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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-MoochBB, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-MoochBB Guest

    I've been playing EQ for several months now and have made it to level 90, playing 99% solo.
    While leveling to 90, I did an pet-based AA build. Once I made 90, I respecced to a more group friendly build.
    After respeccing, I've found that casting 1-2 spells (ie soulrot, lifetap, etc) I take aggro from my pet everytime. I've also had problems aggro management problems in groups. I have master level pets, and I'm geared 80% legendary/20% T2 fabled. I also have a -10% hate mod which doesnt seem to help at all, and also use bewilderment.
    Any ideas on how I can better manage aggro solo and in groups, other than standing around looking stupider than usual?
  2. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    If you're soloing with your mage pet, put it in Defensive.
    In a group, you're going to have aggro problems unless your tank is either really kick butt, or you and your tank have aggro management buffs (troubador for dehate, coercer/dirge for hate, assassin/swashbuckler for hate transfer, etc)
  3. ARCHIVED-PotatoeGuru Guest

    MoochBB wrote:
    I firmly believe (but alas cannot prove) that hate gain/aggro was changed with GU57 and I've also noticed that Bewilderment (fully max points spent) doesn't quite often seem to make a dent. Like you, I have the -10 hate AA.
    The only way I've been able to survive is cast less and let the pet tank more/use Tainted Heal AA. Is takes a bit longer to kill stuff, but it works.
  4. ARCHIVED-NewbJoe Guest

    Brigh@Guk wrote:
    Also, in recommendation of the Tainted heals AA line. You might want to spec down the Staminia Summoner tree for for
    Preceptor's Command and Unfliching Servant. Preceptor's command should be use like a tank tuant and not a like a emergency rescue or you will keeping dying. Watch how close you are stacking DoTs as well. There isn't anything wrong with slowing down the fight especailly if you soloing ^^^ heroic mobs.
  5. ARCHIVED-Daelim Guest

    I'm lvl 90, 210AA, Fabled and Legendary gear fully mastered, 1200 abil mod, 37% crit bonus, 38% Potency and as a general rule I can open up a fight by stacking all the DoT's, Undead Horde and a Lifeburn as fast as I can throw them out and follow that with my two lifetaps to help the healer keep my up and never get near pulling agro. I can't remember the last time I got above 20% on the agro meter without some extenuating circumstance causing it. I'f you're pulling agro in groups I would suggest getting a better tank. lol

    The complaints about the pet agro are valid though... My tank pet has almost 30k Health but he can't hold agro off me to save my life... lol I've gone to just soloing with my mage pet and my Group AA build because the mage pet can actually hold agro and does enough damage that I can sit back and play healer for him while he kills stuff. If I tried that with my tank pet I pull heal agro before to long into the fight... lol
  6. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    i'm level 42, my tank pet keeps aggro off me. i've even transferred my health to him so he doesnt die on me. (then i use liftap to bring myself back up.) maybe they didn't increase the pet hate gain for the higher levels?
  7. ARCHIVED-Daelim Guest

    Yea, tank pet leveling up was fantastic. When they raised the max level to 90 I was one of the first on my server to hit level 90. Because of that, I ended up using my lvl 77 tank pet for a long time because noone could make me the expert of my new pets so i could have the research assistant upgrade them for me. My level 77 tank pet tanked the conservatory in Vasty Deep for a Pick up group and did a great job. He held agro fine, noone died, everyone in the group was happy with his tanking even though they all started with the Necro's are OP jokes. By the time I was able to upgrade the new tank to master I had piled on some pretty decent gear and he couldn't hold agro off me to save my life. The tank pets limit based on my parsing myself and my groups is about 4k DPS. If you are soloing and hitting 4k+ DPS you are going to rip agro off the pet. In the conservatory group my 77 pet tanked noone in the group was able to put out over 4k DPS except me and my DPS was down because I was tanking, healing and DPSing at the same time.

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