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  1. ARCHIVED-Qbic07 Guest

    Dear ladies and gents,
    Since we are limited in the characterslots I decided to roll only one summoner being a conjuror or necro. What are the biggest differences between the two? I will prolly use this toon to solo so which one is the most solo-friendly?
    I surely do not want to start a flamefest between necro's and conjurors; I returned after a long absence and therefore have no idea of the current state of the game.
    Thanks upfront.
    Have a nice day!
  2. ARCHIVED-Greggthegrmreapr Guest

    From my understanding, Conjurors are postly Elemental based and tend to be more of an AoE class. Necromancers are noxious based, and are more single target based.
    I believe they both solo very well.
  3. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    thats probably a personal choice. i'd rather solo/play with my necro than my conjurer. you could make one of each, bring them up to 30 and then decide. i deleted a few characters while i was deciding what i wanted to play. it doesnt take long to get to 30. if you have only space for one more character, then it might take a few deletes but you can add a character slot for $10.

    necros have more heals and the conjurer has an extra AOE at lower levels. (my conjurer is only level 36 not sure if they get more higher up.)
  4. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    I play both classes (90 conjuror/82 necromancer), and I really enjoy both classes. They are both wonderful at soloing. Necros get the tainted heals AA line which is pretty nice, it heals your pet each time you cast any in a set of spells. They can also feign death when things go very wrong. At higher levels conjurors get plane shift which is a pretty massive pet buff, and they also get a few other spells that help with taking down harder targets when soloing. Their tank pet, at least in my experience, also seems to be able to take hits and hold aggro a bit better.
    So personally, I like my necro for taking out standard solo mobs, and my conj for taking out harder things - although both classes can do both. :)

    Either way you go, you'll be able to solo just fine. Take the sta AA line in the summoner tree, and max out perceptor's command, it really comes in handy.

    As was mentioned, you can pick up extra character slots if you decide you want to roll the other class some day. Or, you can betray from a conjuror to a necro, or necro to conjuror to try out the other class. There have been a few changes to betrayal which make it easier - for example, if you go from conjuror to necro and decide you don't like necro? You can betray back to conjuror and still have all your old master spells (or whatever level they were). So you don't lose out if you want to switch and try the other class if you dislike it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    For "trivial" soloing (solo questlines, dungeons "chronomentored" by more than 20 lvls iow things every classes can do), Conjs are slighly ahead. They have more burst and AOE damages while Necro's extra survivability (Tainted Heal, Lifetaps, FD) isn't really needed for this kind of content. For "harder" soloing, Necros are better than Conjs though.
  6. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    If you want to raid conjurors have better raid buffs,single and AoE dps, and more useful group utility.
    If you want to solo harvest nodes/shinies necros get Feign death!
  7. ARCHIVED-Nrgy Guest

    Conj = High DPS in groups and raids, as well as solos well
    Necro = High Survivability w/ decent DPS in group and raid, as well as soloing very well

    Conj's have large bust DD damage where Necro's have busted DoT mechanics
    Conj's Elemental Blast = True Win
    Necro's Lifeburn = L2P or Die
    Necro's have Tainted heals which in a soloing stance is more than awesome
    Necro's have Faint Death 100% success with a 5 min timeer (2.5 min w/ AA's)
    Necro's seem to be more dependant on AA's to really show thier greatness but you'll never have to look at a mob and pass it by thinking you need a friends help.
    If you want to experience serious dungeon crawling then Necro is for you ... If you lean towards High spike DPS numbers like a wizard then go Conj.

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