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    I am an experienced healer in the game but have recently created a necromancer which is. to be honest, a common nuisance in a group as my pet (mage) keeps pulling random aggro whic h is drivng our usual tank mad. As he is in real life my husband to be, in the interests of marital harmomy. can anyone help?
    I have been through all the buffs. have toggled off the protect commands but still he does it.

    Thanks all !
  2. ARCHIVED-t20c06b Guest

    What are the chances you have the Teamwork AA endline from the summoner tree's Agility line?

    That was the first thing that came to mind, but it could also be a simple matter of learning to manage your mage pet's threat through backing it off and using magic leash perhaps.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Teamwork AA is a likely culprit, but beyond that there's other sources of aggro you need to be concerned with:
    Are you using the tank pet or the mage pet? The mage pet is the all-around better pet to use in group situations, but it's also a big aggro magnet.
    Is your pet in defensive stance? Defensive stance makes the pet pull substantially more aggro than normal.
    Is your necro substantially better geared than your hubby's tank? Mages in general, and this includes necros, generate an obscene amount of aggro, and often tanks in general struggle to keep up. And because the pet uses most of the same stats as your necro...
    One thing you can do to help out in the aggro department is get a few points in Minion's Attention. The mage pet will proc it pretty frequently, which will help to keep the pet's aggro in check. You don't need too many points into it, maybe about 4 to 6 to be effective. The opposite is true if you're using the tank pet and Minion's Attention: The pet will rip aggro more often with a few points in Minion's Attention. But then again in a group situation you shouldn't be using the tank pet to begin with.
  4. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    MinaKitten wrote:
    You are doing nothing wrong, and you cannot remove any buff to fix it. It is clearly bugged.
    It is 100% reproducible by anyone wanting to test.
    On any body pull of any aggro mob, if everyone in the group remains passive, the mob will ALWAYS target the necro pet and attack it, even if it runs throught the tank and the entire remaining group to get to it, and even if the pet it set to stand there and die before casting a single point of damage.
    I tested dozens of combos. I removed all necro pet buffs, then every buff of any sort the necro had on himself or the group, then all the necro's gear, and tried every necro pet. I body pulled with the tank, the defiler, the illy, and the necro. 100% of the time the mob immediately ran to the necro pet and began beating on it. Since I had the pet set to passive, it would eventually get killed and the mob would start on the necro, not the person closest to it.
    At no time, in any test, did the necro pet inflict a single point of damage on the mob, even when it was being beaten to death.
    The defiler could preward the pet, and heal the pet while it was being attacked. Neither of these actions drew aggro, even though they should have normally, given nobody else doing anything to generate hate. I could not pull the mob off the necro pet with the healer doing heals. Similarly, the illy had breeze constantly running, and manaflowed the pet while it was being attacked. No aggro. Nothing short of active damage motivated the mob to leave the necro pet.
    Some have suggested the Teamwork endline as being the villian. I'm doubtful. Depending on the pet type that is up, it adds a small buff to the group. (MA, potency, or mitigation). I assure you, the paladin, defiler, and illy all had far more of the same type of buff up on the group, and it ran right past them to get to the pet. If it is Teamwork, for some reason not stated on the spell description, you cannot cancel it. It's a passive AA, always up if you have a pet up. I'm not going to respec to find something a dev should be able to find on his own.
    Of course, the non bugged action would have been for the mob to attack whoever body pulled. It won't.
    You will just have to accept that the necro pet is going to be the stopping point on all body pulls, even accidental ones, and have the tank pull it off once the mob is clear of whatever other mobs caused him to body pull in the first place, rather than just taunting from the get go. Generally speaking, the pet will survive.
  5. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    It was easier to comment to your specific points. I decided to do what testing I could to further the finding of the fix. I expected to remove gear/buffs until I got rid of the problem, but it never went away. I let the pet die on several occasions, mostly to test if healing would pull it off, manaflow, etc, and then to see if the aggro transferred to the necro, even though the pet did zero damage.
    I'd say you'd never see the problem on an aggressive tank pull, but any body pull, regardless of who does it, results in the necro pet becoming the target, followed by the necro itself.
  6. ARCHIVED-xsikal Guest

    Glenolas wrote:
    Note: this is a problem with shaman pets too. I've hypothesized that, for them, it's the aa that allows the pet to give haste to those around it causing the problem. The same thing is clearly seen... set pet to passive mode, pull mobs, do nothing... mobs will all gravitate to pet.
    My battle mystic (who tanks for our duo) finally gave up and stopped summoning her dog, as it was wreaking havoc on pulls with a moderate number of non-grouped mobs.
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    Just to let you know, this topic was moved from General Gameplay Discussion to Class Discussion > Mage's Arcanum > Necromancer since it is a class discussion. Thank you!
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    Isulith wrote:
    Not to nitpick, but... it's a problem that affects at least 4 classes (mystic, defiler, necro, and conjurer). There have been threads about the issue in the respective class forums already (in the case of mystics, the thread is many months old). It does feel somewhat like just sweeping the problem back under the rug. :)
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    Valentina@Butcherblock wrote:
    yes it does. shame that it will be buried here.

    anyway.... i noticed something odd the other day. i was in shard of fear with my necro, tank pet and a warden mentored down from 90 to my level (78 ). depending upon whether or not we were running past the trash or fighting the mobs, i would toggle the auto protect on & off. it was really odd bc when i had him set to NOT protect, the mobs would gun for him but when i had him set on protect, they would not. (many times, i had to click protect so he wouldnt die until we could gain control of the situation. i'm wondering if the scripts are backwards.
  10. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Tigress, I've seen mobs beeline for my pet in the past, but I've never seen that situation. How odd.
  11. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

  12. ARCHIVED-Stumbleine Guest

    Sweeping it out from under the rug...
    Any further development with this? I recently got my necro to 86. In VIGILANT ( the FS zone) I was grouped with my raid tank and some other guildies. On every pull, the mob went straight to my pet. It is set to back-off and I don't use the pet window to send it in, I have a /pet attack macroed. It got to be so bad (after repairing once) that on named pulls I would despawn it and summon it after the pull.
    In game I am hearing that it IS because of Teamwork... Some bug. Has this been confirmed?
  13. ARCHIVED-Solarax Guest

    it still does this.
    it may have something to do with certain group buffs that get imparted through us to our pet as I have noticed when certain classes are missing this does not happen ( the classes missing were always healers)

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