necro nerf with LU 20 or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Benboe, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Please don't get less squeaky. Your contributions are very articulate, on point, and much needed. Don't be worn down by time, or give up because goofy 'workarounds' make it possible to sort of play your character.

    This problem has completely hosed up gameplay for me, on what is basically the only character I play. If you look at the number of times I have posted on this forum, you will see that it is exactly two. And both are on this issue.

    So, Mr. SOE, you have gotten my attention.

    What is just incomprehensible to me, is the lack of information from the company on this issue.
    • There was no mention of any such changes last week, with the original update.
    • Whatever happened, and why, has caused VERY BIG changes to the way this class plays. So much so, that I have basically giving up XPing for now.
    • Feedback from the company is nil. Here are some questions:
      • Was this change intentional? Was there a problem with the way fighter pets were operating before?
      • If not, then can't we just roll back performance to what it was prior to last week?
      • If this was a mistake, and you plan to correct it, could you just provide a status update on when, so we know what to expect?
      • However, if the change was intentional, could an explanation as to why it was needed please be provided? I personally had no problem with fighter pets using AE taunts at the start of group encounters. This made sense to me. If I did nothing, the pet would keep agro. If I overdid things, I would take agro from the pet...this seems to make sense. What's happening now, is just crazy.
      • Just UPDATE US. Let us know what the heck is going on.....
    • Yes, it's your get to make the rules. But, I'm the customer! I get to spend the money! How about a fair shake? This is really, truly, a major problem, for soloers, and I feel completely in the dark about what's happening here. Meanwhile, I see update notes to the affect of 'such and such item will no longer cause a pink pop up window to appear'.
    I cannot tell you how completely discouraged I am as a result of this mess.
    Mauros D'Vir
    Necromancer, 56 seasons
    Lucan D'Lere

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    Pretty much everything that was said in above post is what I had on my mind but really couldn't find the wording. I played eq2 when it first came out and pretty much quit because at that time, the damage table was screwed up and fighter classes were actually doing MORE DPS than scout and mage. After the problem not getting fixed, I quit to go play "Other" games, later to find out the DPS problems between the different class types at the time had finally been fixed.

    Necromancer is the only class I will play. Period. It is really different and unique from all the other classes that are in Everquest2. Do I think we should be able to solo ^^^ Heroics the same level as us? NO! But it is a problem when I'm sitting there with a healer and my pet can't even take down a regular heroic mob with ADEPT 3 Rotting thrall and ADEPT 3 defensive stance. Sony, where is your answer for this? You have the whole community stating a problem, it is YOUR JOB to research what is going on with the game and at least give a response as to:

    *Is this a nerf and just didn't get stated?
    *Is this a problem (which it is I'm sorry) and are we going to fix it?

    This is the only class I will play Sony. Keep screwing around with my class, you're gonna make several people quit.

    Befallen Server
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    Oh trust me my friend, I have no intention of becoming less squeaky. The only result of that is in being ignored --- I know this, I've done this before. I will try to stay polite, concise, and to the point, but I will NOT forget that this needs fixing.

    Moorgard (or Blackguard? pretty sure it was Moorgard though) said that playing a character should be FUN. I agree, it's my playtime and it should be FUN. And, up until LU20, my necromancer was fun for me and my playstyle. Now, they've broken something, and we KNOW it's broken because Blackguard said it was. They attempted one hotfix, which either didn't go in, or wasn't the problem, but they haven't gone any further, either in the fix or in the notifying their customers of the status on this problem.

    Point -- long drawn out downtimes are not FUN. I work to avoid these by limiting the mobs I take on (I've never done those high heroics others have..I do green heroics, if they're in my way, and avoid the rest) The current state of the Necromancer doesn't allow me this, even blue solo conned mobs create a very large downtime just regenerating my own HP.

    Point -- the Rending line of pet buff is bugged. This can be verified for any who wish to check it--- try your tank pet on a set of mobs (blue or green..don't go higher if you don't want to die lol) wearing the buff, and watch them all run to you like a bee to honey. It seems to be attributing the aggro caused by this buff to the Pet's owner, not the pet. As our job is to keep the pet alive so he KEEPS his aggro, automatically attributing it to the pet owner is detrimental to the class.

    Point -- if you do NOT use the Rending line, there is still a problem with aggro. You can also check this yourself, although you are a bit safer (for the moment) using white conned mobs. I haven't gotten brave enough to check it on a group of yellows yet however. In this situation, the mobs START to run for you, and then the pet manages to pull them back. The problem here is I have yet to do ANYTHING (my pull method is to send pet in, then call off pet and have him return to me. Once the mobs are there, and he's again engaged and got them all beating on him THEN I cast a heal on the pet, and begin to take down the mobs)

    I can usually end up with one of the 3-4 linked mobs on me, due to healing both myself and the pet plus doing more damage. Due to the lower damage of not using the Rending line, I am required to make up for it with my own damage...and due to the lesser taunts, my aggro level vs. pet aggro level just can't handle it.

    These are the issues, as I currently see it. If I (or my buddy who found the rending problem) notices more I'll be sure to add it to the list, and continue to /bug SOE both here and in game :)

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    Please SOE, I am not going in to describe again how they are broken.

    You can check every thread on this and find the same common theme.

    PLEASE stop ignoring this, because we will not ignore it.

    It needs to be addressed.

    Either buck up and tell us this was on purpose and suck it up, or fix it this bug.
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    Well I have been taking a few minutes a day sending a polite PM to devs and designers that post here.
    I re-iterate the issue and where to find the threads and ask for a response.
    They will either get sick of seeing my name, or possibly get it in their heads we want an answer.
    If you choose to PM one of them, please keep it civil and polite so they do not skim over this issue.
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    Hehe you beat me to the punch!

    I am gratified that they jumped so quickly on the knowlege offered here. Either that, or they were already on track of it and I just posted a bit before them.. I will of course still test etc but I can't help but to feel they're on the right track. The Rending line may well cause enough hate that not using it also makes the fight rough...

    In any case I'll always attribute this to my buddy who tested but didn't have the nerve to post...if you're on Permafrost server and come across a ferocious froglok who 's UTTERLY terrifying named Kroog give him a /salute!

    /e begins running now as there's probably NOWHERE I can hide to escape his wrath...*g*


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