Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    golly. this oughta be stickied!
  2. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I wish it would be. I PMed the mods about getting it stickyed but never got a reply =(
  3. ARCHIVED-Ayarel Guest

    Lich form as Adept I, is currently bugged graphicly.
    I'm guessing it puts us in the Grim Spellbinder - Master I form with the Black skeleton on Fire, but we get that + Nylph's Misty Image making robes showing and horrible hair that stays in place as you move making it have a distorted view.
    I'm making myself Adept III lich soon to see if we get a different form from it, but I doubt it :smileysad:
  4. ARCHIVED-esla Guest

    Just mentioning something about this:
    Pet Aggro Management - Pets switch targets without being told to. This happens quite often when its master gets attacked or another mob attacks the pet. As in EQ1 the pet should stay on its assigned target and not switch just because we get hit or another mob hits it.
    Before the latest expansions EQ1 pets had normal aggro lists and would switch targets like mad. It was not until the 3rd pet discipline AA that you could stick your pet on one mob. So, I bet we have to wait until EQ2 gets AA's before we get something sweet like this :p

  5. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I never had this bad of a problem with my Pet in EQ1 and I played from release to Luclin. I never did AA's =)
  6. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Been on the list for some time with a screenshot =)
  7. ARCHIVED-RazeHellNow Guest

    I just wear my helmet (showhood) and I get rid of the Lich Hair problem. Besides it looks better give it a shot.
  8. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    You do realize that from a distance you are a skeleton with no robe and a hood on when you do that right?
  9. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    You guys are so vain! :)

    There are some features I think our pet window is lacking.

    1. I can't tell what orders it is currently under. For example, if I tell my pet to stay somewhere, there should be an indication of that on the control box, such as a greyed out "stay" button. Same for "attack", etc.

    2. I can't tell if my pet is engaged in combat without having combat spam enabled (and yes I do fully support the idea of having a chat option specifically for pet combat spam, and not just pet output but pet damage taken). Some pets are animated, many are not. Why can't their names flash RED like ours do when fighting?

    3. I can't tell if my pet has been debuffed/DoTted or buffed by a groupmate. Give it to me in the pet window (and let me size it down if I don't care).
  10. ARCHIVED-BadIronTree Guest

    Next patch (6)
    YEA i am in love :))))

    Necromancer changes:
    - Detect Obfuscation will now affect the entire group.
    - Chains of Torment's disease DoT effect will now show up in the maintained spells window.
    - Recurring health/power costs have been removed from the following spells:
    - Boon of the Lifeless
    - Mend Bones
    - Words of the Wicked
    - Necrotic Mending
    - Rending Frenzy
    - Opal's Aggravating Seal
    - Darkbriar's Corpseskin
    - The proc effects on the following spells or combat arts now deal direct damage instead of granting an additional attack:
    - Boon of the Lifeless
    - Words of the Wicked
    - Rending Frenzy
    - Opal's Aggravating Seal
    - Darkbriar's Corpseskin
    - The following spells or combat arts no longer toggle:
    - Opal's Aggravating Seal
    - Darkbriar's Corpseskin
    - The following spells or combat arts no longer expire and had their reuse timer removed:
    - Boon of the Lifeless
    - Favor of the Fallen
    - Mark of the Miasmic
    - Undying Adherent
    - Grim Spellbinder
    - Rotting Thrall
    - Unholy Covenant
    - Words of the Wicked
    - Grim Thulian
    - Shadowy Stalker
    - Aspect of Undead
    - Rending Frenzy
    - Teachings of the Dead
    - Grim Terror
    - Shadowy Assassin
    - Lich
    - Nylph's Bone Form
    - Nylph's Ghost Form
    - Nylph's Misty Image
    - Dartain's Dead Sight
    - Nylph's Skeletal Regiment
    - Xelha's Fallen Hero
    - Kaver's Grim Corruptor
  11. ARCHIVED-Beaumorte Guest

    i totally agree, necro's in EQ2 are so hardly worth playing, i mean, after playing one on EQ1 for over a year, i would love to know, where are the lifetaps?, where are the real snare dot's?, where are the REAL fear spells?
    i was grouped with some people running some type of dps counter, and i was placing almost dead last after every combat, granted i was the lowest lvl member of the party, but only by 1 or 2 lvls, shouldn't have made that big of a difference. more than anything, i would love to see necro's get a real EQ1 style lifetap, direct damage done to mob, heals necro for a certain amount of health, i know if i had that, i would probably not have 140 something deaths to my name right now. i feel like an alternate version of a mage, playing a necro in EQ2
    PLEASE SOE, give us poor necro's some of our old EQ power back
  12. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Actually until the Pet screw up - from 40-50 we were one of the most powerful classes in game if played properly. With all these fixes that is just going to bump us up even more =)
  13. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Ignore someone else's parser it means nothing. It ignores your pet and your rats/dogs. Parse your own logs. I have never been last on the list - and in most cases I am highest. In the cases where I am not I am 2nd.

    Beaumorte wrote:

    i would love to see necro's get a real EQ1 style lifetap, direct damage done to mob, heals necro for a certain amount of health

    Siphon Life. At my current level it hits for just over 400 and heals for 180.
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  14. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Ummm, is that possible? You'll need a Tier *6* rare and a level 51 alchemist and sage if normal rules apply. Can someone confirm if level 50 spells CAN have Adept IIIs atm?
  15. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest

    According to its possible, check this link
  16. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I have been using Adept III lich for sometime now =)
  17. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    Can you post a screen of the adept III lich spell. Curious on the stats of it. Thanks.
  18. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    I think this is a valid issue, that i have not seen posted. It's hard to explain but here goes.

    As most people know the level 35 fun spell "misty image" gives you a misty smoke like look where your face becomes invisible. As most people know if your a short race this makes you taller, no biggie even though my character is a gnome. My problem is that when i use the spell i get human facial hair with an invisible face which is really disappointing cause i was hoping for the whole grim reaper look with empty hood and i look like santa claus on crack with drag queen eye brows.

    I ended up asking around and as far as i know this is only a issue with GNOMES who use this spell. Some of the others i asked didn't have this problem, others did and some of them would get dark elf facial hair and obviously enough the only other people who had this problem were gnomes. I /bugged it in game but i figured i would post it here also.
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  19. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    New bugs from LU#6:

    The following spells or combat arts no longer expire and had their reuse timer removed Words of the Wicked - still 15 minute timer
    Rending Frenzy - still 15 minute timer
  20. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

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