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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Shiny!, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Shiny! New Member

    I've recently returned to EQ2 and am new to the Necro class, currently level 15. I read here that Necros get all kinds of different pets but I'm not finding any of these on the broker. Do these pets still exist or were things drastically changed?
  2. Darkmoogle Member

    No longer around. You will get your 3 main ones. (Nightshade 'Scout') (Grim Sorcerer 'Mage') & (Undead Knight 'Tank'). You will also get some pets that will aid you in battle for a limted time and those are Undead Horde, Awaken Grave & Blighted Horde.
  3. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    As darkmoogle mentioned, you get three main ones that keep the same name but only add different numbers to them. It used to be a real pain to find skills/spells when everything had a unique name. That said, while some of the looks for those pets have changed, many of those skins I believe are still in game at various levels and qualitities. The only sad thing is you cant use the skin you like while maintaining the level of power afforded to your level/quality.
  4. Jolemai Active Member

    It's also worth noting that the artwork for each changes as the pet increases in quality (e.g. Adept -> Master) and if you don't like an appearance, use a petamorph wand to change it :)
  5. Cinnamon Active Member

    worth noting... you won't see your first mage pet until level 20 and than 34,48,62,75,85,and than 95 and your first scout one until level 32 and again at 46,60,73,83 and 93. Your fighter you have now won't get upgrades until level 24,38,52,67,77,87,and than 97. Give or take level for I may actually be off a level for some but close for pets use to be every 14 levels but than in the 70's it became at every ten levels.
  6. Gosh Member

    well, and stay level 94. the 95 mage pet looks crap. ;)
  7. Gosh Member

    market for low level spells are somewhat spoiled. many people rush throught the low levels so there are not many spells for sale. And if some drop, people buy them to just get their transmuting skill up. :(
  8. doughknee New Member

    Necro pets used to be cooler, I think they're boring now. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought a Necro on the marketplace.
  9. EQplayer New Member

    The high level undead Knights look very cool, even have their own mount. The high level grim sorcerer also looks cool, it's a royal looking mummy. I'm talking master level spells in both cases. Generally the master level spells are much cooler looking for any level. There are also petamorph wands on the SC market for cheap, and some of those models look very cool. With the right spec they are extremely powerful as well. The exception being the scout pet, it's pretty useless as the mage pet is superior.
  10. Mohee Active Member

    Also worth noting that scout pets (your nightshade) are completely useless and have been for many, many years...
  11. Hachi Member

    > Also worth noting that scout pets (your nightshade) are completely useless and have been for many, many years...

    Indeed. Actually, I don't even use the tank pet except for the odd heroic encounter that a master level mage pet can't handle.
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