nuke at the same time why can we also do it? why can't we stack our DoTs ? DoTs are nothing more than a nuke over time. Hopefully this will be fixed in the so promised update for summoners.

    I also would like to add something I feel that it's a bug:

    - When I cast Locust Swarm in a group, when the mob i targeted dies the spell goes with it. This doesnt happen with Acursed Cloud, even after the target of the cloud is gone the effect remains until the end. I could swear it was the same with Blight.
  18. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Locust swarm (and all the others in that line) are AoE DD's and a single target DoT. The mob you cast this on is the only one that has a DoT on it, so if the mob you targeted and cast on dies while under the effects of this spell, the icon goes with it since everyone else in the encounter was only hit once anyways. Basically, there is no effect on the encounter that needs to carry over so the icon drops.
  19. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    Ok, this is definatly true but I have another problem. When I use Lich spell I also get the misty form, so basically I'm a skeleton in flames with moustache and hair... anyone else gets this ? :\
  20. ARCHIVED-angan55 Guest

    Did not see this bug reported anywhere.

    Casting Swarm of Bats turns on the melee attack. So you start doing those "hoo" and "haaa"s.

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