Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    I copied this image from ones of the other threads:


    0% change of success vs lvl 36+ ? is this a joke ? you get this spell at lvl 43, by then all mobs lower than 36 are grey to you... I hope this gets better at lvl 50 and with adept I
  2. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    Text bug. Our FD works on mobs 50+.. It's noted in the first page... ALWAYS read the first page before you post an issue.

    (removed pics to save space)
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  3. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    All of the upgrade spells are in line with the first spell. The reason the damage is worse is that at the level you get Locust Swarm app1... Blight app4 IS better. If you had Blight Ad3 it'll be better than Locust for like 3-4 more levels yet.

    Get Locust app4 then compare.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jaiken Guest

    Level 50 spell Lich (Adept 1) seems to have a hidden bug or undesired effect.

    Im doing writs in EL killing gnarled creepers level 36 ^^, ill pull them and let the pet tank away while I read the forums on my laptop. Anyways when I use Lich I get hit about 1 out of 5 swings from the beast, which is about 500-600 damage ( a gnarled creeper's Wild Swing hits YOU for 526 points of crushing damage). Now if i dont have the spell on, I dont get hit one time during the battle.

    Can anyone else test it out?

    50 Necro of Permafrost
  5. ARCHIVED-elimit Guest

    Since they fixed Terror, I've been using it a lot more with great success, but I have been running into a problem with it. Occasionally I end up fearing a mob into a wall.. it will keep the group in combat and the mob will either not return or attack, but not be visible. I know this has been a problem for quite some time with mobs, but just an issue I think ought to be on the list.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zincrust Guest

    Yes Morcego, in my opinion, our AE line needs some serious fixing. I only have app1 Torrential Plague (level 50 AE) and its very disappointing, as well as Locust Swarm etc.

    I'll try and check out the Lich effect.
  7. ARCHIVED-Zincrust Guest

    Today I got rending frenzy adept 1.
    Upgraded it from app1.
    139 power
    10% chance to do 76 damage
    5% increase in DPS
    adept 1:
    119 power
    10% chance to do 70!!!!! damage
    5% increase in DPS
  8. ARCHIVED-Gomora_Toad Guest

    Immobilize is no longer sharing a timer with the pet buffs. Sorry for not mentioning that sooner, I took a bit of a break from my nec, and didn't notice that it was fixed until recently.

    As for priorities, the various pet issues (lack of control, weak DPS pets, fighter pets' occasional difficulty holding aggro, etc.) are currently #1 for me. Broken spells/worthless spell upgrades are definitely important too, but that seems to be a problem for every class, so I'd guess it's near the top of the devs' list anyway.

    I also propose that "Riverdance" and "Make Me A Sandwich" commands be added to the pet bar. :smileytongue: (just kidding... maybe...)
  9. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    That riverdance command isn't too much to ask for. Ever have a troubador make your pet dance? It is humiliating. And if they can do it, why can't we? OK that's not a bug. Please disregard this post. Thank you.
  10. ARCHIVED-RazeHellNow Guest

    Torrential Plague is more than just disappointing, its a slap in the face! If this spell did 4X times the current damage I might consider it disappointing.
  11. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Added a few things today and yesterday =)
  12. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    Excellent but....recast timer apparently affects all pet buffs (Boon of the Lifeless, Agitation, and the training buffs I believe are also subject to the new rules) as well as Grisly Brace, Cloak of Venril, Invisibility....probably more. Although, it's entirely possible that none of these recast changes are bugs and they're just there to annoy me. I think the last 3 I listed above were probably changed to prevent casting on multiple targets. I think a better programming solution should be sought.

    We do have the 20 icon maintained spell window now with targets of maintained spells viewable, but the target of everything I cast is displayed as ME. I was sort of hoping it would tell me the mob I'd DoTted or the person whom I'd warded. I assume the enchanters will raise a stink about this pointless added functionality (maybe it works for priests?) but it sure seems buggy. I am not debuffing myself!
  13. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Level 43.6 Skinrot: When the debuff component lands the effect is a 30 second icon that looks like an orange grisly mark. The problem is the debuff is labeled Pestilential Blast. Either this spell doesn't debuff for a proper amount IAW its level or the debuff naming is a bad cut/paste of P Blast.

    I believe this should be added to the bug list.
  14. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    While we're discussing Pest. Blast, it's supposed to have a debuff component, correct? When you cast it, the icon is up momentarily. Is that the entire duration of the debuff? If so, it's useless as a debuff. If the debuff lasts longer, the icon should remain for the duration of the debuff. Shouldn't it?
  15. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    I didn't notice the change til last night... it used to hit then you'd get that little lightening bolt icon for maybe one second and that would be it. Now, when the debuff lands properly you get a long lasting icon for the debuff component (like 30 seconds).
  16. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    Really? Well that's good then. I guess I was a little too occupied with all my other little issues I didn't even notice.'s not a toggleable debuff is it? :/
  17. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Bad C/p is my guess. Examine the spell and it tells you that it casts "pestilential blast" on the target that is a debuff so the icon is showing exactly what the description says.
  18. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Edit: My arguement was a bit skewed initially. Should probably clarify, while the description states how much each spell is supposed to debuff for, there's no real way to verify it since debuffs can't be easily parsed. Just because the two spells say in their description that they do two different levels of debuffing, the fact that they both have the same name leads me to believe that we aren't getting the full power of the debuff component... at least there is enough doubt in my mind to question whether the debuff does all it's supposed to do for its level.
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  19. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Is the Swarm line stripping Debuffs for anyone else again? I have Plague of Rats Adept III and its remove debuffs and Dots for me
  20. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Nm - its working fine heh

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