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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Occam, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Occam Well-Known Member

    I haven't had a ton of time to play in BoL yet, so I'm curious what other necros are doing. I've done the sig questline and most of the overland quests, but have yet to do any heroics or (of course) raids. We all know by now that for solo mobs and zones the reaper pet is still out parsing the new pets, but I was wondering about fights with heroic and raid mobs.

    My fear is that the lvl 110 ancient reaper will end up missing too often on higher level mobs. Does anyone have experience with this yet? Is it still better to keep using the reaper pet, or will I need to switch to the new pets when I get into heroics and raids?

    Also, what are you all choosing for your lvl 115 GM spell? I'm inclined to choose one of the pets but I don't know enough about them yet to make an informed decision. At various times throughout the years either the mage or scout pet was clearly superior to the others. Is one showing to be better at this point?
  2. Giga Member

    So far summoners are not in a great place. Epic pet doesn't scale and will be 110 which will cause it to do less damage and miss more on higher end mobs. I picked the sorc GM and it doesn't do well at all and a lot of times just stands around casting.. nothing. Not tried the scout yet.
  3. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you can always change your 115 GM choice, so dont feel obligated to "make the right choice" on 1st try. take all of them and try it for yourself, as always is the best answer.

    if u not into experimental learning, both pets are garbage relative to epic. awaken GM is worse than previous awaken Ancient

    Bloodcoil is a standard upgrade because it's a standard spell, so harder for DB's script to eff-up
  4. Bardonio Active Member

    Zones into the ruins in heroic in wracklands to test the new pets on the trash. After choosing GM for nightshade and then GM grim sorcerer, I have decided to stick with my Reaper. The damage output/hits is significantly higher(100% hit rate). Tested all three on solo trash and the groups of 3 skeleton mobs. I’m afraid the epic pet not scaling was intentional due to stat inflation. If you reforge into pure DPS, Reaper is top over every other pet in our arsenal. Even without reforge into dps, epic pet is far superior to the new tiered pets. I can post breakdowns if it helps. Lmk
  5. Giga Member

    I'd love to see parses of all three, would love to see them in a group environment also.
  6. Bardonio Active Member

    Well, all necro pets lvl 111+ had an increase in there damage by 38%. Conjy had a 50% bump. Thank god they fixed that empyral quintessence currency issue. Now there is still nothing to buy from Magdalen Gemdawn in Sanctus Seru. Anyone notice unannounced changes after today’s patch? Seems to be an ongoing theme with daybreak.
  7. Bardonio Active Member

    Epic pet still far more superior than any of the new pets all GM. Not paying for ancient on them so won’t know about that tier.
  8. Occam Well-Known Member

    Ok, it looks like the ancient mage pet might be performing better than the ancient epic pet on raid mobs. Mind you, this is by NO means a large enough sample size to make an absolute claim. The jury is still out, especially considering raids have been broken.

    We killed 2 overland raid mobs. The first I used my epic pet and I was 12th on the parse (I died inside just a little bit). On the second I used my mage pet and jumped to 5th (better, but still not where I want to be).

    Again, 2 fights is NOT a good measure by any means. There are far to many variables that could account for my increased DPS from one fight to the next. However, I'm hoping the devs will fix the issue before my guild raids next and I'll be able to experiment a little more.
  9. Lenecro New Member

    Until our class gets fixed such as actually increasing our pet damage by 38% rather than 38% invisible fervor.. Reaper pet will always be the best option.. even with the new pets at celestial i've heard they are BARELY better than the reaper.. it is ridiculous.
  10. Twisty Well-Known Member

    they're not barely better than reaper

    above is not a test, as at least self-acknowledged

    real mathematical 38% is nowhere close to what the fix needed to be in order to be on-par with reaper. and being on-par is not useful really
  11. Bardonio Active Member

    It’s 100% not useful since epic pet remains at level 110 and new primary pets go to level 120. The new pets, in theory, should do significantly more damage just due to their leveling ability. And since no one is going to post ancient grim sorcerer IX parses on T1 raid mobs, there won’t be anything anyone can do to visualize the differences. How’s Vigilance T? Happy New Year.
  12. Lenecro New Member

    I mean, who wants to pay to win on a summoner in 2020. LUL the devs will see all necros crying and increase the reaper pet up to 120. to be able to increase the normal 3 pets you'd have to completely rework the pets.. who wants to do that? lmfao
  13. Amiiss Member

    Im ok with the Reaper not leveling, An easy fix would be to make the reaper into a pet buff that applies to each pet. Having the 3 necro or conj pets is how the classes were designed. The easy way out is to give everyone a cookie cutter pet. We had 3 pets/spell levels that were totally useless for a couple years. Depending on how stats shake out some may go with scout some may go with mage pets. Either way, the fact that they are putting any time into it is better than a third level increase where pet spells dont matter.
  14. Giga Member

    I have to disagree, they have put summoners in the same boat they were in before the epic pet was introduced, albeit maybe not as bad. You are a summoner, a mage at practice with a pet. You should be concentrating on spell casting abilities and not pumping up melee stats to increase your pet. We had to do that once upon a time and boy did group/raid loot wars rage. You have to justify a sweet piece of scout gear for a summoner over well... a scout.. yes i know that loot isn't quite a class oriented as it once was, but still that piece should always go to a melee class not a mage.

    The 10 levels missing from reaper plays a HUGE part in our DPS. Summoners are parsing like ****, that isn't to say some summoner is excelling, the point is any competent player should be able to parse well in any given environment, and that just isn't happening. Look at Beastlords and their pets, hell their pets are sometimes topping the parses. Imagine what the reaper would do if it actually leveled. Nearly (if not all) other classes epic spells tier and function at a somewhat useful place in the xpac. We sit back with a neutered pet that STILL does more damage than our new shiny 120 level pets.

    That should scare you to a degree on just how little the devs care about balance. They haven't done significant anything for pets in a long time. The Epic pets put summoners in a decent t1 to t2 place. Hell, the days they had pet stats on gear was better than this.
  15. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you guys are high as hell. bumping epic pet to lvl120 will do next to nothing dps-wise.

    their attacks aren't getting resisted/missing, they wont magically do more dmg at lvl120. summoner pet spell-casting logic is all fubared, more so for necro pets than conj, but both of them suffer from auto-attack skipping for ridiculous amounts of time. and not a dev left likely who would dare to stick a finger in that soup to try to fix it. only reason BL pets were so OP for a hot second is because BL pets have next to no spells to fubar the logic, so they just buzz-saw autoattack.
  16. Giga Member

    Well FUBAR

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